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Watch: Here’s How to Get Popular Apps on Your HUAWEI P40 Pro



So you recently purchased the new HUAWEI P40 Pro and are now wondering how to get Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook and other popular apps on your smartphone. In this video, we will run you through the Top Apps and how you can download those through Huawei’s native AppGallery:

Huawei Phone Clone
If you are switching to the new Huawei P40 Pro from another smartphone, the simplest way of transferring your apps and other settings is using Huawei’s Phone Clone. Phone Clone is a convenient data migration application provided by Huawei. 

You can transfer apps, contacts, SMS, call logs, notes, recordings, calendar, photos, music, and so on, from your old phone to your new Huawei P40 Pro. The Phone Clone app also supports migration of data from both Android and iOS phones. To use it, all you need to do is access Phone Clone, select your old phone type and scan the QR code to begin migration of your apps and related data.

Huawei AppGallery
Another way of installing apps on your new Huawei P40 Pro is to use the Huawei AppGallery, the company’s very own app store. Today, AppGallery is one of the top three app marketplaces globally and it aggregates quality popular applications from around the world.

On the AppGallery, you will find applications from across 18 categories including lifestyle, travel, entertainment and more. You will also find the top ten favourite local apps in here – apps include banking apps, Dubai Police, Dubizzle, and so on. You also get all the latest apps on the AppGallery such as Snapchat, Totok and so on.

And if for some reason, you cannot find the app you are looking for, just add the name of the app into a ‘Wishlist’ and submit it. You will get a notification, the moment the app becomes available on AppGallery. All the apps you find on the AppGallery are optimised to integrate Huawei’s hardware and software capabilities for a seamless experience.

All of the apps available on the AppGallery go through a quality and security check, before they are listed on the platform. This means, the apps are secure, with app integrity verification, signature verification, threat detection, AI-enabled safeguards and other measures to prevent malicious tampering.

Huawei AppFinder
You can also use the AppFinder app from the Huawei AppGallery to install all the latest apps on your P40 Pro. The AppFinder uses third party services such as APKPure, APKMirror and so on, to deliver your favourite apps for your P40 Pro. Just install the AppFinder app from the AppGallery, fire it up, search for your favourite app and start downloading.

Quick Apps
With Huawei Mobile Services, you also get the fantastic Quick Apps feature. Quick Apps can be found from AppGallery, HiBoard, and HiSearch. Quick Apps open instantly and can be used without being installed. They can update automatically and take up minimum storage and these can be used and managed from the Huawei Quick App Center.

Quick Apps can do almost everything regular apps can do but don’t need to be installed, don’t use much space, and update automatically. In order to use Quick Apps, you need to go to AppGallery > Manager > Quick App manager >  Quick App Center. Here you can search for, access, and manage quick apps.

The Quick App Center can also be added to the home screen and after adding quick apps to the home screen, you can open them directly by touching the app icons. Quick App is designed to inspire more interactions, bringing users a convenient tap-to-use and installation-free digital experience for the 5G era.

Exclusive and Enhanced ToTok Experience
With the new Huawei P40 Series, you also get an exclusive and enhanced user experience on ToTok. You get AI-powered fun video calling features like Qmoji filters that add cute 3D Qmojis such as Panda, Rabbit, Monkey and so on. You also get Video Background filters that let you add city backgrounds that let you pretend to be on the streets of cities such as Paris, London, and so on, when you video call your friends.

The Portrait Filter lets you add beautification filters when you make HD video calls. The Movie filter lets you add cinema effects to your video calls with free zooming in and zooming out.

Huawei Mobile Services
The Huawei AppGallery, Huawei Browser, Huawei Mobile Cloud and Huawei Themes are part of the Huawei Mobile Services, which is available to users in over 170 countries and regions. The Huawei Browser provides high-speed Internet browsing, convenient searching, and comprehensive privacy protection for phone and tablet users. It also offers a Newsfeed that keeps you up to date with everything that’s happening in the world around you.

