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Revelation Games Lists Rise of the King on Kickstarter



Revelation Games has announced the launch of their Kickstarter Campaign for Rise of the King. This is a third-person action-adventure  game with survival elements, set within a medieval fantasy world and focused on a story-driven gameplay experience.

Rise of the King is a third-person action-adventure game aimed at creating a more immersive experience within the medieval fantasy genre. Survive the cold as you explore the northernmost region of Arnithon, a massive untamed frozen wilderness on your journey to investigate the disappearance of a missing boy. Build campsites, craft supplies, and hunt for food to stay alive.


Using a unique blend of survival and investigation mechanics, you will have use your head to track him down, look for clues, and talk to the locals along the way for information to find him. Critical thinking is vital to your success, interpret clues wrongly, and suffer the consequences from the unforgiving world around you. There’s no quest log or mini-map updater here. You’re on your own and your journal is your main tool to help you keep on track.


Combat in Rise of the King is designed to be a punishing but rewarding experience.  Easy to learn, difficult to master. There are no health potions, powerups, or special abilities here to help you. Knowing when to strike, dodge, and counter while managing your stamina are vital to your success.  Wolves can outnumber you, knock you down, or strip away your bow momentarily. Bears can pin you down and outrun you.  Humans can pick up on your patterns and make adjustments.

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Logitech G Launches Astro A50 X Wireless Gaming Headset



Logitech G, a brand of Logitech has launched the Logitech G ASTRO A50 X LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Headset and Base Station in the GCC, the fifth generation of the critically acclaimed ASTRO A50 Series console gaming headset. The new ASTRO A5O X is designed to deliver the ultimate console headset experience. With breakthrough innovations in audio and connectivity, the ASTRO A50 X LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Headset + Base Station features:

  • New PLAYSYNC technology for easy connectivity and switching between the XBOX, PS5 and PC via a single button press
  • PRO-G Graphene Audio Driver technology for high-performance gaming audio
  • 24-bit LIGHTSPEED Wireless technology for pro-grade performance on the console

“Over the last decade, the A50 has become an icon in gaming headsets due to its focus on gamer-centric design, premium sound, and superior comfort and durability,” said Dana Zebian, Logitech G’s Marketing Manager for the Middle East. “Our new A50 X elevates this beloved headset with an unmatched level of performance by combining the A50’s award-winning design with several new features and advanced technologies that truly revolutionize gameplay.” Comfort, sound, connectivity, communications and compatibility are the keys that gamers look for in an audio solution. The A50 X combines the design of the original A50, a favourite of console gamers everywhere, with four breakthrough innovations in the console headset market.

Bringing all systems together, PLAYSYNC Technology is an industry first that allows gamers to connect their Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC/MAC all at once and seamlessly switch between all three gaming systems with the simple ‘one-click’ of a button on the A50 X headset. When switching between Xbox and PS5 consoles, PLAYSYNC will change what the gamer views on their TV and what is heard in their headset. When switching to PC, PLAYSYNC will change what is heard in the gamer’s headset. Allowing gamers to decide and easily switch to the gaming experience they want to enjoy at any moment.

A50 X is a two-part Base Station and Wireless Headset system that works directly with high-performance game consoles as well as 4K UHD Televisions using HDMI 2.1 technology. Using HDMI, the Base Station directs audio wirelessly to the A50 X Headset while passing the console’s video through to the TV without impacting the source’s intended fidelity and features such as 4K 120Hz HDR, VRR, and ALLM. The result is high-performance and ultra-low latency video.

Audio signals are also intelligently routed on A50 X; with the headset docked to the Base Station, audio signals along with video will be passed through to the connected TV. When gamers undock the headset, audio signals will be rerouted to the headset automatically, improving convenience and versatility between open or private listening experiences.

With sound being such a critical component in gaming, the A50 X’s PRO-G GRAPHENE Audio Driver has been precision-engineered with a 40 mm graphene diaphragm featuring a live edge suspension, to deliver superior audio performance like never before. The new driver delivers improvements in sound reproduction accuracy, time to signal accuracy and distortion reduction, allowing players to identify audio objects more clearly, and more quickly discern their location as objects move relative to the player.

Graphene is a breakthrough material for audio clarity, detail, and spatial timing accuracy. With unprecedented harmonic rigidity, these audio drivers reduce distortion while delivering soaring highs, clear mids and rich bass. Optimized for the multi-platform player who requires the highest levels of audio and visual fidelity, and demands both style and design excellence, the A50 X headset system is purposefully designed to work with high-performance game consoles using HDMI 2.1 & USB-C connectivity, allowing A50 X to deliver uncompressed audio at up to 24-bit fidelity. The integrated LED status info panel and the click-in magnetic charging cradle of the A50 X Base Station keeps the headset battery topped off and always at the ready.

Logitech G’s award-winning 24-bit LIGHTSPEED wireless technology is a continuously improving pro-grade solution for quality of sound, reliability in connectivity, and efficiency for epic battery life. The Base Station also features simultaneous Bluetooth® connectivity allowing gamers to mix Discord chat with game audio or listen to music while playing.

The A50 X is Logitech G’s first headset that comes equipped with an integrated high-resolution 16-bit 48 kHz LIGHTSPEED microphone, this additional bandwidth lets the microphone capture a much broader spectrum of sound delivering unrivalled performance, clarity, and quality in a boom microphone. A50 X lets players control the Game/Chat mix on Xbox, PC—and even their PS5, and balance volume between game and chat with on-ear controls.

