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Jolla Looking to Push on With Regional OS Plan



Jolla has announced that it is “looking to expand our regional licensing strategy to other markets, in particular BRICS countries” following recent efforts to boost its platform in Russia. In an open letter, Sami Pienimaki, CEO, said Jolla’s Russian efforts are “the first concrete case” for its efforts to drive adoption of its Sailfish platform in this way, and “the massive China market is a key strategic opportunity for Jolla this year, which we’ll pursue strongly”.

The executive also said there is interest from the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. “The political movements of the world seem to set the scene in many ways for 2017, and we expect those movements to enable further business opportunities for the only independent mobile OS, Sailfish,” he continued.

With regard to Russia, the executive said by working with a local partner, it “established a fully working and professional contribution model”, where the Russian Sailfish developers contribute code back to the common Sailfish OS, which Jolla maintains independently.

“This also means that Sailfish OS has got a new partner who invests to the development of the code, and all users of Sailfish OS will benefit of it. It is in the interest of all parties to develop and maintain compatibility of one Sailfish OS and not to create forks,” he said.

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HUAWEI Mobile Services Debuts Wide Array of Innovations at MWC 2022



HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) had returned to MWC 2022, showcasing a range of innovative tools, capabilities, and experiences through HMS Core, HMS Apps, and Five HMS basic service engines, as well as the latest hardware innovations. Held in Barcelona, Spain from 28 February to 3 March, located at Fira Gran Via, Hall 1, Booth 1H50, Huawei announces HUAWEI Mobile Cloud for PC, AI Search for PC, AppGallery for PC, HUAWEI Assistant·TODAY for PC, Petal Search enhanced for AR Glasses, and HUAWEI Vision’s Somatosensory Game mode for the first time to global developers and consumers.

Huawei is also displaying the capabilities of several innovations first-hand, including HMS for PC powering the Smart Office experience, HUAWEI Ads, HMS Core Kits, Petal Search, Petal Maps, and more. These are showcased at the HMS Ecosystem Exhibition Area at the Huawei booth during MWC 2022. HMS has solidified its position as the top 3 mobile ecosystems in the world, with over 5.4 million registered developers and a growing user base of 730 million Huawei device users.

Dedicated to providing easy-to-use development and function components for app developers, HMS Core actively opens a cross-platform ecosystem, supporting multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart screens, and PCs.

Huawei Debuts New Cross-Platform Software Powering the Smart Office Experience
Huawei’s “1+8+N” vision is to create an All-Scenario Seamless AI Life experience for consumers and developers alike. At MWC 2022, Huawei introduces the latest hardware, as well as several new smart solutions focused on Smart Office capabilities. This includes the launch of the latest flagship HUAWEI MateBook X Pro 2022, and as part of HMS for PC, PC versions of HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, AI Search, AppGallery, and HUAWEI Assistant·TODAY.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud for PC, available in 20+ countries and regions, enables cross-device and live-sync capabilities to users through a single login using HUAWEI ID. With features such as the card-based design and real-time data synchronisation across devices, users are able to quickly search and access recent files folders and even URL links. The secure storage capabilities use device-side and transmission encryption to ensure data security and integrity, ensuring only users have access to the data with the right credentials.

With HMS for PC, services such as AppGallery is now available on PC. Powered by HUAWEI Mobile Application Engine, and now available in the Asia Pacific, Pakistan, Spain, and Italy, PC users can now download mobile applications onto laptops through the AppGallery PC version, bringing a rich application ecosystem with elevated experience to users.

Furthermore, AI Search, enables users to browse local or network files with new-found precision and efficiency across devices through PC Manager on the HUAWEI MateBook Series. This enables users to quickly find files on devices, such as PCs and connected phones. Intelligently displaying the search results by category, users can select the content they need at a glance.

Another nifty feature of HMS for PC is HUAWEI Assistant·TODAY. It lets users sync information across multiple devices. This powerful, personal, smart assistant can also be used to access real-time information with intelligent, customised recommendations, such as content from your favourite media outlet anywhere in the world, bringing improved efficiency across devices.

