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UAE’s First Off-Road and Adventure Park Opens in Mleiha, Sharjah



After a construction period of eight months, XQuarry Off-Road and Adventure Park opened its gates for the first time. The opening ceremony was limited to the media, VIPs, and royalty keeping in mind the COVID safety restrictions. The inauguration took place in off-road style with H.H. Sheikh Saoud Bin Sultan Al Qasimi driving through the ribbon-cutting on a 45-degree steep concrete slope(one of the 20 off-road obstacles in the park!). The ceremony was attended by several dignitaries including Sheikh Faisal Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, H.E. Marwan Al Sarkal, Executive Chairman of Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) and Ahmed Obaid Al Qaseer, COO, Shurooq.

A huge arena was setup where numerous automobile companies exhibited their products, services and classic as well as modified 4×4 vehicles. The Park opened to the public the next day when more than 300 enthusiastic 4×4 off-road vehicle drivers took on the challenge to steer their cars through myriad obstacles. To ensure the highest possible safety with such huge attendance of cars, XQuarry was efficiently supervised by 18 marshals under the guidance of lead marshals Markus Fahlbuschand and Tom Segers. The number of cars was limited to a maximum of 30 cars for every 1.5hrs slot to ensure a safe and exciting experience for all off-roaders.

On the second day of opening, an off-roading club showed up with a convoy of thirty cars. This convoy, along with cars from pre-booked slots saw the busiest time with almost fifty cars at the same time in the obstacle area. To maintain control and an overview, the 15km of trails and drive to the mountain plateau w closed for the opening weekend. Thanks to the alert and agile marshals, 300 cars of different experience levels and cars of different makes and capabilities had a great experience-there were zero accidents and just three recoveries!

The admission to the XQuarry Off-Road & Adventure Park costs AED 150 for a day’s Off-Road Admission while a sign-up for a guided drive costs AED 250. In the coming days, visitors will also be able to sign up for off-roading courses. The Mountain Biking Trail (MTB) and the short obstacle loop are supervised by The Cycle Hub and Global Climbing. For daily operations, MTB will be available for rent at XQuarry at AED 50 per hour, though visitors are free to bring their own bikes.

The Obstacle Trail Run is the secret gemstone of XQuarry. The management is already working at making the Obstacle Trail longer and more challenging for the first obstacle race due to happen on March 12th. The Hiking trails are available for people of all ages and families. The short hikes give a taste of the beauty of the Faya mountain and an insight into the secret spots only accessible through the XQuarry Off-Road and Adventure Park. Hikes will be available for all levels ranging from short taster hikes to challenging full-day hikes.

For kids and Remote- Control (RC) car lovers, there is a custom-built RC track and RC cars will be available on rent for AED 20 for 15mins. An RC rock crawling area is expected to be coming up soon. Since COVID- 19 has been posing its challenges, this was one reason why the event was announced relatively late and also the need to call off the competitions to minimize numbers and ensure social distancing to avoid the spread of the virus. Masks were mandatory at all times and visitors’ details were duly logged in at the entrance. Seating areas and closed tents were not set up to avoid gatherings. Sharjah Police was on site to ensure that the rules were duly complied with.

The management of XQuarry Off-Road & Adventure Park and the strategic partner in the project, Sharjah Investment, and Development Authority (Shurooq) are proud of the new venue and a successful opening event. XQuarry will be the new hot-spot for adventure- seekers and hub for all off-roaders in the region. Ahmed Obaid Al Qaseer, Chief Operating Officer, Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) said, “I am so happy to have been part of this incredible event. The active participation of off-roaders and adventure–seekers in the first few days proves that the XQuarry is at the right place, at the right time. With the wonderful backdrop of the Al Faya Mountains and within the proximity of the picturesque Mleiha Archaeological centre, the challenges at XQuarry are a must-do for all off-road and adventure enthusiasts. Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) is proud to be a strategic partner in the UAE’s first Off-Road and Adventure Park and we are confidently looking forward to seeing XQuarry becoming the favourite adventure playground for everyone in the UAE.”

Saoud Al Kaabi, Director and Partner, XQuarry Off-Road & Adventure Park said, “I am very happy that our visitors and guests escaped the city life to enjoy the weekend at XQuarry and I am proud to be able to show them the real beauty of my home country. It was an honor for us to have H.E Mohammed Rashid Bin Ghadayer visiting us and sharing with us his vision and recommendations for the growth of XQuarry as an adventure destination.”

