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Protect Your Child’s Eye From Screen Time



We are in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic and many schools have instructed their teachers and students to continue learning through online initiatives. Having said all of that, children and technology are practically inseparable these days.

Whether it is for educational purposes or just fun, children are spending a good portion of their day on “screen time” — staring at the screens of computers and similar devices. However, children who spend multiple hours staring at digital devices are at risk of developing vision-related problems.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Your child’s eyes may feel fatigued, dry, and irritated by staring for long hours at the computer screen. And hence, your child could suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). But there is a solution to this problem. Other non-visual symptoms of computer vision syndrome include the neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Incorrect Posture

If your child is acustomed to using a computer for prolonged periods, it’s common to start slouching inward, rounding the back and shoulders, and then tilt the head back and jut the chin forward. This unnatural and incorrect posture can lead to many of the non-visual symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

Exposure to Blue Light
High-energy visible light called blue light is emitted by computer screens. Although the most significant source of blue light exposure is natural sunlight, many researchers and eye doctors are concerned that the added blue light exposure from computers might increase a person’s risk of age-related eye diseases like macular degeneration later in life.

We live in a digital world and extended screen time is quickly becoming the norm in our everyday lives. But it’s not realistic to think that children will stop using modern technology.

Hence, ASUS has developed Eye Care technology, which prevents CVS symptoms caused by prolonged computer use. With ASUS Eye Care technology, ASUS monitors to ensure a comfortable viewing experience while keeping your eyes healthy at the same time.

ASUS Eye Care Technology includes Blue Light Filter and Flicker-Free technologies in ASUS Monitors. The Blue Light Filter reduces blue light by up to 70 percent, and features four filter settings that can be easily accessed via the onscreen display menu.

The Flicker-Free technology, meanwhile, reduces flicker for a comfortable viewing experience. It helps minimise instances of eyestrain and other damaging ailments, and is beneficial for users who spend hours in front of a display.

How does blue light damage your eyes?

The cornea, situated at the front of the eye, is a transparent cover that protects your iris, pupil, and anterior chamber. Light passes through the cornea and pupil before the crystalline lens focuses it on the retina. High-energy blue-violet light in the narrow 415-455nm band is particularly damaging to eyes, in particular the lens and retina.

The blue band of the light spectrum yields more energy and can pass straight through your eye – resulting in myopia and macular degeneration. Blue light from monitors may cause eye damage, strains, headaches, and sleep disorders. Children are more susceptible to eye damage because their crystalline lens is less effective in filtering out blue-light, adding to the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

ASUS Ultra-low Blue Light Technology – Blue Light Filter

ASUS researchers have been hard at work trying to determine the right amount of blue light reduction for various tasks; the latest ASUS Low Blue Light Monitors feature a OSD menu that allows you to access four different Blue Light Filter settings onscreen:

Level 0 is standard mode

Level 1 is ideal for normal web browsing, and gives you excellent color reproduction for lifelike visuals, minimal color shift.

Level 2 is ideal when you’re viewing photos and videos, giving you a perfect balance of high image quality.

Level 3 gives you the look of real paper, making it ideal for long hours of reading or word processing.

Level 4 is ideal for environments with dim ambient light.

ASUS Flicker- Free Technology prevents you from monitor flickering

Flicker is caused by the rapid on/off cycle of the LED backlight as it tries to maintain the brightness of the display. Flicker is more noticeable when the display is set to low brightness settings. Flicker constantly bombards the human eye with a drastic change in brightness. These changes in the light sensitivity cause the pupil to expand and contract, thereby causing eye fatigue, strain and headaches.

ASUS Flicker-Free Technology
ASUS Flicker-Free technology uses Smart Dynamic Backlight Adjustment to reduce flicker for a comfortable viewing experience. Smart Dynamic Backlight Adjustment avoids low brightness levels that lead to high-speed LED backlight flashing.

Monitors with ASUS Flicker-Free technology protect you from eye fatigue, irritation and strains. This technology gives you flicker-free monitors so you work on spreadsheets, play games, or watch videos comfortably for hours on end.

