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Review: WD Black P10 Game Drive for Xbox One (3TB)



Remember when you thought a 128GB hard disk drive was more than enough for your storage requirements? Well, guess what? There’s never going to be “enough” storage space for all the data we produce each day, every minute. That especially is the case with gaming consoles.

With every game developer opting to digitally deliver games through online marketplaces, the demand for external storage devices has been ever increasing. For years, WD Black has had a strong legacy when it came to storage devices specifically designed for gaming purposes. The WD Black P10 Game Drive is no different.

If you are familiar with the colour coding used by Western Digital on its drives, you know that green is economical, blue is for everyday use, red is for storage arrays, and black is for performance.The WD Black P10 comes in two variants – the standard Game Drive, and the Game Drive for Xbox, made specifically for the Xbox One. While the standard Game Drive offers storage capacities of 2TB, 4TB and 5TB, the Game Drive for Xbox One offers storage capacities of 1TB, 3TB and 5TB. We received the 3TB version for test drive a couple of days ago.

Since the drive comes with 3TB of storage, you really do not need to delete old gaming titles in order to install and run newer titles. Inside the box, you get the WD Black P10 Game Drive, along with the warranty information and manual, and a USB Type-A to Micro-B cable. You also get a voucher that offers two months worth of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free.

On paper, the WD Black P10 Game Drive boasts up to 130MB/s read time. Well, it’s not as fast as an SSD, but pretty fast for a conventional USB 3.0 drive. The drive uses a 5,400 rpm spinning mechanical drive and the overall design and build quality is very good.

For gauging the real world performance of the WD Black P10 Game Drive for Xbox One, we ran it through the ATTO Disk Benchmark. The WD Black P10 clocked 127 MB/s in read speeds and and 112 MB/s in write speeds. We also performed random access performance test, which included copying a folder with 3.5GB worth of data inside it.

The 3.5GB data dump test folder included Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, images, movie files, MP3 files, WAV files, zipped files, text files and so on. It took about 43 seconds to transfer the files from the a MacBook Pro to the WD Black P10 Game Drive. And when transferring the same data from the WD Black P10 to the MacBook Pro, we clocked a little more than 32 seconds for the transfer to complete.

As you can see, performance is not an issue, especially since it is the WD Black breed of storage device. WD also offers 3 years of warranty, when compared with 1 year of warranty by competing storage devices. For a price of $110, the WD Black P10 Game Drive for Xbox One offers good bang for your buck.

Price: $110

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Review: GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro Midnight Wireless Controller



The gaming peripherals market is inundated with a plethora of controllers, each vying for attention with unique features and design elements. The GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro Midnight Wireless Controller is one such controller that promises to deliver a superior gaming experience. In this review, we’ll dive into its design, performance, features, and overall value to help you decide if it’s the right addition to your gaming arsenal.

Design and Build Quality
The GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro boasts an ergonomic and well-thought-out design. Its form factor is reminiscent of popular controllers such as the Xbox One, with symmetrically placed thumbsticks and a comfortable grip that accommodates various hand sizes. The controller feels solid in hand, striking a balance between sturdiness and weight.

It doesn’t feel like it’ll easily come apart even after intense gaming sessions. The controller offers tactile satisfaction thanks to its “5-million-click micro switches”, which, when coupled with the soft pads, make for a comfortable spamming experience that feels crisp yet still pretty cushioned. The dotted grip around the handles is a nice touch for those whose palms get sweaty during more intense sessions. The size of the controller is also comfortable for extended use.

The face of the controller features a standard layout with a D-pad on the left, four action buttons on the right, and two Hall Effect thumbsticks symmetrically positioned. These Hall Effect analogue triggers can effectively get rid of the dreaded stick drift. This technology offers zero dead zones and anti-drift performance, ensuring that your in-game actions are precise.

The controller also comes with extra features like being able to adjust vibration sensitivity and button mapping, which you can customise with the GameSir app. The buttons are responsive, providing a satisfying click with each press. The inclusion of textured grips on the thumbsticks enhances precision during gameplay, reducing the chances of accidental slips.

