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Innovex Collaborates with MOST for the Startups and AI Sessions of Innovex Forum



InnoVEX, the Innovation Hub of Asia will be held from June 6 to 8 in Taipei’s World Trade Center Hall 3. One of the co-organizers of InnoVEX, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that a more comprehensive assistance will be given to the exhibiting startups. For this reason, TCA will cooperate again with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) for the morning session of InnoVEX Forum on June 6.

This forum session will cover the startup ecosystem and the related projects under MOST, including the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), the Taiwan Innovation Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), Taiwan Innovation & Technology Arena (TITAN), Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI)’s FITI program, the iCAN program under National Chiao Tung University’s international accelerator IAPS, the TRUST-U program under Taiwan Startup Institute (TSI), and so on. The forums will be based on the startup ecosystem framework and at the same time will announce that MOST will be fully supportivofto innovative startups.

TCA pointed out that one of the most important aspects of the startup ecosystem is how the startups should interact with the media. For this reason, the InnoVEX Forum will include important media channels such as the Bloomberg, French startup, E27 Singapore in Asia, Taiwan’s own Digitimes, and more. These influential digital media will enable startups to make good use of international media to achieve international coverage.

Since most of the experts and scholars who are actively engaged in the research of AI are mostly in the research institutions. Facing the popular artificial intelligence issues, the June 6 Afternoon session of InnoVEX Forum will have MOST’s Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) program. Experts from National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University, National Chiao Tung University, and Taipei Medical University will also share their insights on the trends of AI applications.

The 3 main applications to be covered in the AI session of InnoVEX Forum will be AI & IoT, smart manufacturing, and smart medicine. The forum sessions will be titled “AI is the driver for innovation”, “5 Best Practices To Get Started With Enterprise AI”, “Innovative A.I. Application Practice”, and more to follow. The AI session of the InnoVEX forum will invite many distinguished speakers from both the industry and academics, including:

  1. Managing Director of Hyperform Consulting, Andrew Batten
  2. Executive Director of, Mahesh Bhatia
  3. Director of Microsoft Taiwan’s AI R&D Center, Michael J Chang
  4. CEO of Global Academia & Industry Alliance of National Cheng Kung University, Jesse Chen
  5. Distinguished Professor of Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering of National Taiwan University, Li-Chen Fu
  6. Executive of IBM Cloud, Mars Hsu
  7. CEO of Insilico Taiwan, Artur Kadurin
  8. Dean & Distinguished Professor of Taipei Medical University College of Medical Science and Technology, Yu Chuan Jack Li
  9. Senior Director Solution Architecture & Engineering, Simon See
  10. Principal Engineer of AI Products Group of Intel, Hanlin Tang

The speakers will share their insights on the latest trends and applications of AI in the industry through both the forum and panel discussion on AI application development experience.

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Acer’s SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera Captures Moments and Experiences in Stereoscopic 3D



Acer has launched the SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo camera, its latest addition to its range of SpatialLabs 3D devices. The compact 3D camera can be used by photographers to capture stunning and stereoscopic images and view these in immersive 3D as it fully integrates with the SpatialLabs lineup of products. “The SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera completes Acer’s stereoscopic 3D portfolio, providing solutions from content capturing and creation, to display and interaction,” said Jerry Kao, COO, Acer Inc. “We hope to empower users to capture the world around them in stunning stereoscopic 3D through the new camera and we’re excited to see the possibilities and the amazing content they will be able to create and share.”

With 8 megapixels per eye resolution, a built-in selfie mirror, and a weatherproof exterior, the pocket-sized Acer SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera is a great companion for capturing moments outdoors and during adventures. Its intuitive setup enhances shooting experiences with carefully calibrated lens alignment and an advanced optical system to photograph subjects with greater 3D depth and detail.

For effortless image taking, SpatialLabs Eyes is equipped with auto and touch focus capabilities, further enhanced with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) for smooth and steady footage. More seasoned photographers will appreciate the option for manual mode which provides flexibility to calibrate ISO, white balance, and shutter speed settings for better control of image output.

The camera’s outer material is glossed with a shale black coat, while its lens cap and selfie mirror enclosures are layered with aluminium lining to present a sophisticated look and feel. With its sleek appearance and innovative features, the Acer SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera has earned the praise of design experts and received the prestigious 2024 Red Dot and iF Design Awards.