Gamers can optimise and fine-tune the gaming audio experience with G HUB on PC and the Logitech G App on iOS/Android devices. Control headset EQ presets or dive deep into the fully parametric EQ. Take advantage of the extended resolution of the microphone and dial-in broadcast-quality EQ settings while controlling their environment with noise reduction. Gamers can set up stream output audio mixing, specify sidetone amount, save custom presets, and more.

The Logitech G ASTRO A50 X Wireless Gaming Headset + Base Station is available now in key retailers across the GCC.

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Sony MEA Unveils a Powerhouse Lineup for 2024



Sony Middle East and Africa (MEA) has clocked up tremendous growth up until Q3 FY2023, across key product categories. Globally forecasted consolidated sales and operating revenue of Sony Corporation for FY’23 is approximately 86.6 billion with an operating profit of USD 8.3 billion. Whereas specific to Consumer Electronic business (part of ET&S) forecasted sales and operating revenue is 17 billion and 1.2 billion respectively.

Building on this success, Sony MEA has unveiled a groundbreaking lineup of new and innovative products across television and audio for 2024, setting the stage for immersive home entertainment experiences and strengthening its market leadership. This year’s lineup will expand Sony MEA’s regional consumer base, catering to various age groups and consumer preferences.

Sony MEA’s latest range of new BRAVIA TVs and BRAVIA home audio devices reimagine the cinematic experience at home. The newly announced TV models feature greatly improved picture quality with high brightness, colour volume, clear shadow details in dark scenes, and sound coming directly from the screen reflecting creators’ true intent. In addition, the latest BRAVIA home audio devices include an array of soundbars, a home theatre system, and a neckband speaker, which together offer multiple options to enjoy immersive cinematic sound and go perfectly with the new BRAVIA TVs.

In the premium audio segment, Sony has unveiled the ULT POWER SOUND series, which is built for music lovers who enjoy powerful, deep sound. The lineup features three wireless speakers – the ULT TOWER 10, ULT FIELD 7 and ULT FIELD 1 – as well as wireless headphones ULT WEAR, so that customers can experience elevated sound pressure and deep bass. The series is aimed at young people, including Gen Z, who want to feel the powerful sound of being in the front row of an arena at parties with friends and family, at music events, and wherever they are.

Jobin Joejoe, Managing Director of Sony Middle East and Africa, said, “The Middle East & Africa region is one of the fastest growing markets for our large-screen TVs, particularly in the 75” and 85” screen segment, with the largest market share in the GCC. We are thrilled to bring the latest premium entertainment experiences to our customers in the region to support the growing appetite for OTT platforms and inspire more people to invest in an elevated home entertainment experience. We believe technology is a tool to add more value and opportunity for a richer and more emotional life, and therefore, we have made it easier for consumers to choose and combine the complete home entertainment package.”

Sony is actively involved in supporting content creators and nurturing their growth by developing regional mentorship programs, bringing industry experts, like-minded brands and creators under one roof through events such as the Sony Creators Convention, Alpha Festivals, Sony Cinema Line Event, and workshops in the region. In addition to the upcoming product launches, Sony Group has also become the founding partner of Esports World Cup to unite the global and esports gaming communities, broadening the appeal of gaming and esports and nurturing promising creators and talent in the region.

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CORSAIR today announced the launch of the CORSAIR ONE i500 PC, a compact powerhouse packed with cutting-edge components and boasting high-end performance for content creators, AI-savvy professionals, and gamers. The sleek, space-saving design houses up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card and Intel Core i9-14900K processor—both liquid cooled. Combined with next-gen DDR5 memory and 2TB of NVMe SSD storage, the CORSAIR ONE i500 delivers the speed, storage, and reliability you’d expect from a high-end PC.

The CORSAIR ONE i500 PC is 30% smaller than a full-sized desktop PC but doesn’t compromise on power. Modern liquid cooling delivers top-tier thermal efficiency, minimizing CPU and GPU temperatures while achieving faster performance, all while being noticeably quieter than traditional cooling. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 and 4080 SUPER graphics cards power a quantum leap in framerates and AI-powered graphics, while Intel 14th Gen CPU architecture makes sure you game and multitask without compromise.

The sleek, aluminium case with FSC-certified real wood panels—each with one-of-one natural grain—fits beautifully into any modern workspace or gaming setup. Future upgradability is possible with the CORSAIR ONE i500 PC using industry-standard PCIe, RAM, and SSD slots, allowing you to craft a system as unique as your ambitions. The CORSAIR ONE ORIGIN Edition can be customized with up to 192GB of DDR5 memory and 24TB of storage to elevate creative, multitasking, and gaming experiences. The configurator also offers options to add capture cards, network cards, audio cards, USB expansion cards, and more.

Featuring customizable underglow and front-panel lighting, the CORSAIR ONE i500 gives you the power to personalize your setup in seconds. A touch-sensor spotlight for the rear I/O will help you find a wide array of high-performance connectivity options. When the first generation of CORSAIR ONE PC was launched, we set a new standard in the world of compact, performance PCs. This new generation raises the bar even higher, with incredible raw speed and efficiency in a sleek and modern look. We are also offering the choice of two colours available from the Corsair webstore and select retailers: Wood Dark and Wood Bright.

The CORSAIR ONE i500 PC is packed with uncompromising performance in a compact case that powers through today’s most demanding games and applications with ease, supported by ample memory and storage for all your needs. The CORSAIR ONE i500 PC is available immediately from the CORSAIR Webstore and Corsair authorized resellers and distributors. CORSAIR ONE i500 PC is backed by a two-year warranty, alongside the CORSAIR worldwide customer service and technical support network.

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