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How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Using Credit Card on Huobi?




Huobi is a leading global digital assets provider offering a safe and secure platform to trade in cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2013, the company services millions of customers in over 130 countries and is one of the most popular trading platforms.

In this article, we will explain step by step, how to start your cryptocurrency journey using your debit and credit card. Huobi’s platform allows cryptocurrency purchases for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC).

Create Your Account on Huobi

Step 1: Select the digital asset you want to buy.
Currently, with credit cards, you can only purchase BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC.

Step 2: Enter the amount of fiat money or the number of assets, and click “Buy”.
You can buy $50-$20,000 or the equivalent of digital assets at one time. The daily purchase limit is $20,000 and the monthly purchase limit is $50,000.

Step 3: Confirm that the order information is correct, agree to the exemption terms, and click “Pay now”.
Please note: The number of digital assets here is not the final number. The final number is based on the email sent by Simplex. If the price fluctuates more than ±2.5%, Simplex will reconfirm the order information with you.

**The following transaction process will take place on the Simplex client.

Step 4: Fill in personal information.

Step 5: Verification email and phone number (required only for the first time).

Step 6: Fill in credit card information.

Step 7: Complete ID verification following the guide (required only for the first time).

Step 8: Successful payment.
Check your mailbox for your order information, and you will receive the assets you purchased in 10 to 30 minutes (depending on blockchain congestion). If your payment is denied or you encounter other problems, please go to Simplex Support for help.

Step 9: View balances.
Click “Balances”. If the blockchain transfer is complete, you will view the assets you purchased in the Exchange Account.

Step 10: Start trading.
Click “Exchange”, select the trading pair, and start the crypto-crypto trading.

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Donald Trump Launches $99 Digital Trading Card NFTs



Former US President Donald Trump announced on Thursday that he has released a collection of 45,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), called the Trump Digital Trading Cards, on Truth Social, the social media site he founded last year. The tokens, which are similar to collectible baseball cards and are minted on Polygon, cost $99 each and can be purchased with ether (ETH) or in fiat currency. At the end of the checkout process, customers are given the option to purchase multiple trading cards.

There is also a promotion offering a guaranteed ticket to a gala dinner with Trump for purchasing 45 NFTs at once, which would cost $4455. Collectors who purchase a Trump Digital Trading Card will be entered into a “sweepstakes” to win experiences with the former president, including a zoom call, a dinner in Miami, or a cocktail hour at Mar-a-Lago. The trading cards have rarity traits ranging from one-of-a-kind to a maximum of 20 copies, according to the collection’s website. Despite previously stating that he was “not a fan” of cryptocurrency in July 2019, Trump appears to be enthusiastic about promoting his new NFT collection.

“GET YOUR CARDS NOW! Only $99 each! Would make a great Christmas gift. Don’t Wait. They will be gone, I believe, very quickly!” he wrote in a post on his platform. The collection’s website also features a promotional video from Trump, in which he says, “Each card comes with an automatic chance to win amazing prizes like dinner with me. I don’t know if it’s an amazing prize but it’s what we have.”

The project initially received criticism on Twitter, with some labeling the collection a “scam.” Others noted previous reports of his questionable 2020 campaign fundraising efforts and allegations of murky spending. Shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that entered into a proposed merger deal with Trump’s social media company, dropped by about 7% after the announcement of his NFT collection. This is President Trump’s first official NFT project, but his wife, Melania Trump, launched her own NFT collection called “Cobalt Blue Eyes” almost exactly a year ago.

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Ledger Launches the Ledger Stax



Ledger has teamed up with Tony Fadell, builder of the iPod1, to bring clarity and confidence to owning digital value. Ledger StaxTM is a usable way for you to take control of cryptocurrency and digital collectibles. It’s built on uncompromisingly secure architecture and introduces a unique form designed for unprecedented accessibility and interactivity.

Ledger Stax has a new E-Ink display, which covers the front and curves around the spine—you can view complete transaction details at a glance. E Ink is always viewable: your favorite art appears on the Ledger Stax screen, even when it is off. It also provides unmatched energy efficiency, so the battery can last for weeks or even months on one battery charge.

