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Canon Launches 4K Laser Projector



Canon Middle East has announced the launch of the Canon XEED 4K600STZ. Weighing in at 26-kgs, this is the latest edition to Canon’s 4K installation projector range, delivering 4K resolution in a compact design. 

An upgrade to the XEED 4K501ST model, the XEED 4K600STZ can project accurately onto curved or domed surfaces, even in portrait mode or using multiple blended images, all without losing focus. “This makes it an ideal solution for a range of applications including advanced training simulators, design, museums and digital signage,” said the company in a statement.


With native 4K (4096 x 2400) resolution and Canon’s long-life 6,000-lumen solid-state light source technology, lasting up to 40,000 hours of use (ultra-long life mode), the XEED 4K600STZ delivers outstanding 4K HDR images. In addition, Canon’s unique AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) optical system, along with the 4,000:1 native contrast ratio and 10,000:1 dynamic contrast, delivers deep, pure colours and true reproduction of black areas.

The XEED 4K600STZ also benefits from improved functionality with four DVI-D and two HDMI 2.0 inputs. This supports the projection of high-quality content from a variety of 4K sources at 60 Hz with a single HDMI cable, as well as the near-immediate 16.6 ms response time. With Creston compatibility, Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet, powerful networking and remote operation options are also available.

Offering a precision 1.3x zoom 4K lens, the constant f/2.6 aperture of the XEED 4K600STZ also means the lens delivers consistent brightness throughout its zoom range. A 120-inch screen image can be projected from a distance of 2.7 metres thanks to the throw ratio of 1.0-1.3.

Hendrik Verbrugghe, Marketing Director, Canon Middle East and Canon Central and North Africa, commented: “Today’s launch of the XEED 4K600STZ marks another milestone in Canon’s 4K installation range. It’s incredibly compact and lightweight design, combined with the brightness of 6,000 lumens, makes it the perfect solution for a variety of installation applications. This covers anything from simulation environments which demand ultra-fast refresh speeds and smooth motion, to museum installations that require a compact design and high resolution to create truly immersive experiences. With the launch of the XEED 4K600STZ, we continue to push the boundaries and offer more capabilities to support end-users with a variety of installation requirements.”

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Acer’s ebii E-bike and Computer Products Honoured in 2023 Good Design Awards



A mix of Acer products received the 2023 Good Design Awards, headlined by its sustainability-focused products in the Acer ebii e-bike and several devices from the eco-conscious Vero line which include monitors, a set of peripherals, and an energy-saving projector. Awards were also handed to the Acer TravelMate P6 14 business laptop, Predator Triton 17 X gaming laptop, Acer Aspire S Series all-in-one desktop, Acer Revo Box mini-PC, and the Acer Connect Enduro M3 Mobile Wi-Fi. This year’s list of winning products highlights the company’s design innovation in serving multiple segments and lifestyles.

Since 1957, the Good Design Awards from Japan has sought to recognize companies and creators who develop “empowering designs” that bring about social contributions and push the boundaries of design possibilities. This year’s entries were assessed by a jury of experts based on the criteria of human, industrial, social, and time perspectives. The chosen winners have embodied this year’s theme of “design and outcomes”, emphasizing the creators’ diverse perspectives and growing awareness of various issues through their ideas and the actions done for their works to take shape.

Acer’s Good Design Award 2023 Winners

  • Acer ebii e-BikeDesigned to provide urban commuters with a convenient, safe, and greener transportation option, the Acer ebii e-bike leverages AI-driven technology that adapts to power usage, riding conditions, and user preferences for effortless riding. Its long-lasting, swappable, and portable battery can be fast charged up to 100% power in just 2.5 hours to support worry-free journeys throughout the day. It also features a sturdy aluminium alloy frame and single-fork design, marked by smooth edges and a white matte finish, giving the Acer ebii’s clean and modern appearance. The ebike’s airless tires made from closed-loop recyclable materials are also flat-free and help minimize carbon footprint in the environment.