One standout feature is the programmable buttons located on the back of the controller. These can be customised to replicate any other button on the controller, providing an added layer of flexibility for gamers who want to optimise their control scheme for specific genres or gaming styles. The inclusion of these customisable buttons is a thoughtful touch that elevates the controller’s versatility.

Connectivity and Compatibility
The controller supports multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, and USB-C. This versatility allows users to connect the controller to a wide range of devices, from PCs and gaming consoles to smartphones and tablets. The seamless Bluetooth pairing process ensures a quick and hassle-free connection, while the 2.4GHz wireless mode minimises input lag for a responsive gaming experience.

The GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro is compatible with a variety of platforms, making it a versatile choice for gamers. Whether you’re a PC gamer, console enthusiast, or enjoy gaming on your mobile device, this controller aims to cater to your needs. The inclusion of a USB Type-C port for wired connectivity is a nice touch, offering a reliable alternative for situations where wireless connections might not be ideal.

The true test of any gaming controller lies in its performance, and the GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro does not disappoint. The controller features high-precision 6-axis gyro sensors, providing responsive and accurate motion controls. This is particularly beneficial for games that utilise motion input, adding an extra layer of immersion to the gaming experience.

The responsiveness of the buttons and triggers is commendable, offering a tactile and satisfying feel with each press. The analogue thumbsticks provide precise control over in-game movements, essential for genres such as first-person shooters and racing games. The controller’s performance is consistent across various gaming genres, making it a well-rounded choice for gamers with diverse preferences.

Battery Life
The GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro features a built-in rechargeable battery that provides ample gaming time on a single charge. The controller’s battery life is impressive, offering hours of uninterrupted gameplay before needing a recharge. The USB Type-C port ensures a quick and convenient charging process, and the controller can even be used while charging, eliminating downtime during extended gaming sessions.

Software and Customisation
To unlock the full potential of the GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro, users can leverage the GameSir app. This software provides a user-friendly interface for customising button mappings, adjusting sensitivity settings, and programming the back buttons. The app supports a wide range of games, ensuring compatibility with popular titles across different platforms.

The ability to save multiple profiles is a welcome feature for gamers who switch between various genres or gaming platforms. This flexibility allows users to create tailored profiles for specific games, optimizing the controller’s layout and performance for each gaming experience.

The GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro stands out as a versatile and feature-rich gaming controller that caters to a broad audience. Its ergonomic design, responsive controls, and customizable features make it a strong contender in the competitive gaming peripherals market. The integration of motion controls, programmable buttons, and a built-in phone holder enhances its appeal, offering a comprehensive solution for gamers across different platforms.

Whether you’re a PC gamer, console enthusiast, or mobile gamer, the GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro’s wide compatibility ensures that it can seamlessly integrate into your gaming setup. The thoughtful design, coupled with excellent performance and a reasonable price point, makes it a compelling choice for both casual and dedicated gamers looking to elevate their gaming experience. The inclusion of a robust software interface further adds to the controller’s appeal, allowing users to fine-tune their gaming experience to suit their preferences.

The GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro ascends the ranks with its exceptional responsiveness, customisation options, and device compatibility. While no controller is the epitome of perfection, this one comes very close, as it offers gamers a unique gaming experience. If you’re looking for a controller that offers a seamless gaming experience, the GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro is definitely worth considering.

Price: AED 169

Photography by Ryan Chris

GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro Midnight Wireless Controller
AED 169

  • Final Rating



The face of the controller features a standard layout with a D-pad on the left, four action buttons on the right, and two Hall Effect thumbsticks symmetrically positioned. These Hall Effect analogue triggers can effectively get rid of the dreaded stick drift. This technology offers zero dead zones and anti-drift performance, ensuring that your in-game actions are precise.