How does a glossy screen affect your eyes?

Smooth, glossy surfaces tend to reflect light back directly and cause unwanted reflections and glare. These aren’t only annoying and distracting, but can be the source of eye strain and fatigue.

How does the ASUS A+ Anti-Glare panel help?

ASUS A+ Anti-Glare panel uses a rough matte surface to dissipate reflected light, making it easier for you to see what’s onscreen and reducing eye fatigue in the process. The panel effectively reduces reflections and glare in bright environments, be it under direct sunlight or those from fluorescent light bulbs.

ASUS Ergonomic Monitors designed for your comfort
Improper posture could lead to numbness in your fingers, headaches, and lower back, shoulder, or neck pains. In addition, having your monitor set at a wrong height or angle can strain your eyes.

ASUS monitors feature a smart ergonomic design with full tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustments to give you the ideal viewing position whether you’re surfing the net, viewing pictures or watching movies, or getting work done.

Check out these outstanding Eye Care monitors from Asus:

ASUS ZenScreen MB16AMT Touch USB Portable Monitor

The ASUS ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT is a 15.6-inch USB portable IPS monitor. It offers Full HD resolution, a 10-point Touch, Built-in Battery, Hybrid Signal Solution, USB Type-C, and Micro-HDMI connectivity. It is also compatible with laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, and cameras. Its foldable smart case can be turned into a stand to prop the monitor up in either portrait or landscape mode.

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ASUS ZenScreen GO MB16AP Portable USB Monitor

The ASUS ZenScreen GO MB16AP Portable USB Monitor is a 15.6-inch Full HD touchscreen portable monitor, which comes with built-in battery. It supports Hybrid Signal Solution and offers USB Type-C connectivity. It also Flicker Free and comes with a Blue Light Filter.

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ASUS VP228DE Eye Care Monitor

The ASUS VP228DE Eye Care Monitor is a 21.5 inch Full HD monitor. It is also Flicker Free and offers Blue Light Filter and Anti Glare features. It has a 100,000,000:1 high contrast ratio and SplendidPlus Video Intelligence Technology for optimized visual quality. The monitor also supports ASUS-exclusive GamePlus, which provides Crosshair and Timer function for better gaming experience. 

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ASUS VT229H Touch Monitor

The ASUS VT229H Touch Monitor is a 21.5 inch FHD monitor, offering 10-point Touch. It comes with an IPS panel and offers 178° Wide Viewing Angle. It is also Frameless, Flicker free and offers Low Blue Light. It connects using the HDMI port and is Windows 10 compliant.

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ASUS VP228HE Gaming Monitor

TheASUS VP228HE Gaming Monitor is a Wide Screen monitor offering 21.5-inches of display real estate. It offers 16:9 aspect ratio, and offers a resolution of1920x1080 pixels. 

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ASUS VP248H Gaming Monitor

The ASUS VP248H Gaming Monitor is a 24 inch Full HD monitor that offers a response time of 1ms. It offers a refresh rate of 75Hz, supports Adaptive-Sync and comes with Low Blue Light filter and is Flicker Free. 

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ASUS VG275Q Console Gaming Monitor

The ASUS VG275Q Console Gaming Monitor is a 27-inch Full HD monitor offering a response rate of 1ms. It comes with the GameFast Input Technology and supports FreeSync.

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ASUS Designo MZ27AQ Ultraslim Monitor

The ASUS Designo MZ27AQ Ultraslim Monitor is a 27 inch, WQHD monitor. It comes with a Frameless and Ultraslim design. It also comes with  2.1 channel audio, Sub-woofer, and the audio is provided by Harman Kardon.

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ASUS Designo Curve MX34VQ

The ASUS Designo Curve MX34VQ Ultra-wide Curved Monitor is a 34-inch UWQHD monitor featuring a 1800R Curvature. It offers a refresh rate of 100Hz, is Frameless and comes packed with a built-in Qi Wireless Charger. It offers audio by Harman Kardon, and is part of the ASUS Eye Care monitors lineup, featuring TÜV Rheinland-certified Flicker-free and Low Blue Light technologies to ensure a comfortable viewing experience. The monitor offers a 178° wide-view angle in frameless design for edge-to-edge brilliance.