The SpatialLabs 3D Camera goes beyond just capturing stunning images and videos in 3D. It enables real-time 3D streaming and storytelling, letting users share their 3D content live on YouTube and other streaming platforms with the new Acer SpatialLabs Player 3.0. Video chatting will be available through the SpatialLabs video call widget in Q3 that enables more engaging, high-resolution 3D video conferencing on apps such as Teams (1080p), Zoom (720p), and Google Meet (1080p), with customizable depth features available to add more layers of realism during calls.

Whether users are reviewing content on Acer SpatialLabs laptops or displays, VR/AR headsets, or even 3D projectors, the SpatialLabs Eyes helps present the richness and impact of their 3D content as intended. The camera also comes with a downloadable gallery feature so users can look back at their 3D portfolio and re-experience their immersive 3D journey. Acer has also announced an expanded array of developer tools, including the SpatialLabs Unreal 5.3 and Unity 2021.3 LTS and 2022.3 LTS plug-ins. These will be available to 3D creators starting in June.

In addition, the new SpatialLabs Model Viewer Pro application, which is fully compatible with SpatialLabs Pro devices, is also set to be launched. The application is designed to enhance the 3D content workflow and user experiences with new features tailored for commercial usability. Paired with its support for major 3D file formats and enhanced support on glTF, the new presentation mode enables developers to inspect, customize, and showcase a catalogue of models in sequence for viewing and customizations without the need to develop projects from scratch.

The application includes features such as adding a virtual turntable, overlays with their desired logos, and backgrounds, as well as customizations with their preferred HDRI. This also makes it an ideal solution for 3D installations in showrooms and professional presentations. For more details, please visit the SpatialLabs developer site. The Acer SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera (ASEC-1) will be available in EMEA in Q3, starting at $549.

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COMPUTEX 2024 Concludes Successfully Announcing Dates for 2025 Edition



COMPUTEX 2024 has come to a successful conclusion. The scale of this year’s exhibition has grown significantly. During the four-day event, it attracted a total of 85,179 ICT buyers and professionals. The top ten visitor countries/regions were Japan, the United States, South Korea, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, and Indonesia. As an international B2B professional exhibition, COMPUTEX 2024, under the theme of “Connecting AI,” successfully drew world-class buyers to this annual technology industry event, making Taiwan a focal point of global attention.

Exhibitors Showcase Cutting-edge Technological Innovations
IDC predicts that AI PCs will account for nearly 60% of global PC shipments by 2027. In the AI ​​Computing and System Solutions area, exhibitors showcased the latest AI product applications. Acer and ASUS showcased their first Copilot+ PCs—Swift 14 AI laptop and Vivobook S 15 respectively, demonstrating AI technology’s transformative impact on the PC industry. The applications of smart technology are proliferating across various fields. This year, the newly added smart mobility exhibition area featured numerous automobile-related displays. The Taiwan Advanced Automotive Technology Development Association (TADA) gathered major manufacturers like Pegatron Corporation, Clientron, and Retronix Technology to set up an automotive technology theme pavilion, showcasing comprehensive smart cockpit solutions.

In the advanced communications and network products area, Taiwan’s significant role in forward-looking communications was highlighted. For example, ASUS and ASKEY partnered to create 5G enterprise private network solutions and services via Microsoft Azure’s dedicated 5G core. Meanwhile, Pride presented the industry’s first cross-protocol energy smart management system, the “AIoT Application Management Platform (NMS-AIoT).” The Metaverse is another rapidly developing technology field. Ganzin Technology demonstrated wearable eye-tracking technology in augmented reality devices to enhance the immersive experience. Silicon Valley’s XR/AI startup Aemass showcased a portable single-lens 3D recording system and globally patented 3D cloud imaging and AI algorithm technologies, offering forward-looking solutions for XR at this year’s COMPUTEX.

Technology Giants Gathered at COMPUTEX, Lively Interactions Inside and Outside the Venues
Dr. Lisa Su, Chairman and CEO of AMD, kicked off COMPUTEX 2024 at the COMPUTEX Keynote hosted by TAITRA. Other notable speakers included Qualcomm President and CEO Cristiano Amon, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, MediaTek Vice Chairman and CEO Rick Tsai, Supermicro President and CEO Charles Liang, NXP Semiconductors Executive VP and CTO Lars Reger, and Delta Research Center President Dr. Tzi-cker Chiueh. They shared insights on leveraging key technologies to enhance industries and shape the future of AI. Each speaker also invited industry partners to discuss technological advancements and their impacts. AMD’s keynote featured ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih and HP CEO Enrique Lores, while Intel’s keynote included ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih and Acer Chairman Jason Chen. NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang made a surprise appearance at the keynotes of Supermicro and MediaTek, creating a “CEO cluster effect” and adding star power to the event.