The cross-device experience is set to expand further with the launch of Huawei’s first e-ink tablet, HUAWEI MatePad Paper at MWC 2022, with over 2 million diverse selections from leading content partners and publishers available through HUAWEI Books as part of HMS Ecosystem’s cross-platform experience.

Petal Search Provides an All-In-One Search Experience Beyond Your Phone
Working with partners across the globe, Petal Search brings search to the next level with the showcase of AR search at MWC 2022 through the AR Glasses, developed by industry partners and showcased for the very first time to conference attendees. With the AR Glasses, users are able to search for information through a combination of multimodal search capabilities, including visual, voice, and real-time translation with Petal Search.

For example, visitors to Barcelona who want to explore and learn more about the historical Sagrada Familia can use the multimodal search capabilities on the AR Glasses to identify the landmark and access encyclopedic information in a language of their choice. Petal Search further enhances the search experience with Nearby Life services, enabling users to quickly browse top locations and services within their vicinities, such as restaurants, shops, and services, as well as book flights and hotels, all within the platform for maximum convenience.

Petal Maps – A New Digital and Travel Ecosystem
With its leading technical capabilities and large user base, Petal Maps is bringing consumers and developers a brand-new digital travel and map service ecosystem. Petal Maps covers more than 160 countries/regions with over 20 million monthly active users and 260 million points of interaction (POI).

At MWC 2022, Petal Maps showcases the use of mobile phone hardware and intelligent algorithms to build accurate positioning capabilities, provides consumers with a premium, innovative navigation experience.  With a full range of features and visuals, such as precise indoor and outdoor positioning, 3D architecture, Lane Guidance, Offline Maps, as well as multi-screen collaboration between users’ smartphones and watches, Petal Maps provides consumers with a premium, innovative navigation experience.

At the same time, Petal Maps Platform helps developers and businesses worldwide achieve commercial success by opening up its capabilities as well.

A One-Stop Platform for Global Developers
Huawei showcases many innovations that bring new experiences to developers and consumers alike at the MWC show floor this year. This is realised through strong support and close collaboration with our global developers, to continuously bring better and greater experiences for users all across the world. As one of the leading developer service platforms, HUAWEI DEVELOPERS provides one-stop services for global developers, ranging from development and testing, to promotion, monetisation, and beyond.

HMS constantly fosters collaborative innovation with the developer community by offering a comprehensive toolbox. It includes some of Huawei’s most advanced development tools and capabilities through HMS Core 6, such as the AR Engine, 3D Modeling, and Audio Editor kit. Through various initiatives, including HUAWEI Women Developers, HUAWEI Developer Academy, the HMS Apps Up innovation contest, and the Shining Star program, Huawei continually strives to build community, drive innovation, and find solutions hand-in-hand with its partners.

Furthermore, Huawei offers full-spectrum support for app developers, including HUAWEI AppGallery Connect, which provides extensive resources − from ideation, development, distribution, operation, and data analytics – to global developers.

In addition, HUAWEI Ads help developers to reach users through HUAWEI Mobile Services preinstalled on Huawei devices, such as AppGallery, Petal Search, HUAWEI Video, and HUAWEI Music. This is made possible with HUAWEI Ads aggregating more than 36,000 third-party publishers and Supply-Side Platforms (SSP) of the HMS ecosystem worldwide.

Huawei Aims to Build an All-Connected Future
Through its latest hardware-software synergies and innovations displayed at MWC 2022 – Huawei continues to work closely with its partners and developers, focusing on its “1+8+N” vision to bring an All-Scenario Seamless AI Life experience to consumers globally. The synergies and innovations were also further showcased with the global debut of HUAWEI Vision’s Somatosensory Games and high-quality home entertainment HUAWEI Video AiMax Cinema at the conference this year.

