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KEF Launches the KC62 Subwoofer with Uni-Core Tech



KEF has once again developed three innovative technologies that successfully prioritise design and sound in equal measure. Deep and powerful bass is no longer solely the domain of big-shouldered, massive subwoofers. Through exceptional engineering and creativity, KEF engineers have developed a brand new approach and new technologies to accurately reproduce the original recording, bringing all the splendour, impact and emotion from music and films.

Thanks to these innovative KEF technologies, the KEF KC62 Uni-Core Force-Cancelling subwoofer has changed our expectations of subwoofer design forever. The cabinet is incredibly sufficient at withstanding a range of bass production, from deep thunder to quick and sharp agile bass without moving.

With a new compact and sleek design, the KC62 subwoofer also delivers unprecedented depth and breath-taking accuracy in equal measure. This is a result of the patent-pending, ground-breaking Uni-Core technology, which is an entirely new take on subwoofer engineering. KEF continues to revolutionise traditional expectations of what a subwoofer can achieve in particular the KC62’s force cancelling abilities. The Uni-Core design delivers ultra-compact size and big performance, which sits at the heart of the innovative KC62.

To simultaneously deliver unprecedented performance and the benefits of force cancelation Uni-Core combines the two through a single motor system with the voice coils concentrically arranged. This allows the cabinet size to be reduced by over a third whilst equalling or exceeding the driver excursion of a much larger subwoofer; unlocking more output and depth from less space. Uni-Core enables the subwoofer to deliver high performance and powerful, dynamic, accurate sound in an ultra-compact size.

The KC62 has proven its versatility with accurate, deep bass, speed and power. Along with the space-saving Uni-Core, a second and third technology allow the subwoofer to excel in the aforementioned ways.

P-Flex Surround
The P-Flex Surround is a brand-new patent-pending driver surround. It resists the acoustic pressure inside the cabinet without limiting sensitivity in the same way traditional surround designs do. To achieve this, it is uniquely pleated in such a way that is inspired by the Japanese art of paper-folding earning itself the nickname Origami Surround. It is this meticulous design that resists the internal air pressure without adding excessive mass, allowing the driver to move as required by the audio signal. The result is a deeper bass extension and a more accurate, detailed bass reproduction and distortion reduction.

Smart Distortion Control Technology
This patent-pending, sensorless, motional feedback system helps correct even the slightest abnormalities that may occur. It does this by measuring the current in the voice coil and detecting and correcting any non-linear distortions, which delivers more accurate, less coloured bass performance. The new approach reduces the interaction between signal, amplifier and driver, which dramatically decreases the potential for distortion.

The KC62‘s performance is finetuned further still by a bespoke selection of in-house designed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms in the form of KEF’s Music Integrity Engine. Algorithms including iBX (Intelligent Bass Extension) and SmartLimiter, which continually analyses the signal to prevent clipping, work together to ensure the perfect relationship between all components.

The final piece of the performance puzzle is amplification, which the KC62 has in abundance. The twin drivers are powered by 1,000W RMS (2 x 500W) of specially designed Class D amplification, providing exceptional levels of control and the ability to deliver sudden bursts of power when required, for example when enjoying your favourite high-octane action sequence. Turn up the power; listen and believe.

The KC62 is also incredibly versatile, with a collection of connection options that allow it to work with almost any audio system. The line output with HPF allows for exceptional finetuned integration, while KEF SmartConnect eliminates any connection issues. The KC62 is also compatible with the KW1 adaptor kit for wireless compatibility with the minimum of fuss.

Intricate design does not require a complicated setup. The KC62 can sonically integrate into any environment or listening room thanks to the five pre-set Room Placement Equalisation feature, which ensures you get the same performance from KC62 no matter where you decide to place it. Achieve seamless integration in free space, next to the wall, in a corner, nestled within a cabinet, or using the dedicated apartment mode.

The design allows the KC62 to work sonically within your home. It is also an aesthetically pleasing addition to your space. The KC62 is crafted from extruded aluminium, creating a curved cabinet which perfectly blends form and function, strength and beauty. Whilst diminutive enough to blend into the décor, the Carbon Black and Mineral White finishes also make KC62 a beautiful statement.

The pricing of the device will be AED 5999 including VAT and it will be available end of March 2021.

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Audio Devices

HUAWEI Launches New Wearables Including the HUAWEI WATCH GT 4, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design, and More



Huawei today held its landmark “Wearable Strategy and New Product Launch” event in Dubai, unveiling its next step in wearables with its “Fashion Forward” proposition, taking integration between technology and fashion to the next level. Huawei’s strategy reflects its vision to transform the wearables industry and provide users with the ultimate wrist companion for a modern lifestyle.

