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du “My Account” Users Could Win AED 200,000



du has announced a campaign in collaboration with Mastercard to make online bill payments and recharges on My Account more rewarding for its customers. In addition to saving them time, each bill payment or recharge made using a Mastercard card on My Account (either on du App or will automatically enter customers into the draw.

From November 10th to December 10th, 2016, du customers using their Mastercard card on My Account to settle bills, make auto-payments, recharge their credit, or use Quick Pay can look forward to winning a wide range of rewards as part of the competition. In addition to AED 50,000 mega-prize cheque, 30 gift card prizes (ranging from AED 300 to 2,500 in value) are up for grabs for each category of payment or recharge made. A total of 121 prizes are to be won, with a combined worth of AED 200,000.

According to du, the demand for its My Account tool has grown 20% in 2016 after the firm made it even easier to perform essential transactions with the swipe of a screen, or click of a mouse. In addition to My Account’s ‘no log in required’ Quick Pay service, customers can set up auto-payments and auto-recharges for an even easier way to stay connected. My Account now offers added transparency, allowing customers to manage spending by setting data usage limits and viewing bill history, as well as showing live data, SMS and call usage. Over the past year, over 50 new functionalities have been added to My Account, saving thousands from queuing in stores and call centres every day.

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Toyshare Launches in the UAE



Dubai welcomes its first and unique online off-center rental platform for children’s books and toys: Toyshare. On a mission to rescue the planet and provide limitless creativity and learning, Toyshare has created a concept that embodies a sharing economy for children to “Play.Learn.Share.” while reducing the amount of plastic in landfills and oceans. Families across the UAE can now enjoy an economical and sustainable platform to regularly access top-quality books and toys while reducing home storage requirements and, ultimately, reducing plastic waste.

The ingenious idea was coined by Hani AlQattan, a UAE National airline captain after he soon discovered that the books and toys he would gift his children were short-lived since his children would lose interest and abandon the items after two weeks. The father of two and innovative entrepreneur had then established Toyshare to address two main concerns; save books and toys by increasing their lifecycle, and increase practicality for parents while reducing the expense. Through the founder’s passion, Toyshare’s offerings include providing new educational books and toys every fortnight delivered directly to families’ doorsteps across the UAE, which are then collected and replaced with new toys to consistently stimulate learning habits and activate creativity all while preserving the earth.

The innovative platform gives families access to quality products with endless possibilities from its hand-selected books and toys spanning over 100 high-end brands from around the world for ages 1-12, ranging from kids’ favorite Chicco, Lego, Nerf guns, LeapFrog to thousands of educational wooden and plastic branded toys. Toyshare’s diversified portfolio of over hundreds of books includes popular books by more than 40 publishers, including the renowned Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Dog Man, and many more.

For peace of mind, all books and toys are professionally disinfected and sterilized using environment-friendly cleaning products and top-quality UV lights to clear potential germs and bacteria. Before dispatching via Aramex delivery, and as an extra precaution, the warehouse has added a lock to their packaging bags which will further maintain the sterility of products while being delivered to homes.

The platform’s creative and entertaining gesture can be seen in their payment method as a user would be required to purchase ‘balloons’ as a currency which will then be used to rent the books and toys. For a seamless process, Toyshare offers monthly memberships for users to subscribe to a best-suited plan, with two deliveries a month, that are customized according to the number of toys desired.

Toyshare aims to educate children on the importance of giving and sharing, which is deeply embedded in the company’s values. Once books and toys are retired from its library, they are then donated to charity to distribute the pre-loved books and toys to refugee camps, orphanages, centers for disabled children, and pediatric hospitals.

Families can sign up to receive new educational books and toys every fortnight at their doorstep through a user-friendly app available on App Store and Google Play.

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Four Trends Creators and Brands Should Consider When Developing Video Content



Written by Team Likee

Short-form video content has been on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down in 2022. Social media continues to evolve and has become an integral part of our lives during the past year, as people spend more time at home consuming and engaging with content through their personal computing and mobile devices.

Despite the ever-changing landscape of social media, the key to succeeding in 2022 is to know where and how your audience is spending their time and meet them there with relevant content. Furthermore, customers need to be the focal point of every brand content, campaign, or strategy put into action to help build a strong presence for the future.

According to Forbes, by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. By leveraging emerging social media trends towards long-term planning, content creators, brands and businesses have the opportunity to truly differentiate themselves from competitors by creating relevant content with a slight difference.

“The pace at which the world is changing is quite fast and those that can anticipate the future and react to it will be the ones that can achieve longevity and success both in the short and long terms,” said Wick Wang, Operations Director of Likee MENA. “The key takeaway from last year is that people are reinventing their lifestyle, adapting behaviors, learning new skills, and finding their true passions online through social media. More than anything, the need for interactivity, live experiences, creative expression and true immersive content may very well be the blueprint for success on social media. Understanding how interests have changed and creating a plan to create relevant and trend-driven content is what will add value for both the creators and audience alike.”

