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Everything We Know About Monster Hunter World



Monster Hunter World is a game with a simple premise: explore the world, fight huge monsters, then turn them into your own weapons and armour. The game indeed has the potential to draw in even more players than any game in the series before.

Capcom in association with Geekay Games conducted a special event for the media where the Executive Director of the game Fujioka Kaname and the Director of the game Yuya Tokuda were in presence. They took the local media through what can be expected from the game once it is launched and scouted a few questions from the regional media.

Whether this will be your first game in the series or you’re a returning veteran, here’s all we know about Monster Hunter World…

The final public beta has ended for Monster Hunter World, but its full release on Xbox One and PS4 is imminent. Set to launch on January 26, Monster Hunter World marks the end of the franchise’s long hiatus from home consoles. The latest entry in the series is also coming to PC, but Capcom hasn’t set a firm date for that launch yet.

According to the game’s producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, the delay is because “rather than have it taking up resources during the console development and not being able to have our full attention on it. We want to get console out the door, and then we’re going to take some extra time and try and get the PC version as good as possible.”

The PC date is currently set for sometime this fall. For PS4 and Xbox One users, Monster Hunter World will have an important day one patch that adds online multiplayer, event quests, chat, and other online features. In addition, the patch will fix some bugs and add series-favorite Poogies to the game.

Additional space required for the patch will be approximately 815 MB. Capcom has also confirmed that there are no plans for a Switch version of Monster Hunter World.

Pre-Order Bonuses and Special Editions
Pre-order bonuses:
The Origin Set Armor (includes higher defense and gathering skills) and a Fair Wind Charm (increases your attack power).

Digital Deluxe Edition ($70 approx.):  This includes a Samurai Set skin, three gestures, two sticker sets, and an additional face paint and hair style option. The PS4 version of the Digital Deluxe Edition also comes with 14 weapon-themed PSN avatars. All of these items will be available to purchase separately once the game launches.

Collector’s Edition ($150 approx.): This includes a physical copy of the game, a voucher for the customization items included in the Digital Deluxe Edition, a hardcover art book, a monster statue, and a code for a digital soundtrack, all housed in a collector’s box.

Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro ($450 approx.): The special “Rathalos” edition of the console will also come with a red controller, pre-order bonuses, a physical copy of the game, and a special PS4 dynamic theme.


Dynabook Says its Laptops Enjoy an Extremely Low Average Failure Rate of 0.13% Per Month



In today’s hybrid work environment, where workers often perform their tasks remotely without on-site technical support and transport their laptops between different work environments, quality and reliability are more critical factors than ever to business efficiency.  To this end, Dynabook, a Japanese manufacturer with more than three decades of experience, has developed a series of rigorous tests and services to further support the digital transformation process within the corporate and education sectors.

For Dynabook laptops to achieve an average monthly hardware failure rate of just 0.13% (average monthly rate between January and November 2022, based on products under warranty in EMEA), engineers apply the latest technology to develop new solutions, by creating and applying standard tests and services that optimize product quality, such as:

MIL-STD 810 G/H military testing
The Portégé and Tecra ranges are tested according to US military standards. The MIL-STD 810 test methodology defines several environmental tests that indicate whether a particular piece of equipment performs well in the field or is otherwise unsuitable. Each test is associated with a source of environmental stress and 4 different tests are performed: 3-axis vibration for over an hour; drop test where they are dropped 26 times on each face, edge and corner; exposed to sand and dust blasts for 6 hours; and subjected to extreme temperatures from 60°C to -20°C, over 3 cycles of 2 hours duration.

Standard HALT tests
In addition, the Portégé and Tecra ranges undergo an intensive Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT).  Through typical Japanese precision and ingenuity, Dynabook’s engineers have achieved excellence by limiting the number of failure points. The HALT test comprises testing the complete range of Dynabook notebooks with its own methodology, which simulates three years of use. Once the tests are completed, only those that pass these demanding tests are released into the market.

Magnesium chassis
Some Dynabook laptops have a magnesium alloy chassis that provides unique protection for all equipment components. Magnesium is relatively lightweight – at some 40% lower than plastic or aluminium – and also exceptionally robust, which allows users to carry the equipment anywhere without any problems. Magnesium is also dimensionally stable, welds easily have excellent shock absorption, and is highly resistant to impact, dents, and corrosion.  All of this ensures that users may feel confident, should the laptop suffer a fall or any other type of blow, that it’s protected from significant damage. In addition, magnesium is a metal that allows for rapid heat dissipation, cooling the internal elements of the notebook while keeping the external casing cool, allowing for comfortable handling.

