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Watch: Setting up the Synology Disk Station Manager (DSM)



DiskStation Manager (DSM) is an intuitive web-based operating system for every Synology NAS, designed to help you manage your digital assets across home and office. Check out the video below to learn how to install and setup Synology’s Disk Station Manager (DSM):

In Part 1 of this series, we showed you how to set up and configure the Synology DS918+ NAS drive. If you have not watched that video, check it out below:

If you require help with selecting the right RAID configuration for your DSM setup, go here to access the Synology RAID Calculator:

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Synology Launches DS723+ at CES 2023



Synology has launched DS723+, the latest entry in Synology’s line of DiskStation Network Attached Storage (NAS) units. Powered by the Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, it delivers comprehensive solutions to protect and manage data, easily collaborate on documents, access files remotely, and monitor physical assets, all within a compact desktop format.

The DS723+ is the latest entry into the “+” series of Synology’s desktop NAS units, and the first 2-bay Synology NAS to be upgradeable with 10GbE networking. The DS723+ can also be easily scaled using a DX517 expansion unit, increasing the total capacity to ten storage drives. Upgraded networking and added NVMe drives allow the user to achieve up to 10GbE, and up to 465/228 MB/s read/write speeds. Additionally, Synology’s streamlined backup and encryption software tools are included with the hardware.

Powerful protection that goes beyond data:

  • Data and Photo Back Up – The DS723+ provides a compact, subscription-free way to back up crucial data. Whether it is video files, irreplaceable family photos, or tax records, the DS723+ has a host of license and subscription-free backup applications that will allow users to make sure vital data stays protected.
  • Local storage with the benefits of the cloud – The DS723+ allows users to make use of high-performance local storage while simultaneously reducing their local storage footprint using hybrid cloud technology. Synology Hybrid Share efficiently stores cold data in the cloud while keeping frequently accessed files cached on the device and accessible at LAN speeds up to 10 gigabits per second.
  • Surveillance Station – The DS723+ can be used as a full-fledged video management system with full local data ownership. Synology’s home security solution allows users to set up a safe, secure, and subscription-free home security network. Instead of trusting cloud-based systems to securely transfer footage out of your home, Surveillance Station stores the footage on a local device.
  • Safe and Secure Sharing – By storing important data and photos locally users have direct control over who accesses it. Large cloud storage platforms are a prime target for bad actors trying to get into sensitive documents. With a Synology NAS, users can add tangible layers of security to keep important data safe and share documents securely with the click of a button.
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Synology Launches DiskStation DS923+ for Small Businesses and Home Offices



Synology has announced the new 4-bay Synology DiskStation DS923+, the latest in its Plus line of all-in-one storage devices for home office and small business users. Powered by the versatile Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, the DS923+ delivers comprehensive solutions to protect and manage business data, easily collaborate on documents, access files remotely, and monitor physical assets, all within a compact desktop format. It offers consistent performance out of the box, with the option to easily upgrade networking and further boost data transfer speeds through network cards.

“The DS923+ provides users with impressive performance and capability for its size,” said Michael Wang, Product Manager at Synology. “With the ability to easily scale the storage and networking, it adapts as your needs grow.” The DS923+ can function as the primary storage and data protection solution for homes and small offices, or as an edge node for multi-site deployments.

Capable of storing over 50 TB across its compact 4-bay setup, it can easily be scaled to accommodate over 120 TB across 9 drives with a DX517 expansion unit. Users can further boost performance by upgrading to 10GbE networking and by adding M.2 NVMe SSD drives through the built-in PCIe slot to enable fast caching or create additional all-flash storage pools.

For teams working remotely and businesses operating across multiple locations, site-to-site file syncing enables content mirroring between Synology devices. Synology Drive delivers intuitive file management and sharing, combining convenient remote file access with privacy and 100% data ownership of on-premises storage.

The DS923+ allows users to make use of high-performance local storage while simultaneously reducing their footprint using hybrid cloud technology. Synology Hybrid Share efficiently stores cold data in the cloud and keeps frequently accessed files cached on the device for access at LAN speed.