Daniel Birkhofer, Managing Partner, XQuarry Off-Road & Adventure Park said, “We are very happy that all our guests enjoyed XQuarry, their feedback is the most important indicator for us. We are at the starting point and many facilities will continue to be extended during this season. The supplement activities to the Off-Roading adventures will be our focus in the next week especially camping, picnics and an adventure playground for kids.”

Tom Segers, Manager, Automotive & Training said, “XQuarry is a great place not only for those starting their off-road journey but also allows for experienced drivers to really see the benefit of car limits and the effect of modifications made to their car.” Markus Fahlbusch, Lead Marshal, Xquarry Off-Road & Adventure Park said, “Our Team of marshals did a great job and ensured that all our guests were always in safe hands.”

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Monkey Distribution to Open More Funko Stores in the Region



Monkey Distribution, the official franchise operator for Funko in the United Arab Emirates, has unveiled plans for an extensive retail expansion in the region. Set to launch in December, two new Funko stores will join the thriving retail landscape, building on the success of Monkey Distribution’s inaugural Funko franchise at Dubai Hills Mall last year.

The upcoming locations are poised to offer a diverse product range encompassing various categories within the expansive Funko universe. From a plethora of collectables to trendy Loungefly fashion accessories, games, toys, and more, consumers can anticipate a vibrant pop culture experience.

The first of the two new Funko stores will make its debut within Dubai Mall, situated on the second floor, starting December 1, 2023. Known as the world’s largest destination for shopping, entertainment, and leisure, Dubai Mall provides a fitting backdrop for Funko enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the brand’s captivating offerings. Subsequently, on December 15, 2023, Abu Dhabi will witness the opening of another Funko store within Reem Mall, also on the second floor.

Funko’s Chief Commercial Officer, Andy Oddie said, “We are excited to announce the opening of our new partnership stores as we increase our footprint in the United Arab Emirates region this December. The expansion is a testament to the demand for our unique pop culture products and reflects our commitment to providing our global fanbase with regional retail experiences.”

The eagerly awaited Funko store in Dubai Mall is set to offer an exclusive 96-square-meter retail experience for shoppers, while the Funko destination in Reem Mall will provide a 94-square-meter immersive world for customers. These new locations are poised to serve as vibrant and captivating portals into the expansive universe of a globally renowned entertainment and lifestyle brand.

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CORSAIR Launches its Versatile Modular Desk Called Platform:6



During Gamescom, Corsair unveiled the Platform:6, marking their debut in the gaming desk arena. Boasting height adjustability and a plethora of modular add-ons to cater to your current and future gaming setup requirements, the Platform:6 is now primed for its official release.

This expansive desk, the Platform:6, offers the choice of an optional motor for altering its height, granting you the flexibility to sit or stand as you desire.

Corsair has meticulously engineered it to seamlessly accommodate its entire product range, spanning from peripherals to Elgato accessories, thereby enabling a complete streaming setup, complete with lighting solutions.

The Platform:6 caters to a wide array of modern lifestyles, whether you’re a dedicated PC gamer or a remote worker seeking an organized workspace within the confines of your home.

This desk spans a substantial six feet in width and can be shipped in various configurations, allowing buyers to select their preferred surface material and make enhancements, such as adding an expandable rail system or incorporating the Elgato Multi Frame to house all their streaming equipment.

Desk extension kits and sideboards are also available for purchase, allowing you to expand your desk’s size if you discover the need for more space. Corsair additionally offers power strips and cable boxes to help you neatly organize your wires and maintain a clean and orderly setup.

For those interested, the Platform:6, along with its assortment of accessories and extensions, can now be found on the Corsair webstore.

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MOTIONGATE Dubai Launches Spooktacular Fright Nights: Volume VI



As Halloween descends upon MOTIONGATE Dubai, the mysterious Taleweaver, a masterful narrator tucked away in a decaying library within the Nightmare Dimension is turning words into frightening reality, bringing haunting legends and nightmares to life. Prepare for spine-tingling adventures as the Middle East’s largest Hollywood-inspired theme park returns for the sixth season of the biggest Halloween Fright Nights yet. 

From 30th September to 31st October 2023, guests can immerse themselves in an array of Halloween activities at MOTIONGATE Dubai with this year’s theme – ‘Curse of the Taleweaver’. This year, memorable stories such as Dracula, The Boogeyman and Midas will come alive at the park. Transforming into the United Arab Emirates’ spookiest family destination, MOTIONGATE Dubai’s Fright Nights: Volume VI will run Wednesdays to Sundays from 4 p.m. onwards, promising an unforgettable Halloween experience.  

