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Review: Blueair Joy S



Blueair is known for its quality air purifiers. We recently reviewed the company’s Cabin Air P2i, an air purifier made specifically for cars, trucks and other vehicles. Today we are reviewing its new Joy S air purifier. This one is meant for use in homes and small offices.

The Joy S comes in five different colours that can match any kind of room decor.  The Joy S is designed for rooms up to 16 square meters. The device comes housed in a very attractive tower-like design that also boasts top notch build quality. While the enclosure of the device are made using metal, the top and the bottom parts of the Joy S are made of plastic.

It is not only whisper silent and energy efficient, but is also quite intuitive to use, thanks to its one-button speed control. The Blueair Joy S accompanies the HEPASilent filtration technology and is capable of a 200-cubic meter per hour CADR. The HEPASilent filtration technology uses a combination of electrostatic and mechanical processes to remove 99.97% of airborne pollutants, bacteria, viruses, allergens, micro-plastics, smoke, dust, pet dander and pollen – as small as 0.1 micron in size.

The Joy S also comes with an active carbon filter, which removes odours, gases, and VOCs. And since the Joy S  features a 360° air intake, it is fully efficient wherever you place it in the room. The Joy S consumes 1.5 watts of electricity, is whisper silent and can provide clear air in rooms of up to 16 square meters, every 12 minutes. 

The Blueair Joy S supplies purified air from the top, while it sucks air and pollutants in, through its porous cylindrical enclosure. The air filter can be accessed by opening up the Joy S – just turn the machine upside down, and you will see this little grip at the bottom. Hold it and twist it to open, and the base comes off, letting you access the filter. 

There are touch sensitive buttons on the Joy S – one for power button, while the other controls the speed of the fan. Once it starts up, the Joy S quickly gets to work by cleaning up the air around you. However since the Joy S does not come with a display or the ability to pair with a smartphone app, it might be difficult to tell the effectiveness of the device.

Blueair does sell an air quality monitor separately that lets you check the quality of the air around you. This unit monitors indoor air quality and senses particles and VOCs while sending updates in real-time to your smartphone. However, this is an additional expense, since it costs around AED 699. The company provided us with an air quality monitor to test out the actual performance of the Blueair Joy S.

Having used a Blueair product in recent times – the Cabin Air P2i – I am glad to report that the Blueair Joy S really did its job. To test this device out, we lit some bakhoor oud chips in a bakhoor burner. For those uninitiated, bakhoor oud chips are essentially oud incense chips which emit heavy smoke when burnt. These are used to spread fragrance around the house during special occasions.

We lit some bakhoor oud chips in a room, closed the windows, and switched the AC off. Once the room was engulfed in smoke, we switched on the Blueair Joy S and let it do its job. After the initial 30 minutes, we started seeing some results – the smoke started clearing off. In the next 45 minutes the room was cleared off smoke, though the smell of the bakhoor oud remained. In real world tests, the Blueair Joy S took a little more than an hour to clear a room full of smoke.

Though the Blueair Joy S did its job, it would have been better if it came with a display or an app that connects to your smartphone to update the quality of air around you. For an asking price of AED 699, the Blueair Joy S is a good buy, especially if you have little kids at home and you want the air around them filtered.

Price: AED 699

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EROS Launches its new In-House Electronics Brand Krome



EROS Group has launched Krome, its in-house home appliances brand. According to the company, “Krome seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design aesthetics. With over 56 years of industry expertise, EROS Group leverages its deep understanding of consumer needs to bridge the gap for UAE residents, delivering a brand that resonates with their aspirations and desires.”

Krome’s debut lineup includes refrigerators, cookers, water dispensers, gas stoves, and air conditioners. “Drawing from EROS Group’s extensive 56-year journey in the electronics and home appliances sector, Krome reflects our deep understanding of the preferences and needs of UAE residents. It is a purposeful creation tailored to meet the distinctive requirements and aspirations of our community,” stated Mohammed Badri, Director of EROS Group.

Krome products are available across EROS stores in the UAE, on,, and at selected retailers and dealers across the UAE. “Our online platforms provide a convenient and user-friendly experience for customers to explore and purchase Krome appliances. We are very careful in putting together a very well-curated collection of home appliances that are suited perfectly to match the needs of UAE customers,” added Badri.

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Samsung Intros Family Hub and SmartThings Energy for Next-Gen Connected Living



Samsung Gulf Electronics unveiled the groundbreaking features of the Family Hub Refrigerator, marking a new era in connected and sustainable living, during an exclusive event at Akira Back in Dubai. The refrigerator is equipped with cutting-edge technology, designed to enhance connectivity and entertainment for families right in their kitchens. With AI features that automate meal planning and other daily tasks to deliver a more personalised experience, the Family Hub refrigerator is the industry’s smartest fridge and the future of connected homes. Through the SmartThings App, the Family Hub seamlessly links various smart devices, allowing users to turn the linked devices on/off, adjust settings, coordinate activities, and limit power usage. Moreover, users can listen to music, watch TV, and easily share pictures, videos and handwritten notes among family members right from the fridge’s screen.

DooHee Lee, President of Samsung Gulf Electronics, said, “At Samsung, we believe that connected home technology can transform lives and make them more convenient, connected, and sustainable. With the Family Hub refrigerator, we are transforming the kitchen into a shared, connected experience that goes beyond preparing meals into the new epicentre for the smart home. We have also worked with partners to bring even more experiences directly on the appliance, including online shopping, food recipes, home security and more.”