The COMPUTEX Forum is a star-studded event, and TAITRA has specially invited global technology industry leaders to jointly draw a blueprint for the future of AI. This year’s forum, themed “Let’s Talk Generative AI,” featured nine domestic and international experts who analyzed the AI supply chain in-depth, providing technological insights to explore business opportunities. Global technology leaders shared the latest tech and industry trends at COMPUTEX 2024 and engaged with ecosystem partners offsite to promote collaborations, fostering technological development and innovative applications.

InnoVEX: the Number of Participating Countries Hits a New High, and Demonstrating Global Innovation Momentum
This year’s InnoVEX, the startup exhibition area, saw the highest number of participating countries ever. In addition to the participation of new startups/teams, seven national pavilions and major acceleration and incubation units also took part. Startups displayed exceptional creativity, applying AI technology to diverse fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, sports, pets, and tourism. For instance, Pade Technology developed an intelligent sorting system using near-infrared spectroscopy and AI technology, while DeepRad.AI utilized AI to drive innovations in medical imaging. ASPN Sports Tech Accelerator and Garage+, Asia’s first sports technology innovation accelerator program, showcased AI applications in sports technology and data processing. Taiwan’s largest industrial accelerator, StarFab Accelerator, gathered startups dedicated to AIoT, 5G, XR, and other fields, highlighting Taiwan’s leading position in technological innovation.

InnoVEX also served as a competitive stage for global startup teams. This year’s InnoVEX startup competition first prize was awarded to Taiwan Polymer Material Company. Their “R-ESG-Rubber” can transform waste tires into high-activity, high-value recycled rubber materials, closely meeting the industry’s demand for sustainable recycling.

COMPUTEX Promoting Green Transformation with the First Sustainable Design Award and Adding Cross-Industry Cooperation to Make Technology More Humane
For the first time, the Sustainable Design Award was introduced at COMPUTEX. BenQ Qisda Group won the gold award, while ASUS and Acer tied for the silver award. Transcend Information and Wiwynn Corporation received the special jury award. Exhibitors integrated the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) concept into their booth designs and activities, seamlessly incorporating sustainability into the exhibition and promoting green transformation.

Technology creates unlimited possibilities. COMPUTEX 2024 showcased Taiwan’s hospitality spirit through diverse cross-industry cooperation. For example, the Sunnyhills Hospitality Lounge built to physical store specifications, provided hot tea and pineapple cakes to VIPs, demonstrating Taiwan’s welcoming spirit. The co-branded products of plain-me X Guaiguai garnered significant attention, allowing local and international VIPs to experience Guaiguai’s unique charm.

COMPUTEX 2025 will be held from May 20 to 23, 2025, continuing to expand the technology ecosystem with global technology manufacturers. For the latest information on the exhibition, please visit the official website

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Cooler Master Unveils MasterHUB



Reporting from Taipei, Taiwan: Cooler Master, a leading provider of PC components, gaming peripherals, and tech lifestyle solutions, has announced the MasterHub Stream Kit featured at Computex 2024.

The Stream Kit is the first of its kind with modular components that can be swapped and arranged to fit content creators’ varied needs.

New modules coming later this year mean MasterHUB will always be the perfect addition to video editors, sound designers, streamers and others who make their living in the world of content.

Key features and benefits of MasterHUB include:

  1. Base module: Featuring pogo pins for easy attachment and removal, as well as built-in magnets for a secure fit, the base module serves as MasterHUB’s foundation.
  2. Customizable keys: A 15-key IPS display module allows you to totally customize your control setup with macros, scenes, and more.
  3. Precision fader: A 5-setting fader module provides easy on-the-fly audio adjustment.
  4. Roller accessory: Scroll, zoom, and adjust with ease via the 2-part roller accessory.
  5. MasterHUB software: The MasterHub comes with its own dedicated software that allows for the seamless integration of apps, devices, and workflows, as well as a full suite of customization options.

MasterHUB offers the ultimate in flexibility and usability, jampacked with features and accessories to make sure content creators have everything they need for a personalized and effortless workflow. Make your dream setup a reality with MasterHUB.

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