Of all the content created though, video content will reign supreme, and below are the top four trends that content creators and brands should pay close attention to when it comes to conceptualizing, scripting, producing, and shooting video content.

Trend 1: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Becomes a Norm
There has been quite a lot of discussion about how AR and VR devices are becoming more feasible to use and that they will soon become more mainstream. In fact, the global AR and VR market is set to be valued at USD 570 billion by 2025, according to Saudi Arabia’s smart-city mega-project NEOM.

As technology becomes more accessible and the demand for more immersive content increases, AR and VR environments will finally find their way into the vision of people from all walks of life.

From healthcare providers using AR/VR for self-guided diagnostics to retail stores offering virtual ‘try it before you buy,’ creators and brands across different industries will use this technology to create seamless virtual experiences to captivate their audience, enhance their experience and create value in the form of information, education, entertainment and more.

Looking to the future, creators and brands need to be ready to incorporate AR and VR into their video creation, marketing and promotion strategies, as traditional videos may soon not be enough.

Trend 2: Trend jacking
It seems as though everyone today wants to “go viral”. Creators and brands try their best to go viral to maintain brand awareness and to gain a new audience. Today though, instead of conceptualizing something bold and new, creators and brands simply pounce on existing trends and play along with them.

Audiences across all social media platforms truly appreciate fresh versions of trending content as they can relate to it. By capitalizing on trending topics, viewers have the ability to connect and participate in a social media movement themselves that is being played out locally, regionally, or even internationally.

A recent trend that many brands and companies leveraged to create unique experiences of their own was that of the hit Netflix show – Squid Game. Trend jacking is a quick and easy way to raise awareness for content, engage with the fan base and strengthen followings.

Trend 3: Explainer Videos
Although selfies and stories will continue to be in fashion next year, there is a strong urge to generate more explainer videos. In fact, explainer videos account for 73 percent of the most commonly-created types of videos across social platforms.

Explainer videos are short, snappy, engaging, and have unusually high retention rates of around 77 percent. Good explainer videos tell a story and follow a simple structure that draws viewers in and takes them on a short enjoyable journey and is typically used to share content-of-value that highlights a product, feature, service, business idea, or concept.

Content creators and brands that are looking to develop quality content need to include explainer videos within their content strategy. This will not only improve their credibility and conversion rates but position them as being value-creators for relevant audiences.

Trend 4: Interactive Videos
It’s no secret, 82 percent of all web traffic is predicted to come from video by 2022. Furthermore, interactive video content generates 2x more conversions than passive content, 4-5x more page views than static content and 93 percent of marketers say that interactive content is somewhat or very effective at educating the buyer, versus just 70 percent for static content.

Interactive videos support user interaction through clicks, touches, taps, and movement. Viewers become the discoverer and creator whereby they navigate themselves through the video by choosing the narrative, storyline and making decisions based on their interests.

Interactive videos are extremely rewarding. They can help content creators, brands and businesses achieve a more detailed account of the personality of their audience members’ which can, in turn, help them understand what content is in demand and then develop videos that not only meet audience expectations but exceed them.

2022 will be the year of opportunity for everyone. Those that can identify potential trends and create quality content that is relevant to their audience and pop culture are the ones that will not only set a strong foundation for themselves but will realize exponential success both now and in the years to come.

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TP-Link Launches Tapo Care



TP-Link has launched Tapo Care at a global level. This breakthrough cloud storage service for Tapo cameras now supports many intelligent functions. They include 30-day video cloud storage, person detection, baby crying detection, motion tracking, and privacy zone. Tapo Care helps users optimise their camera usage experience with more advanced and intelligent security functions.

30-Day Cloud Video History
When the Tapo camera is turned on, all the moments captured by the device can be stored by Tapo Care without worrying about the storage space limitation. Users can check the recorded video anywhere, anytime, regardless of the camera status. Tapo is the cloud storage service provider, ensuring user privacy is 100% protected.

Advanced AI Functions
Tapo Care service is designed to satisfy the evolving needs of camera users. This year Tapo Care updated its algorithm to support functions such as person detection, baby crying detection, and privacy zone.

Person Detection
Person detection function is an update on the traditional motion tracking function found in many standard security cameras. Users can precisely monitor the person’s movement, and notifications will only be pushed to your phone where necessary. Users can protect their indoor home security with more accurate notifications.

Baby Crying Notification
Tapo Care has designed the baby crying function to redefine traditional Tapo cameras. A Tapo camera can become a baby monitor by combining person detection and baby crying functions. Once your child cries, you will instantly receive the notification so that you can check in on your baby.

Privacy Zone Protection
Users’ privacy protection is an essential issue that Tapo focuses on. Tapo Care protects users’ privacy by owning the cloud service provider. TP-Link also encourages users to set customizable block zones to keep specific spaces from being recorded.

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