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ROG Swift PG258Q Gaming Monitor

The ROG Swift PG258Q Gaming Monitor is a 25 inch FHD monitor offering a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It supports a native refresh rate of 240Hz, offers a response time of 1ms and supports G-SYNC.

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Lenovo Launches New Desktop PCs and Monitors for the Hybrid-Working Society



Today, Lenovo announced a range of desktop PC and monitors designed for the evolving needs of an increasingly hybrid-working society. Unveiling the visually stunning Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 Gaming Monitor, the next generation of ThinkVision T32p-30, T34w-30, T24i-30, T32h-30, and S25e-30 commercial monitors, and Lenovo’s first Google Chrome Enterprise desktop, the ThinkCentre M60q Chromebox Enterprise, Lenovo continues to deliver on its vision of enabling smarter technology for all. Each of its new devices benefits both in-office and remote users alike.

In February of this year, Gallup data showed that nearly 42% of Americans had a hybrid work schedule while 39% worked entirely from home. Consider that alongside the 72% of organizations around the world that stated in a recent Buffer study that they plan on permanently allowing some amount of remote work, it’s clear that remote work is no longer considered the exception, but will increasingly be accepted as the rule. As people continue to spend more time in front of their screens, there is a need for elevated products that offer more than face-value benefits. Lenovo’s latest portfolio spotlights features that keep the wellness of the user in mind and enable productivity and efficiency

Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 Gaming Monitor
For the gamer by night, and remote worker by day – meet the new Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 Gaming Monitor. Featuring a 31.5-inch UHD display with a 144Hz refresh rate and 0.2ms response time, this powerful monitor is designed for razor-sharp, blur-free visuals, rendering each frame near-instantly so that users can keep up with the action.

Gamers, graphic designers, and content creators alike will delight in the breathtaking 4K visuals and rich colors emanating from the near-edgeless panel, resting easier knowing they have Eyesafe Certified 2.0 blue light protection. As day turns to night – and vice versa – an auto-ambient brightness sensor adjusts the screen for optimized viewing.

Adding to the immersive experience, the monitor can be set to emit smart RGB lighting from underneath the front bezel, dynamically pulsing through colors in step with the on-screen action in real time, creating a true gaming atmosphere right at home. For the ultimate multi-tasker, multiple ports, including an HDMI hookup, and the USB-C docking solution allow users to easily connect, charge and transfer data between laptop computers, mobile devices, and gaming consoles. Easily jump from one device to the next by simply pressing the KVM switch, while the Picture in Picture (PIP) and Picture by Picture (PBP) function place content from the separate devices side-by-side so users can get more done.

The overall PC experience can be personalized even further through optional, downloadable Lenovo software offerings, including Lenovo Artery which allows users to customize display settings for a more optimized experience, and Lenovo Legion Arena which consolidates all of a user’s games across platforms into a central library for a quick and easy launch.

New ThinkVision Monitors (T32p-30, T34w-30, S25e-30, T24i-30, and T32h-30)
Adding to its comprehensive collection of display options, Lenovo introduced a range of next-generation monitors within its ThinkVision S- and T-series portfolios: the ThinkVision T32p-30, T34w-30, S25e-30, T24i-30, and T32h-30 monitors. Designed to support knowledge workers across industries with a spectrum of features made to maximize both productivity and comfort, these monitors are primed to address today’s modern working needs while offering users a buffet of options to choose from, based on their specific needs.

When a large display option is desired, the new ThinkVision T32p-30 offers a vast 31.5-inch 4K UHD resolution display with In-Plane Switching (IPS) for optimized viewing from any angle. Delivering incredibly sharp image quality backed by a 99% sRGB color gamut, high contrast ratio, and 350 nits of brightness, users will have the picture clarity they need to handle data-heavy work, making viewing large spreadsheets, image-loaded dashboards, and content editing a breeze.