The Huawei Mobile Cloud, allows you to back up your data to a secure cloud. This prevents data loss if you lose your phone by allowing you to transfer your data to a new device anytime, anywhere. Huawei Themes offers tens of thousands of stylish themes, fonts, icons, locks screens and wallpapers that helps you personalise your Huawei phone. 

Through the Huawei Mobile Services Apps, the company offers a rich entertainment experience to its users by working together with global leading partners. Huawei also recently launched it Huawei Video Services to bring quality Arabic and global content to its users in the region.

Huawei Video can be viewed on Huawei smartphones and it launches with a library of more than 10,000 hours of Arabic content, millions of videos and over 10,000 of hours of global content

Through Huawei Video, you can get breaking news from BBC, trending videos from Dailymotion, thousands of hours of content from H+ Network and other dedicated channels like The Explorers, QelloConcerts, ToonGoggles, TVB and Mango TV. As part of HMS, you also get Huawei Music which provides high-quality and one-stop shop music experience.

Huawei Music offers a global mega music library, stations with various channels, running music to match your running speed and situation during workouts, party mode to set the party mood, and lots more. Huawei’s Member Center offers exclusive deals and services for Huawei users, allowing them to collect coupons, stay updated with the latest trends, and participate in various events. As a P40 Series user, you get exclusive offers through the Huawei Member Center.

Huawei ID
Since the P40 Series uses the Kirin chipset, with the AppGallery, you get on-device suggestions and decision-making, which is much more responsive and intelligent. In order to use Huawei Mobile Services, you need to sign up for a Huawei ID, the procedure for which is very quick. With the Huawei ID, data restoration and multiple device synchronisation become hassle-free.

This ensures important data on Huawei devices logged into with the same Huawei ID can be synchronised in real time, helping you to manage your data in a safer and easier way. In case you misplace your phone or if your device gets stolen, you can always use the “Find My Phone” feature in Huawei Mobile Cloud to search for it.

This feature has been launched along with the Huawei P40 series. With the “Find My Phone” feature, you have complete control over your personal data.

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UAE Entrepreneurs Launch Private Messaging App



UAE-based entrepreneurs have launched a private messaging app, which enables users to send voice and written messages that disappear as soon as they are sent, read, and played. “The application called Oh!Message, brings users back to the classical period of simple communications tools, but by using the best privacy-enhancing features, to be the first chat application with this high privacy developed in the ME region by Arab expertise,” said Mohammed Othman and Haian Nayouf, the makers of the app.

With this free app, the sent message will disappear from the sender’s account after 10 seconds if it is read by the recipient or not, and it will also disappear from the recipient’s account after 10 seconds of opening or playing it. The message will be destroyed completely within the application and will not be stored on the app servers. Each written message is limited to 100 characters while the audio message is 10 seconds.

“Oh!Message is end-to-end encrypted but it has also other features that make it the most private app among messaging apps,” said Engineer Mohammed Othman, Co-Founder and Chief of Technology at Oh!Message. “In this app, which is available in Apple and Android stores, the user doesn’t appear online while using it, and his/her location is not tracked.”

“The first period of the app launch is in the UAE, the Gulf region, and Arab countries,” said Haian Nayouf, Co-Founder and Chief of Communications at Oh!Message. “The UAE is the capital for talent, companies, and investments in the areas of digital and technical excellence globally, and this has greatly motivated us to work on this project in UAE, and the app is the first of its kind in the Arab world with these strong privacy features.”

The app is now available for both iOS and Android devices.

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Taiwan’s First International Streaming Platform Called Taiwan+ is Now Live



Taiwan Plus (Taiwan+), the first English-language international streaming platform of Taiwan, was unveiled by Vice President Lai Ching-te, Legislative Speaker You Si-kun, Culture Minister Lee Yung-te, Central News Agency (CNA) Chairman Liu Ka-shiang, Taiwan+ CEO Joanne Tsai, and H.E. Ambassador Jasmine E. Huggins of Embassy of Saint Christopher and Nevis at the National Taiwan Museum in Taipei on Aug. 30.