At the event, Huawei also unveiled a range of new devices, including HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 – the latest addition to the popular smartwatch series, the high-end HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design, HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 3 high-fidelity TWS earbuds, HUAWEI Eyewear 2 smart glasses, and the HUAWEI MatePad 11-inch PaperMatte Edition and MatePad 11.5-inch PaperMatte Edition that offer a paper-like reading and writing with 97% light interference reduction.

“With the HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 and the other products we launched today, we are transforming the wearable experience for our customers in the MEA region. Our new wearable devices combine cutting-edge technology, fashion-forward design, and user-centric health features that revolutionise the industry. It empowers users to personalise their health and sports journey, without compromising style. This is the result of Huawei’s decade-long investment and innovation in the wearables category,” said Pablo Ning, President of Huawei Consumer BG, Middle East and Africa.

During the launch event Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres, a leading premium healthcare provider in the region, and Huawei announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that marks the beginning of an exciting partnership. With a focus on accessibility and data-driven personalized care, this partnership promises to usher in a new era of healthcare that transcends traditional boundaries, providing users with the ability to monitor vital health metrics, including heart rate, sleep patterns, physical activity, and even advanced metrics like blood sugar levels risk assessment.

Dr. Shanila Laiju, CEO of Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “At Medcare, we believe in the power of technology to enhance healthcare. This partnership with Huawei aligns perfectly with our vision for patient-centric care. We are committed to fostering a healthier, more connected community through this collaboration.”

Huawei is redefining the design, health and sports experience with its new range of wearables that allow users to personalise their health and sports journey without compromising style. This marks the new beginnings for the brand’s wearables business, as it leverages its three major competitive advantages: breakthrough hardware detection technology, newly upgraded software algorithm platform, and more comprehensive digital health services.

Drawing from a decade of expertise in wearable technology, Huawei is setting new industry benchmarks. Huawei is expanding its presence in the high-end wearables market and forging global ecosystem partnerships to deliver personalised sports and healthy lifestyle experiences to consumers. Since entering the wearables sector 10 years ago, Huawei has been a trailblazer in sports and health monitoring, solving industry challenges in battery life, measurement precision, and comfort. With its new strategic direction for wearables, Huawei is making sports and fitness more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Huawei marks a new milestone with the launch of the stylish flagship smartwatches the HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 and HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design, the high-fidelity TWS earbuds HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 3, a series of other smart devices.


The latest generation of the WATCH GT flagship series introduces elevated design features with powerful health and fitness functionalities. Coming in 46mm and 41mm sizes, the new flagship smartwatch takes a bold Fashion Forward step up from classic GT Series designs, introducing inventive design elements while retaining the aesthetic signature of its predecessors. The 46mm version features a unique octagon-shaped watch body, a tribute to the classic luxury watches but with a modern twist. The 41mm version boasts a pendant-like design that exudes grace and sophistication. The watch also offers a variety of colours and watchbands to choose from so that you can match your mood and outfit.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 has an exceptional battery life of up to 14 days on the 46mm and up to 7 days on the 41mm. This extended battery life ensures that you can always rely on your watch without frequent recharging. It also debuts the all-new Stay Fit app and upgraded GNSS tracking, all made better with the new TruSeen 5.5+ that brings AI-powered accuracy to health measurement, inspiring you towards a better, fitter self. By utilising the smartwatch’s LED sensors, PPG measures changes in blood volume and alerts users of irregular heartbeats using Pulse Wave Arrhythmia Analysis. The watch also supports over 100 sports modes and workout types, including Padel, a popular racket sport that combines elements of tennis and squash.

HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 is available in the UAE on October 3 at a starting price of AED 899. With HUAWEI Care+ for WATCH GT 4, you can enjoy peace of mind and protection for your smartwatch at an affordable price. You can choose between one year or two years of coverage for only 149 AED or 199 AED respectively. Moreover, with the trade-in program, you can get an extra AED 100 cashback when you buy a new WATCH GT 4.

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design

The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design is Huawei’s first-ever gold smartwatch. The luxury smartwatch with a sailboat-inspired design comes with a gold bezel, and a gold crown is inlaid with six segments of 18K gold to form a rudder-shaped ring design. The six-segment gold bars are designed according to the golden ratio, combining the calmness of black and the brilliance of gold to achieve a harmonious and balanced design aesthetic. It adopts the diamond-cut engraving process, where a 3D trapezoidal pattern is carved onto the surface of the gold. The watch comes with a gold and black Three-Compartment Chain Strap.