With a three-sided borderless design, this wide, flat monitor makes it easy to switch between multiple documents and offers a seamless, more productive viewing experience in a multi-screen setup. For those who prefer to see even more with each glance, the ThinkVision T34w-30 is a 34-inch WQHD curved display with a 21:9 aspect ratio and 1500R curvature, delivering a panoramic experience with consistent focal length across the screen.

Productivity-driving features are abundant across these next-generation monitors. For enhanced efficiency, both monitors offer a single USB Type-C cable solution that serves as a fast charger while also freeing up the remaining ports – including HDMI, DP, and Ethernet – for other accessories and interfaces. Additionally, the dedicated USB Type-A port on the top of the monitor accommodates the ThinkVision VoIP Modular Stack that was announced in January 2022, enabling a cableless webcam and/or soundbar connection for a seamless web conferencing experience at home or in the office. To reduce tech clutter and preserve a cleaner desk, both monitors feature an open-slot phone or tablet holder, a hollow shaft for clean cable management, and VESA mount compatibility with a quick-release function for easy dismounting.

Targeting the small to mid-sized business (SMB) user, the ThinkVision S25e-30 monitor combines performance, comfort, and value in a larger 24.5-inch FHD display with a 1920×1080 resolution, 99% sRGB color gamut, and 75Hz refresh rate for fluid browsing. Its three-sided, near-edgeless design and multiple connectivity options via VGA, HDMI 1.4, and 3.5 mm audio out ports enable the ThinkVision S25e-30 to quickly connect to external devices, including multiple screens for added productivity.

Featuring elements of the same design updates as the other new monitors announced today, the new ThinkVision T24i-30 and T32h-30 round out this comprehensive portfolio of new displays. Accommodating multiple connected devices and accessories, the next-generation ThinkVision T24i-30 is a 23.8-inch FHD display with IPS for wide viewing, also offering extensive connectivity options, including VGA, HDMI, DP, and a four-port USB hub. Great for day-to-day work, the ThinkVision T32h-30 is a 31.5-inch QHD display with an RJ45 ethernet port for better network security, and a USB-C monitor docking solution, offering efficient connectivity via a single cord.

Lenovo Legion and ThinkVision Monitors
From eye health and ergonomics to the use of responsible packaging, the recent updates made to these monitors highlight Lenovo’s attention to purposeful design both for people and the planet. Each is built with 85% post-consumer recycled content (PCC) ABS in the bezel, back cover, stand, and base cover, and is shipped with packaging designed to help support the environment. To address increased screen time, natural low blue light technology is built in, helping to prevent eye fatigue by reducing harmful blue light emissions without compromising on color.

New to this generation of monitors resulting from customer feedback is a joystick navigation button accessibly positioned on the lower backside of the monitor, allowing users to easily configure their display settings from a single source without having to use multiple buttons. Each monitor also features stands that easily tilt forward and back so users can select their ideal viewing angle.

However, the new ThinkVision T-series monitors and Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 include ergonomically advanced stands that also swivel, pivot, and lift up and down, offering users the flexibility to adjust it to their most comfortable working posture. Should technical assistance be needed, companies can also purchase Lenovo Premier Support for their ThinkVision monitors, an advanced-level hardware and software support solution designed to meet the demands of Lenovo’s business customers remotely.

ThinkCentre M60q Chromebox Enterprise
Designed for the modern workforce, the ThinkCentre M60q Chromebox Enterprise expands on Lenovo’s ThinkCentre “Tiny” desktop portfolio to deliver ChromeOS computing in a compact, yet versatile, 1L chassis. Easily mountable on the back of monitors, walls, or even mobile carts when a more portable in-office experience is needed, this tiny, versatile device is more than meets the eye.

With the power of up to 12th Generation Intel Core i5 processors, secure ChromeOS operating system, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) integration, and multi-screen support of up to four monitors, the ThinkCentre M60q Chromebox Enterprise is engineered for heavy workload productivity – whether in the office, at a kiosk, or remote. Users will be able to get more done thanks to its quick boot functionality, speedy Wi-Fi  6E connectivity, and seamless access to productivity and video conferencing apps.

