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Watch: Unboxing the new Hisense Elegance Smartphone



Hisense’s new Elegance is an LTE smartphone that comes with a 5.5-inch Full HD screen. It features a 13MP rear camera with Dual LED flash plus a 5MP selfie camera. It runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core 1.4GHz processor and features Android 6.0 Marshmallow as the operating system.

Under the hood, the smartphone comes packed with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in storage, which can be further expanded to up to 128GB using the micro SD slot onboard.

Check out our unboxing below:

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OPPO Launches the new Reno6 Z 5G



OPPO has launched the new Reno6 Z 5G. The new smartphone offers 5G performance and imaging capabilities through its 64MP AI Triple Camera and a range of AI portrait video enhancements. The phone is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 800U 5G SoC and supports dual-mode 5G SIM (NSA and SA). The MediaTek Dimensity 800U leverages eight powerful cores of up to 2.4 GHz and fast memory to offer users better wireless performance.

Ivan Wu, CEO OPPO GCC said, “With the camera native Gen Z being the most photographed generation and over 80% using their smartphone as their primary camera, it was imperative that at OPPO we focused on innovating the photography process without compromising any other features. With the Reno6 Z 5G, users can expect swift internet speeds, agile performance and fast charging alongside the ultimate photography and videography features.”

Rami Osman, Director for Corporate Sales and Marketing, MediaTek Middle East and Africa said, “Smartphones are no longer simply high-tech gadgets for early adopters but are intrinsically embedded in the lives of millions across the region. For young consumers, the OPPO Reno6 Z 5G powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 800U offers users the best experience whether they are capturing a video, playing a video game or surfing the internet. With the focus of powering myriads of high-performance devices for a range of customer segments with our innovative technologies, MediaTek looks forward to delivering the best-in-class products to meet the requirements of all customers.”

To allow users to enjoy the 5G entertainment experience of Reno6 Z 5G for longer, it also features a large 4310mAh battery and 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0. To significantly boost the overall performance of Reno6 Z 5G, there is System Booster, a set of system-level optimization tools designed to ensure a smooth experience throughout the phone’s entire lifecycle. Moreover, Multi-cooling System is also introduced for better heat dissipation and to prevent the phone from overheating. Customized gaming features like Quick Startup and Game Focus Mode contribute to bringing a more immersive gaming experience, blurring the boundaries between the world of virtual gaming and reality.

On the front, Reno6 Z 5G packs a 6.4-inch Punch-hole AMOLED screen with a 90.8% screen-to-body ratio, offering expanded and immersive graphics. Aside from the stunning aesthetics, Reno6 Z 5G is equally thin and slim. Weighing 173g, the Aurora is 7.97mm thick, while the Stellar Black is merely 7.92mm thick making it easy to hold, silky-smooth and comfortable in hand.

Thanks to a triple-camera setup on the back, including a 64MP main camera, plus a 32MP selfie camera on the front, the Reno6 Z 5G has multiple AI-enhanced portrait video features:

  • Reno6 Z 5G users can use Portrait Beautification Video to perform subtle and natural edits for portrait videos to improve appearances. With state-of-the-art AI algorithms, it can remove one’s unwanted skin blemishes while retaining natural features to highlight individuality. With the ability to recognize up to 193 different facial points in video mode, the Reno6 Z 5G allows users to apply beauty effects with better precision, personalization, and authenticity
  • To deal with blurry, out-of-focus image problems, Focus Tracking has been introduced enabling enhanced video auto-focusing by identifying and automatically tracking main subjects consistently and steadily.
  • With Dual-view Video, users can use both the front and rear cameras simultaneously, resulting in two perspectives within the same frame in videos. It breaks the limitations of the traditional single-camera perspective while enabling more interactive and creative video shooting.

The Reno6 Z 5G comes with ColorOS11 providing greater efficiency, unparalleled smoothness, and strengthened privacy for a more delightful and relaxing experience. Reno6 Z 5G is now available at major retailers and e-commerce platforms, at a retail price of AED 1,499.

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Capture All of Life’s Important Moments With the Best Vlog Phone HONOR 50



There is a creative spark in all of us that just needs the right outlet to be expressed. As more and more of us share our daily lives and travel adventures with friends and family, short-form videos on platforms like TikTok have grown in popularity. Videos in particular have a unique way of capturing unforgettable memories and expressing ourselves in unique ways. In the past, many people have been put off from videography due to the need for heavy expensive equipment such as cameras and lighting as well as a background in editing and storyboarding. As part of Honor’s thrilling new journey, it has developed the new HONOR 50 smartphone which gives control back to the creators by making it easier than ever to vlog compelling content.

It’s able to do this thanks to its six filming modes that use various combinations of its main front and two rear cameras so shooting different scenarios is quicker and easier. It means you can simultaneously shoot and switch between Front to Rear Recording, Dual-View Recording (Front/Rear), Dual-View Recording (Rear/Rear), Picture in Picture, Fast-Motion Recording and Slow-Motion Recording, and Single to Dual-View Recording modes. The only thing you have do is get creative. Here are a few ideas to help you plan your next shoot.