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design will be available for pre-orders in the UAE Starting October 3  at a price of AED 10999 from Huawei’s online platforms as well as certified retailers. HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design customers can enjoy 2 years of exclusive Platinum Service, which includes Huawei Care+ service, 2 refresh services, free on-site pick-up service, and free spare unit service. They can also access the exclusive service centre and VIP hotline services.

HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 3

The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 3 are a new generation of flagship TWS earbuds that balances design aesthetics with class-leading audio technology. The new earbuds bring Pure Voice 2.0, Intelligent ANC 3.0 and Triple Adaptive EQ, as well as smart connectivity experience for seamless listening, delivering an ultimate all-rounding earbud for the modern, connected consumer. The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 3 supports the L2HC 2.0 and LDAC codecs and is certified by both HWA and Hi-Res Audio Wireless.

HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 3 will be available in the UAE on October 20 at a price of AED 749 from Huawei Experience Stores and e-shop.

HUAWEI MatePad 11” and MatePad 11.5” PaperMatte Editions

The event also marked the launch of the brand-new HUAWEI MatePad 11-inch and MatePad 11.5-inch PaperMatte Editions, bringing consumers the HUAWEI PaperMatte Display that minimises reflection and glare. It uses nano-level anti-glare etching technology that eliminates 97% of all light interference, bringing a paper-like visual experience. So that you can read or watch videos with less eye strain. Colour eBook mode allows you to read your favourite comic books on the tablet screen like paper books.

Both the MatePad 11” PaperMatte Edition and MatePad 11.5” PaperMatte Edition pack a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which enables smoother viewing, more responsive touch control, and low-latency handwriting input. HUAWEI MatePad 11” and HUAWEI MatePad 11.5” PaperMatte Editions will be available in the UAE on October 25 at a starting price of AED 1399.

HUAWEI Eyewear 2

The HUAWEI Eyewear 2 comes in stylish designs and a comfortable fit that allows you to wear it all day long and packs class-leading audio technology. It also has a long-lasting battery life that can support up to 11 hours of listening time or 9 hours of calls. Moreover, the HUAWEI Eyewear 2 features an Open Acoustic Design that delivers high-quality audio that prevents sound leakage and enhances listening privacy. Thanks to built-in sensors, the smart glasses support a range of smart touch controls.

HUAWEI Eyewear 2 will be available in the UAE on November 3 at a price of AED 899 from Huawei’s online platforms as well as certified retailers.

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Audio Devices

Sonos Launches the new Move 2 Portable Speaker



Sonos has launched the new Move 2, which offers up to 24 hours of battery life, and an ultra-durable water-resistant design. The device also comes packed with sustainable design enhancements, and according to the company, it is the most sustainable portable product to date and the first to bring stereo sound outdoors.

Sonos is also unveiling the Move 2 in an exquisite Olive colourway, marking its debut in a spectrum of colours. This exclusive Olive variant will be solely accessible at the Sonos store in the Mall of Emirates, Dubai, UAE. Pre-orders can be placed in the store, starting from 26th October 2023 for AED 2,099. Customers will also have the opportunity to experience a live demo of the Move 2.

“Since its 2019 launch, Move continues to be the best-selling speaker in its category thanks to its design, versatility and powerful sound,” said Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos. “We strive to create sound experiences that inspire deeper connections no matter who we’re with or where we are. Move 2 advances our commitment to immersive listening by bringing stereo sound to our most popular portable, featuring the same next-gen acoustics and design we debuted with the Era family.”

The Move 2 is upgraded inside and out to include all-new hardware and software with next-gen acoustics that deliver wide stereo sound and deep bass no matter where you’re listening. Move 2 comes with a completely overhauled acoustic architecture including dual-tweeters that deliver spacious stereo sound and crisp vocals allowing you to feel the emotional charge of a live performance. Feel the beat from its precision-tuned woofer that produces deep, dynamic bass – even when listening outdoors.

Concurrent Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities allow for increased flexibility – stream via Bluetooth to a stereo pair of Move 2 speakers when connected to Wi-Fi or group Move 2 with the rest of your Sonos system to crank your party up a notch. Move 2 offers up to 24 hours of battery life – double the playback time of the original Move – with a USB-C port that can charge your phone or electronics on the go, making it the perfect companion to power weekend road trips or outdoor gatherings.

Move 2 reduces idle energy usage by more than 40%, incorporates recycled plastics, and uses a removable and replaceable battery to extend its product life – all wrapped in a responsibly designed package that uses sustainably sourced material, zero virgin plastic and is curbside recyclable. With its ultra-durable design and IP56 rating, Move 2 is built to withstand accidental drops, splashes, rain, dirt, and sun. With automatic Trueplay tuning, Move 2 continually optimizes the sound for its surroundings, so you’ll always get the best listening experience no matter where life takes you.

