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New App ‘Hundred’ Brings Personalised Offers to the UAE



New mobile app, ‘Hundred’ has launched its platform allowing users to discover and access personalised offers based on their preferences. Consolidating the current market and offering easier access to offers for end consumers. “With the pandemic’s impact on the spending power and attitude of consumers, it’s now more important than ever to find discounts and offers across all industries. Yet, with thousands of offers scattered across platforms, and brands, it’s easy for consumers to miss out on the best deals, and difficult for merchants to reach their customers,” explained the company.

“Hundred, the new free-to-use mobile app, solves this dilemma allowing users to view and access different discounts and offers, personalised based on their bank cards and preferences. Providing a single platform for banks and merchants alike to market their products and services, but with the ease of use for consumers to find them,” the company said.

The user-friendly interface has a simple two-step sign up, and allows users to search by industry, by location, as well as in a personalised view tailored to preferences relevant to them. The app can display seasonal offers, cashback deals and advertise high discounts, or time-sensitive offers knowing that it will reach the desired consumer. This allows banks and merchants to increase reach and potential spend from new customers, whilst users of the app get excellent deals at their fingertips in one centralised place.

“The app’s launch comes at a perfect time when consumer income has been hit by the economic downturn. It helps users to optimise spending to take advantage of tactical offers they otherwise might not have been aware of. For example, by just adding your specific bank cards without any card numbers in the personalisation set up of the app, users can check offers they are eligible for, which, otherwise they might have missed. They can also see local discounts and offers based on distance and location. In addition to helping customers, this platform will help stimulate and boost local economies, as well as drive loyalty to local stores,” the company said.

Speaking about the launch, Parag Gathani, Founder & CEO at Hundred said, “The last year has been challenging for everyone. More than the anxiety caused by the pandemic, managing our finances has been bigger stress and challenge for most of us. With so much uncertainty around us, saving money can help us feel a little less anxious in times like these. We launched Hundred with the objective to help users save money by maximizing the use of offers available to them through their digital devices, wherever they are, as every penny counts, and by improving awareness and access to these offers at users’ fingertips, we are increasing their spending power. We forecast that the average user can save anything from AED 1,000 to AED 50,000 a year, or even more, depending on their purchasing power, by availing of these offers smartly. We are excited at the overall impact we will have on users’ spending and saving habits by informing them of these offers which are relevant to them, at the time they need them, and everyone will benefit from this solution.”

Currently, some of the top bank cards that offer good cashback on online purchases are Standard Chartered Platinum X Credit Card and Dubai First Cashback Credit Card Cards. For best value on Restaurants, customers should consider, ADIB Edge Credit Card, Mashreq Cashback Credit Card, and Emirates NBD U by Emaar Credit Card. FAB and CBD provide some of the best Credit Cards for cashback on supermarkets. Customers can see and compare detailed features and merchant offers on these cards on Hundred Platform and also apply from there.

Some of the other attractive offers that customers can compare on the app include 20% discount on F&B at Subway; 20% off at Rixos premium Saadiyat Island; 30% discount on selected services at Hollywood Smile Medical Center; 50% discount on F&B at Chapters, The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery by Sofitel; and Up to 50% discount on selected services at VLCC and much more.

The app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store and simply requires you to verify your mobile number and personal details to get started. Currently with around 20,000 offers from over 12,000 outlets covering over 200 bank cards, since launching this year, Hundred is already increasing user’s spending power with easy access to the offers they need.

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Aster DM Healthcare Launches MyAster App



Aster DM Healthcare has unveiled the myAster app, which is being touted to be the region’s first integrated healthcare platform providing access to hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and pharmacies. The platform extends features to empower patients with end-to-end care facilitation and provide seamless access to its healthcare ecosystem.

Alisha Moopen, Deputy Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare, said, “Aster DM Healthcare is aligned with the UAE’s 2031 Vision for developing the health sector by providing the best-in-class services and continually updating them. The myAster platform was launched as part of Aster’s commitment to providing equitable, unbiased access to world-class medical care, while we strive to improve the healthcare system’s readiness to manage health risks.”

“The myAster app is developed with the aim of aligning and catering to the constantly changing landscape of medical needs of patients in the UAE and across the world. As healthcare providers, we must be equipped to handle those changes with the latest technologies. The idea of offering accessible personalized healthcare through a single platform that brings together all of the patient journeys is in line with Aster’s vision of providing affordable quality healthcare to all,” Moopen said, adding that Aster’s Digital Health Team has innovated and developed the solution over a period of two years; curating and enhancing the customer experience with a potential to offer healthcare and wellness solutions to over 10 million people.

Brandon Rowberry, CEO of Digital Health, Aster DM Healthcare, said, “The myAster app was created to serve the needs of the citizens across the GCC and is designed with transparency at its core. Patients can access the full spectrum of Aster healthcare services, including a recently added enhancement of connecting with the group’s hospitals.”