Liquid proof
Some of Dynabook’s laptops have spill-resistant keyboards which offer users a safeguard against potential system damage caused by accidental spills.  So, if a liquid is spilled on the keyboard, users have sufficient time to take the necessary steps to save data and shut down their laptops. It also protects the system by increasing the time it takes for the spilled liquid to reach the laptop’s main circuit board. Prior to this innovation, any spill would likely result in damage to the main circuit and all connected elements, resulting in system failure.

The spill-resistant keyboard combines several mechanisms that ensure system protection, such as double-sided insulation. This means that the different layers of insulation extend beyond the surface of the main circuit providing additional protection, and there is also a layer of curved insulation underneath the keyboard support to cover areas that would be exposed if the insulation were flat. Double-sided insulation sandwiched between the layers of insulation reinforces protection against spills.

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Top Tips for Security and Privacy This Holiday Season



Written by Phil Muncaster, guest writer at ESET

Thanks to a decade or more of big-name data breaches, global privacy scandals, and consumer rights legislation like the GDPR, we’re all more aware of cybersecurity and privacy issues today. And now that many of us are working more from home and our personal and work lives have begun to blur, the stakes have raised somewhat. No one wants to end up in front of HR because their reused passwords were stolen and used to hack a corporate database, for example.

Our personal data is of great value not just to advertisers and data brokers, but even more worryingly, to cyber criminals. Unfortunately, there are many ways for nefarious individuals to get hold of it. They could use phishing attacks to target us directly. They may hide info-stealing malware in mobile apps, gaming torrents, or other legitimate-looking software. Or they might use previously breached data to obtain our credentials and hijack our accounts. When it comes to advertisers and data brokers, much of the data slurping and selling is done silently in the background, often thanks to third-party cookies for better ad targeting or user experience.

Understandably, many of us want to mitigate the impact of these threats. So why not give the gift of better security and privacy and help your loved ones make some practical steps towards better protecting their personal information online? But let’s first mention something that is a must these days and surely you have it covered already: comprehensive security software. You know by now that you and your family should use a security solution from a reputable provider on all your devices.

Smartphones and tablets – which have been among the most popular holiday tech gifts for a while now – also need comprehensive protection from the device-, network-, web- and app-based threats. If a device is connected to the internet, then there’s a possible risk malware could find its way onto it. And once on there, the malware could be used to steal your data, lock down your machine for extortion, or for other nefarious ends.

Now onto a few less obvious ideas for gifts for your relatives – or even for yourself! Admittedly, not all of the below will be the ideal fodder for a traditional Christmas list – not least because some are free to use or difficult to buy or gift-wrap for others – but each is worthy of your attention. Or perhaps just think of it as a list of things to add to your cyber-hygiene practices, on top of these bad security and privacy habits you could consider shedding in the new year?