  • Acer Vero B277U D3 MonitorMade ideal for professional workers and teleconferencing, it showcases a WQHD resolution, AI noise-cancelling capabilities, a 5M-IR webcam, and a range of colour-enhancing technologies. To further uplift viewing experiences, the Acer Vero B277U D3 monitor’s flexible ErgoStand design lets users adjust tilt, swivel, pivot, and height with ease and is equipped with eye protection features such as Acer VisionCare 2.0 and TÜV/EyeSafe certification. The eco-display is also made with 85% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials and 5% ocean-bound plastic (OBP), is shipped with 100% recyclable packaging, and comes with loads of energy-efficient certifications such as TCO and ENERGY STAR, and EPEAT registration.

  • Acer Vero B278K MonitorTo further support the growing needs of business and the remote work culture, the Acer Vero B278K commercial monitor features a 4K UHD display, built-in 5M-IR webcam and microphone that can detect multiple voices all at once, and a docking display to help minimize the need for external devices and workspace clutter. Providing added protection and flexibility for users, the monitor is equipped with Acer’s Vision Care 3.0 which helps reduce eye strain, multi-stream technology with ZeroFrame design, and daisy chain feature allowing it to connect multiple monitors side-by-side for extended viewing. The Acer Vero B278K monitor also utilizes recycled materials in its components and packaging and has earned its own share of eco-friendly certifications.

  • Acer Vero XL2530 ProjectorThe Acer Vero XL2530 projector is great for environment-conscious consumers looking for a high-performance, yet low-maintenance projection solution. Its mercury-free light source does not require any replacements and offers up to a 30,000-hour lifespan from its high-efficiency laser light technology. With an IP6X protection-rated optical engine and 360-degree projection capabilities, the Acer Vero XL2530 gives added flexibility for various purposes within different environments. The projector’s space-saving exterior is also composed of 50% PCR plastic and 100% recyclable paper packaging, ultimately reducing overall cost and environmental impact.

  • Acer Vero Peripherals Combo Set: A set of sustainable wireless peripherals composed of a keyboard and mouse, the devices are constructed from 65% PCR plastic and include OBP components, presenting an attractive earthy look and feel while leaving a lighter touch on the environment. Professionals and everyday users can maximise the keyboard’s silent switches when typing and the mouse’s 10-meter operating range, making it easy to work from any location or surrounding. What sets it apart is that they are made with one of the highest percentages of recycled plastics in the industry, combining practicality, sustainability, and ergonomic product designs in these eco-conscious devices.

  • Acer TravelMate P6 14 LaptopUsers can enjoy elevated viewing experiences on the business laptop’s large 2.8K OLED display with 100% DCI-P3 colour space coverage. The thin-and-light device is packed with an FHD IR webcam, upward-facing speakers, and Acer’s AI-powered technology specialized for high-quality videoconferencing. Workers stay connected to fast internet speeds with Wi-Fi 6E and 5G wireless connectivity and a 65 W fast-charging battery. The secure-cored PC protects sensitive data with security features such as IR facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, user sensing technology, and Privacy Panel. The TravelMate P6 14 also keeps sustainability in mind as it incorporates PCR and OBP plastic, uses 100% recyclable packaging, and comes with military-grade durability, EPEAT registration, and TCO certification.

  • Predator Triton 17 X Gaming Laptop: A 17-inch gaming laptop tailored for hardcore gamers and content creators who value performance, durability, reliability, and aesthetics all in one device. Its metal CNC unibody chassis is crafted to maintain a sleek and sophisticated look while housing an advanced cooling system with Acer’s 5th Gen Aeroblade 3D fans, vapour chamber, Vortex flow technology, and liquid metal thermal grease on the CPU. The laptop features a large WQXGA mini-LED display with a 250 Hz refresh rate and meets DisplayHDR requirements to offer wider viewing angles, higher resolutions, and improved multi-tasking capabilities. The Predator Triton 17 X’s screen is also Eyesafe Certified to help minimize blue light exposure when gaming or creating.

  • Acer Aspire S All-in-one Desktop PC: Crafted to enhance everyday productivity and minimize workspace clutter with its slim and modern aluminium body design. Users can enjoy brilliant images when working or browsing on the Acer Aspire S AIO’s near-borderless WQHD IPS ergonomic display, with surround sound audio capabilities for truly immersive viewing. The addition of a magnetically mounted 1440p QHD webcam with ring light helps capture the best images and videos, while the options for an active stylus pen and detachable OceanGlass touchpad, made from ocean-bound plastic, further support user experiences and Acer’s mission of minimizing its carbon footprint within its product portfolio.