Experience hair-raising adventures with MOTIONGATE Dubai’s lineup of spooky fun, including 13 immersive horror experiences, scare zones, monster meet and greets, thrilling live stage shows, and a haunting parade for an unforgettable time. 

Embark on five captivating spooky experiences led by the mysterious Taleweaver, who is bringing everyone’s childhood nightmares to life. Inspired by hair-raising folk legends and myths, the Taleweaver guarantees an unforgettable and bone-chilling experience. 

Located in Studio Central, guests can experience the Golden Curse as they explore the chambers of King Aurelius, whose touch turns everything to gold. Step into these gilded corridors for a bone-chilling immersive experience but beware as golden soldiers lurk in the shadows of King Aurelius’ labyrinth. Oh, and be wary of what you touch! 

Over at The Twilight Mirror, silence reigns in the ominous manor. Listen closely as the walls whisper tales of dread. The audio experience promises screeches and goosebumps.  

For a darker encounter, brave souls can venture into the medieval dungeons of The Forsaken Piper in Underworld, Columbia Pictures zone. Summoning a horde of rats, the Pied Piper has transformed the prison into a realm of ruin, disease, and despair, a haunting testament to the piper’s nightmarish lair awaiting unsuspecting guests. No kids allowed.

An ancient passage tucked within the Columbia Pictures zone; Wraith’s Lament is guarded by eerie phantoms with sensitive hearing. A smart scholar made magical bells to disrupt the phantoms and make a path forward. In this interactive experience, guests can ring the bells to find their way, but they should be careful of the lurking phantoms. 

Suitable for Halloween buffs of all ages, the Grim Tales: Dracula in Hotel Transylvania offers a spine-tingling experience where terror takes centre stage. Within the Taleweaver’s library, filled with scary books, horror comes to life as guests are immersed in the tales of Dracula.  

Prepare for screams and spine-chilling adventures as unsuspecting guests will encounter haunting characters as they venture into the spooky scare zones. Guests will be taken back to the 1950s as they walk through Nightshade Street, where innocent children playing with unknown forces cast their street into an eternal abyss. Now, until eternity, the creepy giggles of once-innocent children, echo as they revel in the screams of terrified guests. 

For a more thrilling experience, guests can enter the haunted tent in Zombieland, Columbia Pictures, where the Freakshow of the century unfolds. As the tent veils rise, manic laughter fills the eerie room, setting the stage for spine-tingling entertainment. Both young and old can enter the Haunted Graveyard at the Hollywood Theatre. Ruled by the crypt keeper, each step on the decayed soil awakens restless spirits, promising laughter and (mostly) screams. 

With a mix of spine-tingling excitement, MOTIONGATE Dubai’s captivating parades and shows are sure to keep guests of all ages engaged and entertained. Get ready for a scary live stage show as The Hollywood Theatre hosts The Taleweaver’s Nightmare Emporium, offering a chilling narration as myths and legends come to life before guests’ eyes.  

Over at Studio Central, guests can witness the Midnight Tales street parade unfold, led by the mysterious Taleweaver, who summons terrifying creatures and manipulates nightmares, creating a mesmerising spectacle. The boundary between reality and imagination fades further with The Tale Weaver’s Short Stories, where guests, young and old, can enjoy family-friendly short stories from the mastermind himself that promise to captivate and thrill.  

“Trick or treat?” Get ready for delightful meet-and-greets with the mischievous Candy Goblin, a playful trickster known for two things: his love of games, especially hide and seek, and his sweet tooth. Guests who have the skill to catch him will receive a tasty reward of delicious candies. Halloween lovers can also meet The Boogeyman in Studio Central, who lurks at the corner with mysterious and clever tricks that challenge even the bravest’s wits and courage.  

Moreover, the park’s beloved characters will don Halloween-themed attire and eagerly greet their fans. For the younger ones, the charming Smurfs Village is back with its annual Trick-or-Treat activities. Here, children can fully immerse themselves in the Halloween spirit as their favourite Smurf-y friends distribute candy, creating delightful memories that will last a lifetime. 

Are you ready to face your fears? MOTIONGATE Dubai’s biggest Fright Nights Volume VI is here and it promises to be an absolute scream.

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