“With the Ledger NanoTM series, we created the most successful digital asset security hardware of all time—with more than 5 million sold and none ever hacked,” says Pascal Gauthier, CEO, and Chairman of Ledger. “Digital assets are increasingly about identity and digital ownership, not just crypto like Bitcoin. The time is now for a device for more mainstream users. At the same time, we must not compromise on security. This is Ledger Stax—secure and accessible.”

Tony Fadell designed Ledger Stax, in collaboration with Layer, as a credit card-sized device with integrated magnets, making them easily stackable, particularly for those who own multiple devices. The curved E Ink spine shows what’s inside, like a book on a shelf. Ledger Stax uses secure USB-C to connect to the comprehensive Ledger Live app on your laptop, and Bluetooth to connect to the Ledger Live Mobile app on your smartphone. It will utilize Ledger Connect, our upcoming crypto wallet extension, to connect to Web3 apps from anywhere. Ledger Stax also supports wireless Qi charging.

“Digging into Ledger’s proven security technology and trying all the ‘best’ hardware wallets out there convinced me to build a next-gen device with Pascal, Ian, and the amazing Ledger team,” says Tony Fadell, designer of Ledger Stax and Principal at Build Collective. “We need a user-friendly…no! A ‘user-delightful’ tool, to bring digital asset security to the rest of us, not just the geeks.”

The new user interface enables clear, intuitive interaction. Out of the box, Ledger Stax lets you manage your NFT collection and over 500 coins and assets. The touch interface empowers Ledger’s exceptional developer community to build innovative Web3 applications that are more accessible, with uncompromising security. Ledger Stax will be available in Q1 2023. You can pre-order today on In the future, it will also be available from select retailers such as BestBuy in the United States.

Every Ledger Stax includes an Infinity Pass, providing a free NFT and future benefits. Furthermore, a Ledger Stax NFT is available to mint on Ledger Market to unlock access to an exclusive piece of NFT artwork from Ledger’s network of hand-picked artists, and also redeem a Ledger Stax device. Ledger Market Genesis Pass holders have special mint priority for this mint.

“Tony Fadell has both the circuit board and the billboard in mind when he builds a product,” says Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger. “With Ledger Stax, we have made a device that is cool, beautiful, and fun. Together we have fused the uncompromising security and self-custody culture of Ledger, with the equally uncompromising user-experience-focused culture of Tony and his team. The result is the first true secure consumer hardware device for the revolution of value brought by blockchain technology.”

Dimensions: 85mm × 54mm × 6mm (credit card length and width)
Security: Ledger EAL 5+ certified secure element
Screen type: E Ink (up to 16 grays), customizable always-on lock screen, capacitive touch Screen resolution: 672 × 400 pixels
Weight: 45g
Connectivity: USB C, Bluetooth 5.2
Unique magnet array for easy stacking
Qi wireless charging

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Cryptoland Just Lost its $12 Million Bid to Buy Fiji Island for Resort



Widely mocked plans to establish a tropical haven for cryptocurrency enthusiasts have run into trouble after a contract to buy an island in Fiji for US$12m fell through:

A group of crypto-evangelists, led by Max Olivier and Helena Lopez, outlined plans for the island, Nananu-i-cake, in a lavishly animated YouTube video, featuring a wide-eyed crypto bro named Christopher landing by helicopter and being given a guided tour by a talking coin called Connie.

The full YouTube clip has been taken down, but cached copies show it touted the island as “an international hub for the community to come live, work and have fun and enjoy a first-class crypto lifestyle”, boasting “a complete ecosystem that represents the blooming crypto space” that was “a paradise made by crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts”.

Areas planned included Cryptoland Bay, Crypto Beach, House of Dao – a reference to decentralised autonomous organisations, a form of non-corporate structure promoted by crypto enthusiasts as an alternative to companies – and the members-only Vladimir Club, another crypto in-joke that refers to people who hold 0.01% of a given cryptocurrency.

Also on offer were 60 plots of land on what the video describes as “the Blockchain Hills” (Nananu-i-cake has only one hill). These were to be sold to “Cryptolander Kings” via non-fungible tokens – unique tokens that use the same blockchain technology underpinning cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

The project has been compared to the collapsed Fyre festival and the video was greeted with scoffing on social media.

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