  • Acer Revo Box Mini PCThe Acer Revo has been revamped to deliver upgraded performance in a more compact and versatile form factor. The mini-PC’s design allows it to be easily set up with an option for Acer’s patented rotatable VESA mount and adapter holder, helping save valuable desk space within homes or office work setups. Powered by the latest processors and large memory storage, the Acer Revo Box is capable of handling demanding applications with ease and possesses multiple display support (up to 3) along with a wide range of port options for added convenience.

  • Acer Connect Enduro M3: The mobile hotspot device’s rugged yet sleek exterior features elevated lines on the chassis for added grip and is made from high-grade materials that conform with military-grade standards and IP54 protection rating, making it the perfect connectivity companion to stay online no matter the location or environment. The intuitive touchscreen shows simplified menu options and a QR code that makes it easier to set up hotspot connections. With vSim technology embedded, users can connect to over 200 5G network carriers across 135+ countries around the world without the need for any SIM card. It also carries a high-capacity 6500 mAh battery that can double as a power bank, making it a handy mobile device for fast internet and portable charging.
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Samsung Launches the 2nd Gen of Freestyle Projector



Samsung Gulf Electronics has unveiled the Freestyle 2nd Gen, a portable projector offering a stunning viewing experience thanks to revolutionary edge blending technology. Edge-blending is a sophisticated technology that typically requires dedicated hardware and software to control each pixel manually. But in line with the easy-to-use concept of The Freestyle, Samsung engineers crafted Smart Edge Blending to help users easily merge screens wirelessly without a dedicated device or help from an expert.

Smart Edge Blending allows users to connect two Freestyle projectors and create a single full-screen image of up to 160 inches and a 21:9 screen ratio, with no manual adjustment or dedicated device required. Users can also enjoy immersive stereo sound, with the choice of dedicated left and right stereo sound output for each device. Smart Edge Blending also supports vertical videos from social media platforms like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. Connecting and synchronizing two Freestyle projectors is seamless through the SmartThings app on their smartphone.

As a part of the launch offer, consumers can now purchase the new projector for AED 2,599 across Samsung stores and select retailers in the country. Those wishing to purchase it from can get the product for AED 2599 and 10X Samsung Rewards worth AED 259.

Nikola Aksentijevic, Head of Visual Display Division, Samsung Gulf Electronics, said: “The Freestyle has made Gulf customers fall in love with projectors again. With the Freestyle 2nd Gen, we’re introducing the innovations typically associated with large, fixed AV systems, including expansive screens, immersive sound, powerful gaming features, and more. We look forward to sharing this innovation with our Gulf customers as we roll out the new Freestyle.”

The Freestyle 2nd Gen also supports gaming through Samsung Gaming Hub, a cloud gaming platform that eliminates the need for consoles, wires and fixed screens. Users can access various games anytime and anywhere without compromising quality or performance.

Moreover, the light source life has been extended from 20,000 to 30,000 hours, which means users can enjoy eight hours of use per day for ten years. The remote control is also powered by a SolarCell Remote that can be charged with sunlight or indoor lighting, reducing the environmental impact of disposable batteries.

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Review of the Epson EH-TW6250 Pro UHD Projector in the UAE



Epson as a brand is known for its projectors, printers, scanners and lots more. The company is also a major player in the large-format printing arena. When it comes to projectors, the company is very well known for business projectors and the company is now upping its ante in the home cinema projector range, with the launch of the new EH-TW6250 Pro UHD Projector. This beautiful 3LCD projector packs in lots of bells and whistles, and is aimed at providing a premium gaming, streaming, and movie-watching experience.

The EH-TW6250 is an upgraded version of the EH-TW6150 projector, with its standout feature being the inclusion of Android TV. The projector measures just 33-by-27.5-by-13.1cm and weighs just 4.1 kg, which for a home cinema and gaming projector is not much. The projector is a 3LCD lamp-based system and it boasts a peak brightness of 2,800 lumens and a commendable contrast ratio of 35,000:1.

Epson estimates the life of the projector’s lamp to be around 10,000 hours. That translates to about 7 years of usage if you were to use the projector for about 4 hours on average per day before the lamp would need to be replaced. However, these figures may vary depending on your viewing pattern. But then, the silver lining here is the availability of replacement lamps at an affordable cost.