Out-of-town shooting simplified

We are surrounded by amazing sights and sounds. All we have to do is take a moment and enjoy them. That is why out-of-town shooting spots can be a great way to get away from our usual daily activities and experience unfamiliar but captivating locations. A problem that can arise when shooting in such places is the disruption to continuity it can cause during filming. With the HONOR 50 not only can you film a scene while outdoors, but the smartphone allows you to edit and modify the speed and flash of the recording as you go along. That means you can avoid scenes looking out of place by pausing record and restarting as you shoot. See something interesting in the distance? Well, the 108MP main camera has a 6X zoom for video allowing you to focus on a point of interest before zooming out to record your response effortlessly.

Capture treasured moments with family and friends with ease

Spending time with the ones we love is incredibly important and whether it’s at a sibling’s birthday or you are celebrating graduation with some university friends, these are memories we want to keep forever. The usual method involving a smartphone would be to shoot your subjects as they celebrate. Unfortunately, it means the person shooting the video is not in the scene and misses out. The HONOR 50’s front and rear dual-view recording eliminates this concern by showing both you and your subjects simultaneously. Just point and start filming. This mode shows you interacting with your subjects as they celebrate. It makes you part of the moment as you capture this memory.

Picture-in-Picture for greater focus   

Shooting video no longer has to be limited to a single camera. Capabilities such as the HONOR 50’s Picture-in-Picture mode add something a little more entertaining to the mix. With this mode you can overlay the view from the front camera onto the larger rear camera view or vice versa. This is a great way to draw the viewer’s attention towards the main image while ensuring you can be seen recording. Want to video your nieces and nephews as they make balloon animals for a party while guiding them from the side? Picture-in Picture is perfect. The parents will see their kids enjoying themselves as well as how you are guiding them.

Capture the ebb and flow of the world around you

Our world is fast moving and ever changing. There are always new sights to see and experiences to enjoy. To truly capture the atmosphere, you sometimes need to see it from a different perspective. The HONOR 50’s fast and slow-motion mode lets you do that effortlessly. Sitting at a coffee shop watching the world go by with a couple of friends? Why not set up your smartphone to catch the world around you in fast-motion and see the busy atmosphere around you. Alternatively, why not take the dog out for a walk on a rainy day and film him shake himself dry in stunning slow-motion detail. These effects open a whole new world of possibilities for shooting videos that can be transformed from normal videos into something special that can grab the attention of viewers.

Shoot with different angles at the same location

Walking along a scenic trail during a hike? Then why not capture the moment in a unique way by using all the angles. As you walk you can switch between different multi-cameras to really showcase every aspect of the scene. Just select the icon on top and you can pick which mode to shoot with. See some interesting wildlife then why not use the front to rear recording mode to capture the moment. You can swap between different modes as you film so you end up with a multiple angle shoot in one simple take. No need for additional cameras to be set up or editing, just press record and get creative.

These are just a handful of the features the new HONOR 50 smartphone has that can be used to help everyone become a vlogger, no matter their experience level. The smartphone gives users the flexibility to shoot for extended periods thanks to the HONOR 50’s long lasting 4300mAh battery. It also comes with HONOR 66W Supercharge technology that enables the battery to be charged to over 70% in just 20 minutes.

With so many camera angles and styles of recording to choose from the HONOR 50 really is the perfect vlogging companion for daily life and travel.


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The New Powerhouse HONOR 50 Comes with Flagship Level Vlogging Features, 5G and Google Software



The HONOR 50 is about to be launched in the UAE by the middle of November. HONOR seeks to change the mobile phone market forever by focusing on breakthrough technologies and innovative vlogging features. The new device comes with a powerful camera that takes the vlogging experience to the next level.

Google Software
The HONOR50 series will be equipped with Google Mobile Services, which will provide a more comprehensive application environment and extraordinary mobile experience to our customers. In the peak digital age, an overwhelming percentage of users are using Google applications heavily on a daily basis. This includes the Play Store, Google Search, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Gmail, Chrome, and YouTube, among others.

Furthermore, the Google play store provides a reliable connection where users believe that mobile apps available on Google Play Store are not potential threats to their mobile phones and these apps will not cause any security threats to their existing data and personal information on the phone. Given the fact that Android is popular globally and the majority of smartphones are powered by Android and have Google services, a smartphone with those features becomes a must-have device.

HONOR 50 provides a cohesive experience for users by combining industry-leading technologies, premium quality, innovative camera capabilities, and Google full suite at a great price point.

108MP Vlog Camera

It can be rightly said that the camera of a mobile phone is getting a lot of importance as a feature to be considered while buying a new device, especially after the rapid increase in vlogging in the Middle East region over the last 18 months and its popularity amongst users of all ages. A milestone in vlogging and shooting short videos, HONOR 50 innovated a whole new vlogging experience, features a flagship-level camera setup including a 108MP quad-camera module consisting of a higher resolution 108MP Vlog Camera, 32MP wide-angle selfie camera, and a host of cutting edge vlogging features for a better vlogging experience. On the other hand, the new Huawei nova 9 has a rear camera module with a 50MP main camera.

To unleash the director in you, the HONOR 50 is equipped with 6 multi-video shooting modes to spur your creativity and quickly edit your videos at a professional level. However, if you’re looking for an easier way to get the best vlogs from your recordings, the “Story” creator feature will help you create outstanding videos with 9 templates for ready-to-share videos. In conclusion, HONOR 50 seems to have everything you could want in a smartphone camera.

The HONOR 50 is an exciting device and has been an instant success with its groundbreaking specifications compared to other devices at the same price level. HONOR also targets the premium segment and embarks on a new path by adopting revolutionary technology and Vlogging features those other competitors don’t have to redefine mobile photography and win the smartphone competition.

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