Move 2 is available in an Olive colourway to complement neutral indoor and outdoor aesthetics, as well as Black and White colourways that blend seamlessly with other Sonos products. Move 2 features the same new intuitive user interface as the recently launched Era products, including a capacitive volume slider for simple control, or use Sonos Voice Control, Amazon Alexa, the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth to play, pause, check your battery, and more.

You can stream audio using WiFi or Bluetooth, and unlock new listening possibilities by connecting your turntable, computer, or other audio source using the Sonos Line-In Adapter.

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OPPO Launches Enco Air3 Pro



OPPO has launched the new OPPO Enco Air3 Pro wireless earbuds, which boast the “world’s first” bamboo-fiber diaphragm, providing users with a natural and high-quality sound experience. Thanks to LDAC high-fidelity transmissions, these earbuds can deliver Hi-Res Audio gold-certified acoustic performance, ensuring that even the finest sound details are accurately reproduced.

With its 49dB adaptive ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro delivers an ultra-immersive listening experience. Additionally, the earbuds feature OPPO Alive surround-sound effects, Golden Sound 2.0, 30 hours of battery life, and more, enhancing the overall audio experience further. Inspired by the ancient bamboo papermaking process, the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro is the first to use bamboo-fiber diaphragms in an earphone. The exquisite bamboo fibres are carefully extracted through a meticulous process, pressed into bamboo fibre flakes, and crafted into a diaphragm that fits into the earbud.

When compared to common titanium-plated diaphragms, the bamboo fibre diaphragm has three major advancements. First, it is 60% lighter, enabling faster response to sound changes. Next, it is 56% more rigid, making it less susceptible to deformation and distortion. Finally, the diaphragm’s internal damping is 63% more elastic, further reducing noise. These innovations allow the earbuds to easily break through the 40kHz barrier and produce a high-fidelity sound that is gentle and alluring, delivering an exceptional audio experience.

The OPPO Enco Air3 Pro feature an optimized front sound cavity layout, allowing the bamboo fibres to bring natural and clear sounds at high frequencies, while a custom bass condenser adds weight to low frequencies, so users can feel the elevated audio performance. In terms of transmission, the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro supports the LDAC protocol, which can transmit audio at a bit rate of up to 990kbps, preserving every detail in the audio. This allows for high-resolution transmission on most Android 8 or above mobile phones with HWA gold-compliant audio support.

The OPPO Enco Air3 Pro offers advanced features, including Golden Sound 2.0, Enco Master tuning, and OPPO Alive. Golden Sound 2.0 creates a personalized model of the user’s ear canal to deliver accurate and detailed sound. Enco Master tuning supports switching between three preset tunings for different sound styles, and OPPO Alive provides immersive theatre-level surround sound effects.

The OPPO Enco Air3 Pro delivers a breakthrough in adaptive ANC performance, with 49dB adaptive ANC which covers various daily life scenarios effectively. It has been certified by TÜV Rheinland, a reflection of its remarkable performance and capabilities. The earbuds also come with Transparent Mode, allowing users to stay connected to the outside world and communicate with friends without having to take the earbuds off.

The Adaptive ANC function automatically switches to the noise cancellation profile based on the user’s surroundings, ensuring a quiet and comfortable listening experience during activities like commuting, travel, office, or studying. Furthermore, the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro utilizes a dual microphone + AI noise cancellation algorithm to effectively reduce ambient noise, providing clean and natural-sounding calls. Moreover, the wind noise cancellation algorithm effectively suppresses wind noise, allowing users to enjoy music and clear calls even in windy environments.

Besides an exquisite sound quality and adaptive ANC, the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro also features intuitive smart controls, impressive battery life, a gradient design, and various other features catered to meet the demands of music lovers. The OPPO Enco Air3 Pro earbuds allow users to connect to two devices simultaneously, eliminating the hassle of having to disconnect and reconnect to switch between devices. Users can seamlessly switch audio playback from one device to the other.

In terms of battery life, the earbuds have a rated battery life of 7 hours on a single charge and provide up to 30 hours of usage when using the charging case. Fast charging support allows for 2 hours of listening time with just a 10-minute charge. The Bluetooth 5.3 technology offers 47ms earphone latency, more stable connections, as well as synchronized audio and content.

The design of the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro adopts a gradient design on the charging case, resembling the natural look of clouds in the sky. The earbuds and charging case are compact and portable, making them ideal for on-the-go use. Additionally, they are rated IP55 for dust and water resistance, making them suitable for outdoor sports. The OPPO Enco Air3 Pro is available for purchase across OPPO’s website and retail partner stories and is priced at AED 349.

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