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Bethesda is Reassuring Unhappy Steam Reviewers That Starfield is Worthwhile



In the vast expanse of gaming galaxies, Starfield, Bethesda’s ambitious interstellar RPG, has not received the universal critical acclaim many expected. Even die-hard fans have conceded that the game falls short of the prestigious Game of the Year award. The fallout? A barrage of negative reviews. What’s intriguing, however, is Bethesda’s unconventional response – developers are now engaging with disgruntled Steam players, offering perspectives and solutions.

If you’ve recently expressed your cosmic disappointment on Steam, you might be surprised to find a response from none other than the creators themselves. It’s a peculiar move from Bethesda, and who knows, a well-crafted paragraph extolling the virtues of Starfield or a gentle reminder of the relentless effort the team is pouring into its improvement might just be the cosmic nudge you need to reconsider your stance.

This interesting development was brought to light by YouTuber JuiceHead, who noticed a string of responses from Bethesda developers on Steam. Some of these replies date back to November 2, while others are as recent as November 27. The developers, identified by Steam as Bethesda_FalcoYamaoka and Bethesda_Kraken, have been actively participating in the discourse.

From the tone and content of their responses, it appears that these developers are associated with Bethesda Support. They often include links to sections of Bethesda’s official website, encouraging players to provide feedback on Starfield or explore guides that unravel the game’s mechanics.

Beyond the helpful links, the developers offer entertaining retorts to player grievances. Bethesda_FalcoYamaoka, for instance, responded to a player unhappy about landing on barren planets, stating, “Some of Starfield’s planets are meant to be empty by design – but that’s not boring.” To drive home the point, they whimsically invoked a quote from Bethesda’s managing director, Ashley Cheng, who, in September, reassured fans that when astronauts visited the moon, “There was nothing there. They certainly weren’t bored.”

The developers go beyond defence, offering proactive suggestions to enhance players’ experiences. One recommendation is to “try creating different characters with backgrounds and characteristics that clash or are [opposite] of your previous character,” or diving into a New Game plus playthrough. It’s a novel approach to engaging with player concerns, injecting humour and guidance into the conversation.

The big question lingering in the cosmos is why Bethesda opted for this unconventional strategy. Can witty replies and helpful suggestions from developers truly sway public opinion about a game? The internet, notorious for its stubbornness, isn’t known for people readily changing their minds after a polite online exchange with a stranger.

Bethesda’s choice to step into the ring and directly address player concerns may stem from a desire to humanize the development process. In an industry where faceless corporations often bear the brunt of criticism, having actual developers respond adds a personal touch. It signals that there are real people behind the pixels, listening to player feedback and striving to make the gaming experience better.

Moreover, Bethesda’s responses may serve as a gentle reminder that game development is an iterative process. Starfield, like any ambitious project, will have its share of quirks and imperfections at launch. The developers’ encouragement to explore different aspects of the game suggests a belief in its potential for diverse and engaging experiences.

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Logitech G Intros the PRO X TKL LIGHTSPEED Gaming Keyboard and G PRO X SUPERLIGHT 2 Gaming Mouse



Logitech G, a brand of Logitech has launched two newest products in the PRO Series line – the Logitech G PRO X TKL LIGHTSPEED Gaming Keyboard and Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT 2 Gaming Mouse. Over the past three years, Logitech G has been working with hundreds of the world’s most- skilled professional esports athletes to create the next generation of PRO Series gear.

These new products, when combined with the Logitech G PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset launched earlier this year, complete the PRO Series line, offering the highest level of PC performance across mice, keyboards and headsets. “The exciting new PRO Series portfolio represents a pure and uncompromised product collection, designed for maximum performance of elite esports professionals and the most competitive gamers playing at the peak of potential” stated Brent Barry, Head of Esports and PRO Series at Logitech G. “These products exemplify our commitment to pushing the limits of performance, speed, and reliability, which is only made possible through our multi-year, collaborative design process with professional esports athletes. Our elite athlete partners help design, develop and test our products, ensuring they deliver the highest level of performance, quality and cutting-edge innovation.”