With its flourishing ecosystem, comprehensive resources, and cutting-edge technology, Huawei is committed to supporting developers by providing them with operational, distribution, marketing, and widespread business support, unlocking a plethora of experiences and opportunities for users all around the world.

Huawei aims to broaden its capabilities and build more fruitful, mutually value-added partnerships with developers to continue growing the HMS ecosystem globally. This includes expanding AppGallery, HMS Core, and its Five HMS basic service engines.

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Realme Intros GT 2 Pro at MWC 2022



realme has introduced the realme GT 2 Series at MWC 2022. The realme GT 2 series is a critical step forward for realme, breaking into the high-end market and bringing new surprises to millions of worldwide users with their innovative technologies and transformative designs. The snapdragon 8 Gen 1 powered realme GT 2 Pro Starts at €649, and the snapdragon 888 powered realme GT 2 starts at €449 in early-bird sales.

realme GT 2 Pro adopts Super Reality Display, which is built to deliver incredibly realistic visuals that feel rich, natural, and authentic and provide an ultra-high-resolution display with a high refresh rate. As World’s First 2K AMOLED Flat Display with LTPO 2.0 Technology, the Super Reality display was created using a 6.7 inch E4 AMOLED with over 4.5 million pixels and a whopping 525 pixels per inch. That greater pixel density means text will appear sharper, and images will show amazing details like individual blades of grass or strands of hair.

The Super Reality display has outstanding color performance with a 10-bit color depth. This level of colour depth can produce 1,024 shades of red, green, and blue each, adding up to an impressive 1.07 billion colors in total. That’s 64 times more color information than a typical 8-bit display, which can only produce about 16 million colors. The Super Reality display can reach a peak outdoor brightness of a massive 1,400 nits, making the Super Reality display one of the brightness in its class.It also features 10,240 individual levels of brightness that adjust automatically according to your surroundings for optimal power saving and a comfortable viewing experience.

With LTPO 2.0 technology, a Super reality display can automatically adjust the refresh rate from 1 to 120 hertz and everywhere in between and see an improved battery life by 1.7 hours. And with GT mode 3.0, it can also offer you 1,000Hz instant touch sampling. Besides, the GT 2 Pro has received the highest possible score for screen quality from DisplayMate, A+. And to make sure the display stays looking good, we’ve protected it with Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus.

realme GT 2 Pro is powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Platform. It adopted advanced 4nm process technology and the world’s first ARM v9 architecture, delivering 30% peak performance and sustained efficiency promotions. realme GT 2 Pro features the industrial largest heat dissipation area at a staggering 36761mm2 for up to 3 degrees Celsius of cooling to maximize the chip’s performance. The cooling area is constructed with an all-new 9-layer cooling structure with a 4129mm² Stainless Steel VC area, providing sustained peak performance.

realme collaborates with world-renowned industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa again to create the Industry First Bio-based polymer design, which is based on the sustainable concept of paper art. After 12 months of research with 63 prototypes, the final realme GT 2 Pro variants incorporated cutting-edge craftsmanship and 0.1mm laser engraving process.

Align with the design philosophy of sustainability, the rear shell of realme GT 2 Pro is made of SABIC’s LNP ELCRIN bio-based copolymer material, which is certified by ISCC+. As compared to fossil-based alternatives, this material could offer similar performance, while providing two kilograms CO2 reduction per kilogram of LNP ELCRIN bio-based copolymer material. Moreover, the sources of SABIC’s bio-based materials are derived from biomass waste or residue that does not compete with the food chains, such as crude tall oil and hydrotreated vegetable oils.

realme GT 2 Pro adopts a remarkable triple-camera setup featuring the world’s first 150° ultra-wide Camera and a 40x micro-lens camera. The 50MP primary camera draws into IMX766 flagship-level sensor with all pixel Omni-directional PDAF and OIS features. The IMX766 comes with both optical image stabilization for photos and electronic image stabilization for videos. Optical image stabilization means the lens itself physically moves to compensate for your hand movements.