The Family Hub refrigerator, equipped with 22 apps, revolutionises smart living, offering users a comprehensive home view. The SmartThings Video widget facilitates easy front door monitoring and access to multiple security cameras for a seamless household overview. Enhanced by AI image recognition, the View Inside internal camera lets users check fridge contents on key shelves via their smartphone or home screen. It streamlines shopping by displaying items without opening the door. Users can tag expiration dates, create lists, and set reminders.

Chef Giovanni Ledon at the launch of SmartThings Energy

The Samsung Food app simplifies cooking with over 10,000 recipes across 32 cuisines, leveraging Food AI technology. The Smart Recipes feature provides a personalised weekly meal planner based on user preferences and fridge contents. Transforming the kitchen atmosphere, the Family Hub refrigerator functions as a virtual jukebox with a 25W speaker. Doubling as a multimedia hub, it mirrors content from Samsung Smart TVs and phones onto its touchscreen. With connectivity for up to 6 screens, users can sync calendars, prepare briefs, stay informed, and effortlessly share media and notes, creating entertaining and connected kitchen experiences.

Samsung also demonstrated how its innovations enable a sustainable, connected future as the world gathers in Dubai for the COP28 climate conference. At the event, Samsung highlighted how its SmartThings Energy platform facilitates a transformative approach to energy conservation, highlighting its potential to bring positive changes to UAE homes by significantly reducing costs and improving quality of life.

SmartThings Energy is a new tool within the SmartThings app that allows consumers to take control of their energy consumption with monitoring, target-setting, and notifications of their Samsung appliances and HVAC systems. The ‘AI Energy Mode’ within the app employs artificial intelligence to optimise energy usage in Samsung products, enabling up to 70% in energy savings.

Advanced algorithms in SmartThings Energy can weigh laundry loads, set defrost cycles, estimate electricity bills, and detect open refrigerator doors or room temperature changes, empowering users to cut costs and reduce consumption. SmartThings Energy is the first platform of its kind to earn ENERGY STAR certification for a Smart Home Energy Management System from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“As discussions continue at COP28, Samsung is proud of our contributions to a more sustainable future for the region. We’re committed to developing eco-conscious products that help our customers conserve energy and build a more sustainable future for their families. From the ENERGY STAR ratings in many of our products to home appliances globally recognised for meeting the most rigorous energy-efficiency standards, we strive to deliver technologies that consumers can confidently use to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. We are empowering our customers with smart home solutions that are not only innovative but also responsible towards the environment by enabling them to monitor and control their home’s energy consumption and receive tips on how to save energy and money,” President Lee added.

Samsung works with smart home and IoT device manufacturing partners like Aqara and technology integrators such as iSmartHome to craft the ultimate connected home that is safe, personalised and sustainable. The company demonstrated how the Phillips Hue smart lighting, ABB remote-controlled curtains and intelligent AC systems connect with Samsung SmartThings to elevate users’ lifestyles. The entire ecosystem is managed through a simplified interface on the Smart Hub, the new epicentre for the smart home.

SmartThings aligns with the increased interest in smart homes among UAE residents and, more broadly, with the UAE’s vision for Smart Cities. By connecting various devices and appliances throughout the house, Samsung demonstrates how users can create a smart, sustainable lifestyle tailored to their needs. The Smart Home market in the UAE is poised to achieve a robust yearly growth rate of 11.13%, projecting a market volume of $113.8 million by 2028. Today, Samsung has 2.3 million registered SmartThings users in the UAE alone.  The trends reflect a surge in the demand for smart home technology, propelled by the nation’s emphasis on innovation and luxury living. Through SmartThings, Samsung enables new experiences, healthier living, better entertainment, and more sustainable lifestyles.

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Dyson Opens New Store in City Centre Mirdif



Dyson has announced the grand opening of its latest demo store in the popular City Centre Mirdif mall in Dubai. The new immersive store is a hub of innovation and commitment to technology, displaying the company’s full portfolio of products and helping customers discover and better understand how Dyson technology works.

The City Centre Mirdif Dyson demo store provides an immersive experience with its unique styling room. This is a private space where customers can feel comfortable trying any of Dyson’s haircare technology, such as the Dyson Corrale cordless hair straightener, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, and the Dyson Airwrap multi-styler. Technology lovers can seek advice from the Dyson experts on hand and explore the brand’s iconic haircare collection with ease.

Visitors can shop Dyson’s innovations across all main product ranges – Floor Care, Environmental Care, Hair Care, and Wearables with the new audio range featuring the Dyson Zone. The store allows for interactive demonstrations that bring to life the science at the core of Dyson technology. The store features a space to test Dyson’s high-performing cordless vacuums and its range of intelligent, connected air purifiers, offering customers the ultimate ‘try-before-you-buy’ retail experience.

By buying directly from the Dyson store, shoppers have the chance to personalise the case of their haircare products, as well as gift wrap their purchases with exclusive Dyson-branded wrapping paper free of charge. The City Centre Mirdif demo store, located on the first floor in the home appliance area of the mall, joins Dyson’s Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall demo stores, as well as several Dyson demo zones in the UAE. These include The Galleria, Yas Mall, and Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi, and City Centre Al Zahia in Sharjah.

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