  • Secure Wi-Fi router: All of us have a wireless router in our homes, but we’re probably using one provided by our ISP. Many of these leave a lot to be desired when it comes to security, for example, not accepting long and strong passwords, failing to notify when critical updates are available, or having ‘things’ like UPnP or WPS enabled. A better option would be to choose a small business router designed for security and if possible, consider setting up a virtual private network on it and so avoid installing a VPN on each device. This brings us to the next point…
  • Virtual private network (VPN): These handy tools reroute your traffic via a secure encrypted tunnel so that the site you visit can’t identify you. A VPN is useful for enhancing privacy and security – blocking ISPs, government spooks, hackers, and advertisers from spying on you – and is particularly important if you’re out and about using public Wi-Fi networks. However, not all VPNs are created equal. Free services may sell your data to make money, while those with servers located in specific countries may pressure the provider to hand over data. Independent research is required to find the right choice.
  • Password manager subscription: Many of us have so many accounts and apps online today that we need to use easy-to-remember passwords, and often share the same credentials across multiple accounts. The problem is that if just one of these ends up in the hands of hackers, it may imperil all of them, as the bad guys can use automated “credential stuffing” tools to try and unlock your other accounts protected with the same password. With a password manager, you can easily create and store unique and strong passwords or passphrases for each site. The manager will remember them for you, whereas all you need to remember is a single password called “master password”.
  • 2FA hardware-based key: Two-factor or multi-factor authentication (2FA/MFA) offers protection from password-stealing threats by providing another layer of user authentication. Although dedicated MFA apps can also do this, another option is a physical hardware key. After enrolling it in each site you want to use, simply insert the key (usually into a USB port) to log in subsequently. If a criminal doesn’t have your key, they won’t be able to impersonate you.
  • Laptop privacy screen: Hybrid working means more of us will be travelling to the office again. That means more opportunities for shoulder surfers to see what we’re typing on our way to work. A privacy screen is an obvious solution, only letting light filter out from the display at narrow angles, thus reducing the chances of in-person snooping.
  • Webcam cover: Webcam hacking, also known as camfecting, isn’t unheard of. Cybercriminals or ‘just’ peeping Toms can hijack other people’s front-facing cameras through various means, including Remote Access Trojans (RATs) or vulnerability exploits. They could then use the stolen material or recordings for fraud or extortion, among other crimes. A sliding webcam cover can, therefore, come in handy. Other simple countermeasures involve placing a piece of tape over the lens when the camera is not in use, or unplugging the camera if it’s an external one.
  • Privacy-enhancing email: Email was not originally built with security in mind. And now there’s a secondary risk: that the providers themselves are snooping on your data to sell to advertisers or share with government agencies. Once again, numerous alternatives to the main players have sprung up in recent years with a focus on security and privacy. That not only means messages are encrypted by default, but the providers make money from premium subscriptions rather than advertising and are located in a country unlikely to share information with the US authorities if that’s a concern for you.
  • Secure messaging apps: These are unlikely to be on many of our Christmas lists, given that the apps are usually free to use and difficult to gift wrap. But it’s worth checking the one you’re using is optimized for security and privacy and provides end-to-end encryption. That means even if government or law enforcers ordered a provider to turn over customer data, they could not. Ensure the feature is turned on, as it may not always be by default. While you’re at it, consider tweaking the app’s settings further for even better privacy and security.
  • Anti-tracking software: As privacy concerns have grown among the populace, the market has responded with ad and tracking blockers. As the name suggests, they’re designed to protect your browsing activity from unwanted monitoring by ensuring any invasive or potentially malicious ads don’t appear on your screen.
  • Pro-privacy search engine: Major search engine makers generate their profits by selling advertisers access to your search history so that they can target ads. Many users will be fine with this level of intrusion if it means more relevant ads. For those who aren’t, there are plenty of alternatives now on the market – and they’re free and can, of course, be used from your regular web browser – or even from, for example, the Tor browser if you want to up the ante further.

Let this holiday season be also a time of security and privacy awareness. By taking small steps like those above, we can keep our information safer and make life harder for opportunistic fraudsters.

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Holiday Gift Buying Guide for Gamers and Content Creators



Welcome to our holiday tech buying guide for gamers and content creators! In today’s digital age, having the right equipment is crucial for both gaming and content creation. Whether you’re a professional gamer looking for the best setup to compete at the highest level, or a content creator looking to produce high-quality videos and streams, this guide will provide you with the information you need to make informed purchasing decisions. Let’s get started!

Corsair XENEON FLEX 45WQHD240 OLED Gaming Monitor

The XENEON FLEX 45WQHD240 OLED Gaming Monitor is the world’s first 45-inch 21:9 bendable OLED gaming monitor. Since its unveiling in August 2022, the XENEON FLEX 45 has inspired PC Enthusiast and Gamer imaginations with its extraordinary combination of W-OLED technology, 21:9 aspect ratio, 45-inch size, 240-Hz, and amazing ability to bend from fully flat to up to 800R curvature.

Priced at $1999.99, it has been created in partnership with OLED innovator LG Display. The XENEON FLEX 45 is the culmination of CORSAIR’s engineering expertise and cutting-edge W-OLED Technology, to create a whole new class of monitors. With a 45in 3440×1440 (21:9 aspect ratio) display, XENEON FLEX 45 delivers a cinematic display experience that’s as well suited for work, as it is for play, with stunning image quality courtesy of peak brightness up to 1000nit, and a 1,500,000:1 contrast ratio.

Corsair TBT200 Thunderbolt 4 Dock

Corsair’s new TBT200 Thunderbolt 4 dock unlocks a huge array of connectivity options to users’ compatible laptops, Macs, PCs, and Chromebooks over a single cable. The TBT200 boasts no less than four Thunderbolt 4 ports (including one host connection), and a multitude of additional connections, including HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, 2.5Gb ethernet, 3.5mm audio, USB Type- C as well as Type-A and more.

All this is encased in a stylish, aluminum-clad package that looks at home alongside any setup. Whether it’s maximizing a workstation’s connectivity, or creating an ambitious power-user setup that connects with just a single cable, the TBT200 puts even the most demanding set up just a single cable away. With Thunderbolt 4, the TBT200 unlocks even more connection options for today’s most advanced laptops and PCs over a single cable.

CORSAIR EX100U Portable USB Type-C SSD

Corsair’s new ultra-slim external storage drive, the CORSAIR EX100U is available in capacities from 500GB to a massive 4TB. The EX100U stores an incredible amount of data in a pocket-sized form factor that can go anywhere.