“Now our users have access to 200+ Aster hospital doctors for appointment booking. The user interface is easy to navigate, and they can view doctor schedules and slots to select a doctor for consultation. We are also launching our Instant GP feature enabling our users to video consult with a General Practitioner in as early as 30 minutes. As we continue to innovate, we will be adding Homecare services to the myAster app in the near future,” he added.

Patients can use the app for a range of services such as appointment booking, consulting doctors online or in-person, accessing prescriptions, scans, medical records, and order medicines online; delivered to their homes with the touch of a button. Some of the key features of the app include booking appointments from among 430 doctors across five hospitals, 48 clinics, and over 20 medical specialties. The app also allows video consultations, online payments through a secure gateway, access to the online pharmacy with doctor prescriptions delivered to homes within 90 minutes, and ordering health and wellness essentials online as well as to avail offers and deals. Through the app, patients can also access their scans and medical reports.

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Melvor Idle: Expanded Edition Launches 2 February for Steam, Android, and iOS



Games by Malcs and Jagex have today announced Melvor Idle: Expanded Edition will launch on 2 February on Steam, iOS, and Android. The Melvor Idle: Expanded Edition includes the original Melvor Idle as well as its first expansion Throne of the Herald. Players will experience a fresh take on much-loved and familiar idle gameplay in the ultimate bundle for die-hard RuneScape fans, casual gamers, and young adventurers alike.

Melvor Idle allows fans to master 25 skills and face off against 200+ monsters with just a click or a tap. Every skill in this game serves a purpose, interacting together in interesting ways – meaning that maxing out on one skill can benefit others. Inspired by the iconic MMORPG RuneScape, players will find familiar skills such as Woodcutting, Smithing, Cooking, and Farming, as well as combat skills such as Melee, Ranged, and Magic skills.

The Throne of the Herald expansion adds plenty of additional content for players, including the ability to run a settlement with the Township skill. Throne of the Herald lets players discover more about the mystic forces that surround the lands of Melvor, and the dark forces that remain hidden beyond the Capital.

Melvor Idle: Expanded Edition Features:

  • A RuneScape-inspired experience is suitable for veterans and newcomers alike.
  • The core game plus a massive expansion to the lore and story of Melvor.
  • In-depth and endless Combat system featuring eight dedicated skills, countless dungeons, bosses to vanquish, and lore to unearth.
  • Deep but accessible systems featuring 15 non-Combat skills to train, all with individual mechanics and interactions.
  • Detailed and fully interactive Bank/Inventory system.
  • Over 1,700 items for players to discover and utilise.
  • Cloud-saving functionality that is compatible across all platforms.
  • An experience that continues to grow through expansions.
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PUBG Mobile and Polaris Partner to Bring Two New Side-by-Side Vehicles In-Game



PUBG Mobile has partnered with Polaris to introduce two powerful new in-game off-road vehicles to the battleground. This first-ever collaboration puts players in the driver’s seat of the Polaris RZR, delivering vehicles equipped with unrivaled performance to conquer any type of off-road terrain.

Watch the PUBG MOBILE x Polaris trailer below:

Starting today, players will have access to the Polaris RZR Pro R 4, the industry’s most advanced and high-performing side-by-side (SxS), providing drivers with revolutionary power and exceptional handling. For those that prefer a turbocharged engine, the Polaris RZR Turbo R 4 is an incredibly responsive, remarkably agile, and ruggedly strong machine featuring an active suspension system for maximum control.

“Polaris has been engineering best-in-class off-road vehicles for more than 65 years – and we’re not slowing down now,” said Holly Spaeth, Vice President Corporate Branding and Partnerships, Polaris. “Whether sand, snow, dirt or now the virtual world of PUBG MOBILE, our machines provide the ultimate combination of style and performance. We are excited to introduce our vehicles to new audiences and can’t wait to see how players use the Polaris RZR in-game models to dominate the competition on the battleground!”

In addition to the release of the Polaris RZR Pro R 4 and RZR Turbo R 4, a limited edition in-game exclusive Polaris-inspired Buggy is also unlockable. This all-terrain machine – available in Blue Strike and Desert Blast – blends durability, strength, and speed. Perfect for gliding over the sand in Nusa or racing across the lush grass in Livik, the Polaris-inspired Buggy has been meticulously designed to handle every adventure.

“It’s extremely important for us to work with partners that bring value and utility to PUBG MOBILE players,” said Anthony Crouts, Senior Director of Marketing for PUBG MOBILE. “Polaris’ range of innovative off-road vehicles bring the thrill and adrenaline rush that PUBG MOBILE players want while on the battleground.”

The PUBG MOBILE x Polaris collaboration is available now and will run through February 14 to players worldwide.

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