The Epson EH-TW6250, as mentioned earlier, uses a 3LCD configuration, offering compatibility with 4K, HDR10, and HLG content. As seen on many Epson’s projectors, this one also features a true native resolution of 1920-by-1080 pixels, and it achieves a resolution of 3840-by-2160 pixels or 4K, through diagonal pixel shifting. During my review, we found the Epson EH-TW6250 did a great job at utilising the pixel-shifting technology to enhance visuals to 4K.

Inside the box, you get the Epson EH-TW6250 projector, a 3m power cable, remote control + batteries, user guide, SMP remote control + batteries, and the warranty info. The projector’s lens is securely housed within the device, with the zoom and focus sliders conveniently positioned on the top. This thoughtful design feature adds a layer of protection, keeping the lens safe from dust and unforeseen mishaps. You’ll also find the 10W built-in speakers, which are positioned at the side of the device.

The built-in speakers allow you to choose between various audio modes such as Standard, Vocal, Music and Movie. Since the projector offers ARC, audio can also be carried to an external speaker using an HDMI cable. In addition, you can also connect external speakers via Bluetooth.

The rear panel meanwhile houses the projector’s connectivity options. This includes a single HDMI input (HDCP 2.3) with support for ARC and a mini stereo audio output. You also get a Mini USB input, which is reserved for service. Additionally, the projector comes packed with an adjustable screw stand, which maintained excellent stability throughout our usage.

The EH-TW6250 uses the same 4K Pro-UHD Engine as its higher-end projector counterparts. Alongside its 10-bit colour processing, it introduces features such as Scene-Adaptive Gamma and Epson’s adjustable Tone Mapping. Distinguishing itself from its pricier counterparts, the EH-TW6250 incorporates a built-in Android TV-based media player, providing access to a vast library of over 4,000 apps.

In addition, it allows you to effortlessly cast movies, TV shows, games, and photos from Android or iOS devices, including Windows PCs and Apple Macs, using the integrated Chromecast feature. Voice control functionality is also accessible through the included remote control. The EH-TW6250 also boasts an input lag of under 20 milliseconds. This makes it a very good projector for gaming.

The lens shift, zoom, and keystone correction features have been thoughtfully designed for user convenience, enabling individuals to effortlessly achieve a distortion-free image that aligns with their preferences. Since the EH-TW6250 uses 3LCD Technology, you get a throw ratio ranging from 1.32 to 2.15:1. Epson says that the projector is capable of projecting an expansive screen size of up to 500 inches.

In terms of picture modes, the EH-TW6250 offers four: Dynamic, Vivid, Natural, and Cinema, with Natural standing out as the most precise among these modes, and it was my choice during the review. Furthermore, there are three light output modes: Low, Standard, and High.

While I opted not to perform a calibration, the projector does provide an array of calibration controls, encompassing two-point greyscale adjustment, multi-point gamma settings, and CMS (Color Management System). A noteworthy feature that pleasantly surprised me is the inclusion of an auto iris, a rarity in projector models that fall in the sub-AED 6500 price range.

When it comes to performance, the Epson EH-TW6250 excelled in image quality, irrespective of the content we threw at it. It delivered sharp and detailed images, even when handling HDR content and it maintained a commendable performance throughout. Thanks to its strong black levels, the vibrancy of the content being projected was enhanced to a whole new level.

The built-in media player worked flawlessly – we used it to stream content from Amazon Prime Video and play games on Xbox. The overall experience was outstanding. The Epson EH-TW6250 excels as a smart projector and is definitely for those seeking a budget-friendly home theatre projector, that offers very good image quality. It stands out as one of the best projectors in its price range, offering stiff competition to higher-priced alternatives.

Price: AED 5999

Photography by Ryan Chris

Epson EH-TW6250 Pro UHD Projector AED 5,999
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The EH-TW6250 uses the same 4K Pro-UHD Engine as its higher-end projector counterparts. Alongside its 10-bit colour processing, it introduces features such as Scene-Adaptive Gamma and Epson’s adjustable Tone Mapping. Distinguishing itself from its pricier counterparts, the EH-TW6250 incorporates a built-in Android TV-based media player, providing access to a vast library of over 4,000 apps.

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