Targeting an English-speaking audience, Taiwan+ consists of media professionals from the U.S., the U.K, Canada, France, and Australia, as well as local industry professionals, who work collaboratively to deliver the latest news about Taiwan, international affairs, and covers a wide range of topics. The platform also sources stories from Taiwan’s public and private media organizations.

Golden Melody-award-winning singer Sanpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw opened the event with a music performance. Held with COVID-19 prevention measures in place, the event was joined by representatives including Izumi Hiroyasu from Japan, Jordan Reeves from Canada, Andrew Wylegala and Don Shapiro from the U.S., and Henry Chang and Giuseppe Izzo from Europe.

H.E. Ambassador Jasmine E. Huggins of the Embassy of Saint Christopher and Nevis in Taiwan said the international video platform is expected to connect Taiwan with the world. President Tsai Ing-wen expressed her pleasure to join the launch of Taiwan+ with a video message, saying “Taiwan+ is an exciting new initiative to tell Taiwan’s story. Generations of Taiwanese fought to transform this country into a vibrant democracy that protects freedom of speech and expression.”

Premier Su Tseng-chang wished the platform success. He stressed that Taiwan is a democratic and free country guided by the rule of law, and cares about universal values of human rights, freedom of speech, and diversity, noting that this is why many countries are willing to make friends and do business with Taiwan. Vice President Lai said, “I hope that the platform can be the starting point from which the world learns about what Taiwanese people think and want, what Taiwan is doing, and what we can contribute to the world.”

Legislative Speaker, You noted that, with China’s intimidation and political oppression against Taiwan, the establishment of Taiwan+ allows Taiwan to tell its stories to the world through its voices. Taiwan+, a project commissioned by the Ministry of Culture to the CNA, marks an important milestone in the country’s history of mass media, Minister Lee said. He expressed his gratitude to legislators and professionals for making this happen.

“I hope to make this platform a form of expansion, connection, and infinite possibilities, just like how Taiwan incorporates ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity, and introduce Taiwan to the world through dynamic storytelling and news,” said Tsai, a senior media professional with over 25 years of experience in international media outlets, such as NBC/CNBC, National Geographic, and Fox International Channels.

The content of Taiwan+ can be played on the Taiwan Plus app or viewed on its website and social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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“Selfdrive” Launches Smart Mobility App



Selfdrive, an entity of Pinewoods Tech Serve, has launched an all-in-one Smart Mobility App. The app is serving as a game-changer for the car rental space offering its users a seamless, reliable, and convenient mechanism to rent a car on demand. The cutting-edge mobile app provides direct access to dealership fleet to its users, allowing them to rent a car by the day, subscribe by the month, or lease a car up to 3 years, offering complete flexibility in booking duration.

The company to date has served over 50k customers and witnessed a 30% MoM growth in customer base in the past six months. The app is built on a proprietary tech foundation concept, Search – Select – Pay, that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to match customers’ profiles with the cars that they would like to drive, making the selection process and renting a car absolutely seamless experience.

This app is available to download on Android and iOS, which offers users the option to select from 65 different car models across 15 different car brands from 45 different locations in the UAE within three hours. Some of the key brands available to rent are Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Renault, Mazda, Infinity, Volkswagen (VW), BMW, and many more.

Speaking about the launch of its app, Soham Shah, CEO, and Co-Founder of Selfdrive said, “As one of the largest car rental service providers in the UAE, we strive to offer exceptional service to our customers every step of the way. We bring together exclusive offers on the app starting from AED 49 per day and AED 999 per month. That’s not all, with the launch of ‘Lease Pro’ in this app, users can now rent a brand new ‘Zero Km’ car under its 12 – 24 – 36 months subscription that would be exclusively registered on demand by the car dealer.”

“The smart mobility platform is a testament of our commitment to curate best deals on cars direct from the dealership, whilst making it possible for anyone to rent a car on demand and get it delivered too. This alleviates the hassle of going through multiple car rental agencies to find the best car models and rates on offer,” added Shah.

The Car rental market accounted for $86 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $131 billion by 2026, projecting a CAGR of about 7% during the forecast period. Selfdrive launched in 2017 is the UAE’s largest car rental tech platform that has crossed 2000 cars on road.

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