“The mouse and keyboard are the most important part of PC Gaming. If my mouse doesn’t feel like an extension of my hand, I won’t play well. The Superlight 2 feels weightless and I don’t have to think about it. The Superlight 2 is like the first Superlight but better. And with its compact design and its trusted lightspeed wireless technologies, the Pro X TKL is perfect if you want a clean setup They’re both must-haves if your goal is to win,” stated Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, Counter-Strike player for NAVI.

The Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT 2 Gaming Mouse combines precision, performance and reliability, making it an indispensable advantage for elite-level gaming. State-of-the-art technologies and features include its LIGHTFORCE Hybrid Switches, a new hybrid optical-mechanical switch technology that combines the revolutionary performance of optical sensors in speed and reliability while providing the crisp response and mechanical feel that Pros love.

The new mouse also includes the brand new HERO 2 Sensor, with tracking at over 500 inches per second and up to 32,000 DPI. Its unique dual array design increases working range and maintains tracking performance, even when lifting or tilting the mouse. Based on feedback from pro gamers, the new PRO X Superlight retains its award-winning shape and geometry of the original PRO Superlight and also a weight of only 60 grams.

Additional features include PRO-grade technology, USB-C, 95-hour battery life, POWERPLAY compatibility, larger array size and a best-in-class 25 kilohertz maximum frame rate. Zero-additive PTFE mouse feet deliver a smooth glide for seamless reactivity to any game. Like the PRO X Superlight 2 Gaming Mouse, the new Logitech G PRO X TKL Wireless Gaming Keyboard was also designed for pros to deliver the highest level of competitive play. Its tenkeyless form factor features programmable keys, RGB lighting with LIGHTSYNC, dedicated media controls and volume roller, and the trusted performance and reliability of Logitech G’s LIGHTSPEED wireless technology. In addition to the LIGHTSPEED dongle, players can connect via Bluetooth or via the included USB-C to USB-A cable.

PRO X TKL features dual-shot PBT keycaps that let LIGHTSYNC RGB shine through. The standard layout allows for third-party keycap compatibility, and additional media keys create quick access while grinding, a detail many pro players requested. Plus, being tenkeyless means more room for mouse movement, an important advantage for competitive players. Players can take their game on the go with the keyboard’s included carry case and choose between Tactile Switches (GX Brown), Linear Switches (GX Red) or Clicky Switches (GX Blue).

For pros, the smallest setting change can make the difference between victory and second place. In the new PRO Series products, DPI, sensitivity, report rate, surface, game settings and more are all interconnected. With G HUB updates and Onboard Memory Management software (OMM), players now have even more control and configuration capabilities:

  1. New sensitivity UI in G HUB and OMM for configuring DPI with full presets, separate X/Y axis controls, and more.
  2. HERO 2 sensor that can copy settings from one mouse to the other to make sure you get the exact DPI from your old mouse.
  3. Programmable F keys as G keys on the PRO X 2 Keyboard to enable control of your whole desktop. Change mouse DPI preset, execute multibuy macros, combine spells and abilities, and even control your stream through powerful plugins, including those from Streamlabs.

In addition to creating the world’s highest-performing gear, Logitech is equally committed to creating a more equitable and climate-positive world by actively reducing our carbon impact. With upgraded and intentional design, using these new gaming products is a choice players can feel good about. The Pro Series includes certified post-consumer recycled plastic to give a second life to end-of-use plastic from old consumer electronics.

Paper packaging comes from FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources. By choosing this product, players are supporting responsible management of the world’s forests. All Logitech G products are certified carbon neutral and use renewable energy when possible during manufacturing. When players purchase a Logitech G product, the carbon footprint of that product has been reduced to zero by supporting forestry, renewables and climate-impacted communities.

The Logitech G PRO X TKL LIGHTSPEED Gaming Keyboard and the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT 2 Gaming Mouse and PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Headset, are available in pink, black, and white colourways. The PRO X TKL gaming keyboard is available for $199, the PRO X SUPERLIGHT 2 gaming mouse for $159), and PRO X 2 gaming headset for $249.

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