Ensuring that critical or sensitive data is always protected against modern cybersecurity threats is essential to avoid irreversible loss of valuable information. Synology’s Active Backup Suite allows IT infrastructure, such as Windows and Linux systems, Hyper-V/VMware VMs, and Microsoft 365/Google Workspace accounts, to be safely backed up onto the DS923+ and easily restored when needed.

For increased redundancy, backups and point-in-time snapshots of data stored on the NAS can also be created and sent offsite to another server or cloud service. The device can also serve as a full-fledged video management system with full local data ownership. Synology’s Surveillance Station is a powerful VMS that is currently implemented in and protecting over 500,000 sites. Flexible ONVIF support and more than 8,300 validated IP cameras make deployment simple and easily suited to each location’s requirements.

Surveillance Station makes it easy to set up and manage up to 40 cameras with a modern and customizable interface. For larger or multiple building environments, the option to overlay floor plans and Google Maps or OpenStreetMap maps is available for maximum situational awareness. Important footage can be retained for increased resiliency with support for recording server backup, multi-device management, and even end-to-end encrypted, simultaneous dual recording to the Synology C2 cloud.

The Synology DS923+ is available starting today through Synology partners and resellers worldwide.

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Synology Launches DS1621+ 6-bay DiskStation NAS



Synology has launched its new 6-bay DiskStation NAS, the DS1621+, designed for high-performance data storage and management. A compact powerhouse, the DS1621+ enables content creators and businesses to store and protect large quantities of data effortlessly.

The new DS1621+ delivers:

  • 76% faster sequential write performance at up to 1.1 GB/s
  • 174% higher 4KB random read performance with 110K IOPS

The DS1621+ is by far the most powerful Plus series yet. Its quad-core AMD Ryzen processor features the next-generation “Zen” architecture, delivering over 2x more processing power. “Our customers, more than ever, are relying on Synology storage solutions to store and directly utilize critical data, whether for business or personal use,” said Hewitt Lee, Director of Synology Product Management Group. “DS1621+ is designed to be a versatile solution that empowers content creators and collectors by not only providing fast, reliable, and high-capacity storage, but also simplifying IT with effortless backups for PCs and virtual machines.”

Its dual M.2 2280 slots allow NVMe SSD caching to boost performance by 20x or more for commonly accessed data. The DS1621+ also supports an optional 10GbE NIC for faster network environments and more concurrent users.

“Whether you are a content creator, IT administrator, or just someone with plenty of files to store, the DS1621+ provides 6 drive bays, with expansion up to 16 bays using expansion units for truly large file libraries. Support for ECC memory and data integrity features built into the heart of the operating system, DiskStation Manager (DSM), means your data is in good hands,” the company said.

DSM comes with a variety of backup and restoration solutions that cover the most common situations. Snapshot Replication creates schedulable point-in-time recovery points, allowing easy ways to roll-back unintended file edits or even ransomware encryption. For additional off-site protection, Synology Hyper Backup enables simple, schedulable protection to keep your data backed up to Synology NAS, Synology C2 cloud storage, and other public cloud providers.

The DS1621+ can also be used to protect data from other sources. Active Backup for Business allows centralized backup from external infrastructure such as PCs, virtual machines, and Google G Suite and Microsoft 365 SaaS. Synology NAS is more than just storage. Utilizing DSM’s application ecosystem, the possibilities for data management are endless.

Want to take back control of your data? Synology Drive transforms the DS1621+ into a private cloud, with no recurring fees. Share your files across LAN environments, multiple sites, and intelliversioning lets users jump back in time to recover older file versions. Clients are available for mobile, desktop, web and other Synology NAS, allowing you more ways to access your data.

Catalog your pictures and videos in new ways with Synology Moments. Using machine learning algorithms, facial recognition, and geotag information, Moments automatically groups photos by person, location, and subjects. Built with collaboration in mind, users can edit alone, or share photos with others, allowing them to edit together. The companion mobile app enables effortless photo and video backup from your mobile devices.

DS1621+ is available immediately from Synology resellers and partners globally, together with an option for up to a 5-years warranty.

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