Besides, the world’s first 150 degrees ultra-wide Camera could shoot out extreme panoramas, Which gives you a 278% increase in the field of view for your images than the most main camera (84°). The world’s first 150-degree camera in a smartphone naturally needs software that takes advantage of it. And so, we’ve also included the world’s first fish-eye mode in a smartphone.

The mind-blowing 40X Micro-lens Camera 2.0 allows you to take a closer look and experience the world around you in a whole new way. We’ve seen microlenses before, but our 2.0 version allows you to be 2 times farther away from the subject making focussing much easier. And we’ve increased the depth of field 4-fold, ensuring more of the image is in focus, giving you much sharper images and again, easier focusing.

Based on Android 12, realme UI 3.0 comes with newly-designed 3D icons, our Fluid Space Design and Omojis, as well as improved privacy functions like app permission control and location hiding. Designed with functionality and customization in mind, realme UI 3.0 allows you to express yourself with greater freedom, and create an experience unique to you. Also, realme is committed to 3 years of major Android OS updates, and 4 years of Android security patches for the GT 2 series.

In terms of the overall industry, realme GT 2 Pro, as the most premium flagship, cooperates with the first bio-based master designer, top 2K LTPO AMOLED screen, the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Platform, the largest heat sink area, and a powerful but attractive triple camera system. In addition, it also equipped 65W SuperDart Charge enhanced, 5000mAh Massive Battery, advanced Antenna Matrix System and Dolby Atmos Dual Stereo Speakers, pre-installed with realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12. As the performance flagship,realme GT 2 has the same equipment as realme GT 2 Pro, including design, battery, realme UI 3.0, and RAM. It featured 120Hz E4 AMOLED Display, the powerful Snapdragon 888 5G Processor and Stainless Steel Vapor Cooling Plus, and GT Mode 3.0.

realme, has just announced during MWC 2022 that realme GT Neo 3 will be the world’s fastest 150W charging a smartphone, delivering 50% in 5 minutes. Moreover, realme will also introduce the world’s first 100W – 200W smart devices charging architecture – UltraDart Charging Architecture, which would make it a comprehensive solution combining speed, safety, and battery life.

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Vivo Intros V23 Series Smartphone



Vivo has announced that UAE customers can now pre-order the V23 5G. The V23 5G’s 50MP AF front camera and 8MP super-wide-angle front camera sets new standards in camera performance and design elegance. The exterior features a natural yet standout look and feel. The innovative exterior combines Vivo’s flat frame design with a unique body surface using Fluorite AG technology for an exceptionally soft feel. The V23 5G also features a special color-changing exterior that changes color under direct sunlight.

“At Vivo, we strive to create the ultimate mobile experience combining innovation, cutting-edge capabilities, and style for people who seek daring new ways to express their individuality. The V23 5G delivers exceptional camera capabilities in various aspects for stunning quality selfies and portrait shots, while wrapped in a lightweight, elegant design that is fashionable yet diverse in appeal with its unique color-changing surface,” said Jet Xu, Head of Middle East Business, Vivo.

The combination of the 50MP AF front camera and 8MP super wide-angle front camera delivers a range of new features to meet the needs of individuals who demand both style and functionality. Consumers can now capture hyper-clear portraits with an all-new 50MP AF front camera with a Customized JNV Sensor and autofocus. Amazing night portraits with the Dual Tone Spotlight and front camera’s AI Extreme Night mode allow for better shots in dark lighting.

Stylised portraits are also maximised with the new Party Portrait feature to capture captivating party scenes and the Multi-Style Portrait feature for more fun ways to capture special moments. Today, the V23 5G can capture super-wide views, even on the front camera, thus solving the pain point of not being able to include everyone in a group selfie photo. The new Natural Portrait feature meets a diverse range of selfie needs with its optional beautification features. AI algorithms can enhance face details, as well as dual-tone spotlight elements. Low-light night portraits are taken to the next level via the Super Wide-Angle Night Portrait mode that perfectly captures those atmospheric night-time party moments.

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