As a Chromebox Enterprise device, this desktop enables IT, teams, to deploy, better secure, and seamlessly manage their cloud workplace from anywhere. Additionally, without the need for imaging, zero-touch deployments can be executed quickly and remotely to get new devices up and running no matter where they are located, making it great for self-service kiosks, digital signage needs, in frontline environments like healthcare and call centers, or even for knowledge workers in financial services. Organizations that don’t require these enterprise-specific features or device orchestration can also opt for the ThinkCentre M60q Chromebox, identical in every way minus the Google Chromebook Enterprise Upgrade management.

Combining Lenovo ThinkShield and the Google-designed Titan C security chip, the ThinkCentre M60q Chromebox Enterprise delivers a built-in, enhanced security experience with added features like safe browsing, sandboxing, data encryption, and verified boot to add peace of mind when needed. Additionally, routine software and security updates occur automatically in the background without disrupting users, minimizing distractions. Organizations can further reduce downtime should issues arise by adding Lenovo Premier Support. Going beyond break-fix repairs, this advanced support service can also deliver next-business-day replacements.

All of the products announced today can be purchased as part of a Lenovo TruScale Device as a Service (DaaS) solution to give employees the user experience they want and the support they need with the latest technology, software, and services all under one contract. TruScale DaaS offers organizations the flexibility to scale their IT capabilities in line with their evolving business demands, regardless of where employees are located.

The Lenovo Legion Y32p-30 Gaming Monitor will start at €999 (including VAT) and is expected to be available starting in January 2023. The ThinkVision T32p-30 Monitor will start at €669 (including VAT) and is expected to be available starting in January 2023. The ThinkVision T34w-30 Monitor will start at €699 (including VAT) and is expected to be available starting in January 2023.

The ThinkVision S25e-30 Monitor will start at €169 (including VAT) and is expected to be available starting in January 2023. The ThinkVision T32h-30 Monitor will start at €549 (including VAT) and is expected to be available starting in January 2023. The ThinkVision T24i-30 Monitor will start at €249 (including VAT) and is expected to be available starting in December 2022. The ThinkCentre M60q Chromebox Enterprise will start at €299 (including VAT) and is expected to be available starting in December 2022.

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CORSAIR Launches 45-inch Bendable OLED Gaming Monitor



CORSAIR has launched the new XENEON FLEX 45WQHD240 OLED Gaming Monitor, a flagship bendable gaming monitor created in close partnership with LG Display. Boasting the latest in W-OLED technology, the XENEON FLEX OLED offers phenomenal image quality, excellent black levels, and response times, with the ability for enthusiasts to manually adjust the curvature of its 45in 21:9 aspect ratio panel.

From fully flat for strategy or productivity applications to an immersive 800R curve for simulations and shooter games, and anywhere in between, users can adjust the display to match their content in seconds. Combined with cutting-edge gaming panel performance, the XENEON FLEX OLED is a true game changer for performance gaming monitors.

XENEON FLEX OLED’s 45-inch screen and 3,440×1440 resolution (21:9 aspect ratio), offer a stunning cinematic display experience that’s ideally suited whether you’re gaming, working, or enjoying a movie. This combination of screen size and aspect ratio results in 20% more screen area than a 49in 32:9 ultrawide and 81% more screen area than a 34in 21:9 ultrawide. Finished with a specially formulated anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and reflections, XENEON FLEX OLED is built from the ground up to be an immersive gaming monitor, equipped with LG Display’s protective Low Blue Light technology to help reduce eye strain even when viewed all day.

With  LG W-OLED latest display technology, XENEON FLEX’s self-lit OLED pixels deliver peak brightness up to 1000nit, with a 1,350,000:1 contrast ratio ensuring that images are as true to life and accurate as possible. A rapid 0.03ms GtG response time, 0.01ms Pixel on/off time, and up to 240Hz refresh rate all but eliminate motion blur, creating a no-compromise gaming experience that’s fully compatible with both NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync Premium adaptive sync standards.

To help protect the display, XENEON FLEX OLED boasts a sophisticated burn-in prevention system that operates when both powered on, and when switched off, to ensure a flawless image even after extended UI or OS use, all backed by a three-year Zero Burn-in and Zero Dead Pixel Warranty.