The EX100U utilizes a USB Type-C Gen2 x2 connection for high bandwidth of up to 20Gbps. With up to 1,600MB/sec sequential read and 1,500MB/sec sequential write speeds, you can move stunning 4K videos in seconds, do intensive video and photo editing, or play the latest large install-file games. Thanks to an impressively slim profile and a footprint smaller than a credit card, the EX100U can easily be brought to any PC, Mac, or console that you wish.

Corsair VOYAGER a1600 AMD Advantage Edition Laptop

Corsair’s new VOYAGER a1600 AMD Advantage Edition laptop is aimed at gamers, streamers, and content creators. Starting at an MSRP of $2,699.99, the Corsair VOYAGER a1600 features a state-of-the-art AMD processor and graphics for mobile systems working in tandem using exclusive AMD smart technologies, alongside CORSAIR and Elgato software and technologies, to create a gaming and streaming experience like no other.

The CORSAIR VOYAGER a1600 comes equipped with AMD’s most advanced components to deliver high-end performance in an incredibly thin 19.8mm form factor. An 8-core, 16-thread AMD Ryzen 9 6900HS processor and AMD Radeon RX 6800M mobile graphics enable players to game at maximum settings while capturing gameplay at high frame rates, bolstered by AMD smart technologies such as AMD Smart Access Memory to get even more performance out of your top-of-the-line components.

Corsair TC200 Gaming Chairs

Corsair’s new TC200 Fabric Gaming Chair and TC200 Leatherette Gaming Chair are a pair of bold new additions to the growing Corsair gaming furniture lineup. Each chair’s racing-inspired design features a wide seat surface and extended height range, ideal for comfortably sitting taller, wider, or more relaxed while gaming. With your choice of black or white color options, a Corsair TC200 offers the best seat in the house.

Both chairs sport perforated sections that ensure minimal heat retention so you can stay cool even as the competition heats up. Built-in foam lumbar support and a plush detachable memory foam neck pillow support a healthy posture, so you can enjoy hours of gameplay strain-free.

Corsair Katar Elite Wireless

Corsair’s new Katar Elite Wireless is a compact and lightweight gaming mouse that comes packed with a top-notch Corsair Marksman 26K sensor. It comes packed in a compact frame and is extremely lightweight at 69 gms. The mouse has been designed for both claw and fingertip grips.

The Katar Elite Wireless uses a custom Corsair Marksman optical sensor, which has been developed in partnership with PixArt. This sensor ensures high performance and accuracy. Its DPI can be precisely adjusted from 100 up to a native 26,000-DPI. The Corsair Marsman optical sensor also tracks at speeds up to 650 inches per second and offers a max acceleration of up to 50G. It is also designed for ultra-low power operation without compromising on the tracking performance.

Corsair HS55 Stereo Wired Gaming Headset

The HS55 Stereo Wired Gaming Headset is one of the lightest gaming headsets we have used recently and is very comfortable to wear for an extended period. The headset offers very good audio quality and an omnidirectional microphone that offers excellent voice clarity during gaming sessions and online calls.

The microphone also offers a flip-to-mute function and is Discord Certified for crystal-clear communication and brilliant sound. In addition, you also get an on-ear volume roller, that can be used to adjust the volume level.

Elgato HD60 X External Game Capture Card

Elgato’s new HD60 X is an external game capture card that has been optimised for gaming consoles such as PS5 and Xbox 360. The HD60 X connects to your gaming console and sends raw data to both your gaming screen and streaming PC. Inside the box, you get the HD60 X, a USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable, and an HDMI 2.0 cable.

The HD60 X can pass through content at up to 4K60 HDR10 and capture footage at high frame rates of either 1440p 60 SDR, 1080p 60 HDR, or 4K30 HDR. The HD60 X is also Elgato’s first game capture card that features a Variable Refresh Rate passthrough, thus making it a perfect solution for console gaming streaming or recording. VRR Gameplay makes sure your gaming session is without lag or screen tearing.

Corsair K70 RGB Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The new Corsair K70 RGB Pro is a mechanical gaming keyboard and is the full-sized version of the Corsair’s K70 RGB TKL Champion Series Mechanical Gaming Keyboard we reviewed a couple of months ago. Now, this one is powered by Corsair’s very own AXON Hyper-Processing Technology.

One of the standout features of this keyboard is that it is Corsair’s first keyboard that features an Arabic layout as well. The company has also used the CHERRY MX mechanical key switches for that “clickety-clack” user experience. Inside the box, you get the K70 RGB Pro, along with the magnetic soft-touch palm rest, and a detachable USB-C cable.

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