“We challenged ourselves to create a game-changing display that delivers an incredible and customizable experience, and I think we’ve achieved that goal and more,” said Dennis Jackson, Senior Director of Systems Product Management & Marketing and CORSAIR. “With the help of LG Display, XENEON OLED FLEX is the beginning of a whole new class of gaming monitor, with the performance and literal flexibility to exceed the needs of even the most discerning gamers.”

“CORSAIR is a fantastic partner with which to bring flexible W-OLED displays to gamers,” Said Mina Lee, Gaming Strategy & Marketing Team Leader at LG Display. “We can’t wait to put this new class of gaming display in the hands of PC enthusiasts.”

The XENEON FLEX 45WQHD240 OLED Gaming Monitor will be demonstrated live at Gamescom 2022 this week, with further details of launch, availability, and final specifications coming later in 2022.

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HP Launches PCs, Display, Streaming Webcams, and Enhanced Services at its Amplify Executive Forum in Dubai



At HP Amplify Executive Forum, HP’s annual partner roadshow, the company announced new devices and solutions to help people thrive in their hybrid work environments. “Work habits and the expectations around work-life balance have changed significantly over the past few years. People want the flexibility to collaborate and create wherever they need to be, and the technology they use is fundamental,” said Guayente Sanmartin, General Manager and Global Head, Commercial Systems & Displays Solutions, HP Inc. “HP is in an excellent position to deliver innovative experiences through hardware, software, and services to support the work transformation happening today.”

With nearly half of workers having at least some flexibility in where they work in 2023, it’s critical for people to have the right technology to make personal connections and meaningful contributions while having an equal seat at the table. They want devices with personalized experiences that enable them to securely collaborate, create, and be productive no matter where they get work done.

HP continues its commitment to providing the right tools for the ultimate work experience. New PCs include the HP Dragonfly Folio G3 – the hybrid-ready convertible PC for business, and the HP 34” All-in-One Desktop PC – a creative powerhouse that offers users a studio-like experience with support for dual video streams and camera switching. The new HP Z32k G3 4K USB-C Display provides an unprecedented level of detail, while the new HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam delivers crystal clear video. Enhancements to HP Proactive Insights, empower IT to optimize the device experience for employees with the power of HP analytics.

HP Dragonfly Folio G3
HP continues to deliver premium experiences in its expanded Dragonfly portfolio. With a pull-forward design that seamlessly transitions from laptop to tablet, the HP Dragonfly Folio G3 empowers collaborative thinkers to create, capture, and share ideas whenever they strike.

The HP Dragonfly Folio G3 makes brainstorming and whiteboarding ideas a personalized experience with natural and intelligent inking with the HP Dragonfly Folio Pen. The pen magnetically attaches to the device, features three programmable buttons, and can wirelessly charge to 100% in 30 minutes. Users can unleash even more creativity by using their pen on the display of the HP Dragonfly Folio to ink on a secondary connected display with HP Indirect Inking.

Enhanced by HP Presence, the HP Dragonfly Folio G3 offers collaboration features for more productive and engaging video conferencing experiences. The 8MP camera ensures users show up naturally and the 100-degree field-of-view makes it easy for another teammate to join onscreen when collaborating in person. When users want to think on their feet, HP Auto Frame keeps them in the frame when they want to stand, stretch, or move around – perfect for days with back-to-back meetings. HP Dynamic Voice Leveling automatically adjusts voice volume to maintain consistency whether users are close or far from the microphone. When working remotely, users can worry less about background sounds with AI-based noise reduction that filters outbound and inbound noises. For added security, the HP Privacy Camera allows users to disable the webcam with the touch of a button.

Powered by Intel vPro with 12th Gen Intel Core processors, the HP Dragonfly Folio G3 can handle resource-intensive projects and demanding business applications with ease. For increased performance, it features upgraded memory with LPDDR5 up to 32GB and storage up to 2TB. A new thermal solution optimizes PC performance without adding significant weight or thickness. The new HP Auto Screen Dimming5 features help conserve battery power for long work days.

HP Wolf Security for Business provides a resilient defense against malware and hacking, while new seamless firmware ensures a 50% reduction in update time and allows users to stay productive and continue working during BIOS and firmware updates. HP Privacy Alert lets users know when prying eyes are viewing their screen so they can quickly switch on the optional HP Sure View to blur the screen from unwanted eyes. When it comes to personalizing the mobile office experience, the myHP application provides a single dashboard to control and customize PC settings for excellent video, audio, and more.

HP 34” All-in-One Desktop PC
75% of end users today believe video quality matters for their job success. Combining powerful, easy-to-use technology with an impressive design, the new HP 34” All-in-One Desktop PC creates a studio-like experience with support for dual video streams and camera switching, so you can show yourself and your work at the same time.

The HP 34” All-in-One Desktop PC allows users to move the detachable, magnetic 16MP (4MP Binned) camera to multiple positions on the screen bezel to find the best field of view. Users can even point the camera towards their desk so they can share hand-written notes or documents live on video calls. The high-resolution camera, together with new software, HP Keystone Correction, will automatically crop and flatten the image of the camera feed, creating a crisp, digital image of pages or a whiteboard to share in real time. When users need a break during video conference calls, the HP Be Right Back feature lets them change their video feed to a still picture.

A creative powerhouse, the HP 34” All-in-One Desktop PC delivers an immersive experience with an uncompromising 34-inch diagonal 5K display with a 21:9 aspect so you can fit more work into your imaginative process. Users can experience deeper pictures and vibrant colors with a 5K WUHD (5120×2160) display and reduce blue light wave exposure with the TÜV certified HP Eye Ease low blue light panel. As the world’s most powerful commercial All-in-One PC, users can take on big projects utilizing multiple applications with Intel vPro with 12th Gen Intel processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics. The PC grows with the user with upgradeable storage and memory up to 128GB DDR5.

HP Z32k G3 4K​USB-C Display​
The HP Z32k G3 4K USB-C Display, the world’s first IPS Black display with Thunderbolt 4 technology, empowers creators and product developers to maximize their creative potential. Creators want an unprecedented level of detail, so it’s no surprise that 99% of creative pros and 90% of power users find color accuracy very important when purchasing a monitor. The latest Z performance monitor features IPS Black panel technology, which means deeper blacks, more vibrant colours, and a 98% P3 wide color range, all in 4K ultra-high resolution.

Providing twice the contrast ratio of a traditional IPS panel, creations come to life and what is seen on the screen matches the imagination of the creator or product developer. With additional features like single power on, KVM switch, and Thunderbolt 4 with the ability to daisy chain a second 4K monitor with a single cable, the Z32k G3 delivers multi-device creative workflow versatility, all in a single solution.

HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam
People want to make personal connections. With 73% of webcam users judging others based on video quality, and 75% judging others based on audio quality, the HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam empowers users to stream their most authentic selves. Enhanced by HP Presence, the webcam delivers crystal-clear video in up to 4K resolution, while AI face-framing and autofocus make it feel like users are in the room. User images and ideas stay vibrant with the 18mm F2.0 large lens and lowlight adjustment feature. Feel confident you are heard clearly with noise reduction and dual microphones. The webcam is also Zoom certified to deliver a superb conferencing experience with technologies designed to work seamlessly with Zoom.

HP Proactive Insights
HP Proactive Insights, provides IT with advanced AI and actionable insights to help optimize the device experience for employees. The latest enhancements to the device fleet management service enable IT professionals and managed service providers to create and execute an optimized device strategy in a hybrid work environment. With many customers planning to upgrade to Windows 11, IT teams or channel partners managing on their behalf can run a Windows 11 Readiness Assessment to plan and implement an insights-driven migration strategy for their existing PCs.

New, customizable analytics dashboards spot issues before they happen to help ensure the firmware is up to date and devices stay connected. The new Digital Experience Scorecard enables HP Partners and IT to quantify the device experience for employees with key insights into device health, performance, and security across the fleet so that they can identify opportunities for improvement.

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