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EMotorad to Launch its e-Bikes in the UAE on August 15, 2021



The Indian premium e-bike company EMotorad (EM) has announced that it is launching its first overseas operations in UAE from August 15, 2021. The makers of EMotorad e-bikes are thrilled to enter the UAE market as they see it as a major opportunity to redefine mobility across the country. After building trust with their top-quality products amongst Indian consumers, EM is excited to showcase its international range of EV products on a global level during the upcoming Dubai Expo in October 2021.

“Dubai is the gateway to the world. And our motto to come to the UAE is to cater to a broader segment of the audience. We wish to work very closely with our overseas partners as well as the government. Also, with the Dubai Expo coming, we found this to be the perfect time for us to step in, as it attracts prominent people from around the world,” said Aditya Oza, co-founder and CMO, EMotorad.

The four flagship e-bikes to be introduced for UAE by EMotorad are T-Rex, Doodle, Trible, and ENER-G. “The bookings will begin from August 1. The brand will also go live on top online marketplaces such as Amazon, besides our official website. We will also be tying up with dealers across UAE,” Sumedh Battewar, co-founder and CBO at EMotorad added.

These bikes have been specifically designed keeping the UAE demography and customer needs in mind. “Among the four e-bikes to be launched in UAE, Doodle and T-Rex are already doing wonderfully in India. We are adding ENER-G and Trible, which perfectly match their use-cases in this market. While ENER-G is a mini scooter, exclusively designed for the delivery segment, Trible is a tri-fold e-bike for the last-mile commute. And it’s a pick-and-go e-bike that suits the UAE market to perfection,” Rajib Gangopadhyay, founder, EMotorad shared.

EMotorad has big plans for the UAE in terms of driving e-mobility across the country in tandem with the government initiatives of promoting clean and green transport. “The global shift towards electric mobility is now inevitable. The government of the UAE has always been progressive in terms of promoting new concepts, startups, and ideas. And with the support, we are confident to meet the growing demand with quick delivery time. Our smartly engineered e-bikes will benefit the country as a whole as we are bringing an altogether new and exciting way of commuting,” said Kunal Gupta, co-founder, and CEO, EMotorad.

EMotorad was founded in 2020 with an aim to promote green mobility with luxury and affordability being the USP. The founders of EM are Rajib Gangopadhyay, Kunal Gupta, Aditya Oza, and Sumedh Battewar. In a span of one year, EM has expanded its dealership across India with three flagship products EMX (India’s first dual-suspension e-bike), T-Rex (mountain e-bike, designed for rough terrain), and Doodle (fat tyre foldable SUV of e-bikes). The company has sold over 10,000 units with annual revenue of $15 million.

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Polestar 3 Launches in the UAE



Al-Futtaim Electric Mobility Company, the official distributor of Polestar in the UAE, have announced the official launch of Polestar 3. Polestar 3 is also the brand’s first vehicle planned to be produced on two continents – marking a milestone in green mobility in the UAE and adding a luxury high-performance electric alternative to the most popular car segment in the country – SUVs.

Featuring a unique design language inspired by Polestar Precept and Scandinavian minimalism, Polestar 3 is a fully electric 5-seat luxury SUV with a power range of up to 380 kW and 910 Nm of torque. Marking Polestar’s entry into the thriving electric SUV market, Polestar 3 introduces a new aerodynamic profile with a focus on retaining SUV characteristics and features subtle yet effective aerodynamic optimisations – such as a front aero wing integrated into the bonnet, an aero wing integrated into the rear spoiler, and rear aero blades.

In the UAE, Polestar 3 prototypes were tested last year with temperatures reaching up to 50°C, aimed to fine-tune the vehicle’s climate system as a part of extreme weather tests to ensure optimal performance. The launch of Polestar 3 in the UAE is also in line with the official distributor of Polestar in the UAE, Al-Futtaim Electric Mobility Company’s pioneering role in developing a new sustainable mobility ecosystem that contributes to the country’s firm commitment to net-zero by 2050.

Hasan Nergiz, Managing Director, Al-Futtaim Electric Mobility Company, said, “Polestar 3 is one of the most anticipated electric vehicles worldwide, and of course, we are thrilled to bring this car into the region. For us, this is the car that will unlock the UAE market for Polestar, as it redefines what SUVs can do in terms of performance in the electric age while enabling zero carbon emissions. It is also a strong manifestation of our commitment to continue spearheading the sustainable mobility transition of the country, and delivering the best of performance, luxury and sustainability, all at the same time. The introduction of Polestar 3 is perfectly timed, as Al-Futtaim continue to drive investments in shaping an end-to-end electric mobility ecosystem across the UAE, including our charging stations and the region’s first IMI-certified e-mobility training centre launched by us last year.”

Polestar 3 is available at launch with a dual-motor configuration with a power bias towards the rear and an optional Performance Pack for increased power and torque. It boasts a 111 kWh battery pack with a driving range of up to 610km WLTP*. Polestar 3 is also equipped for bidirectional charging, enabling future potential for vehicle-to-grid and plug-and-charge capabilities in the future.

Polestar 3 is equipped with central computing using the NVIDIA DRIVE core computer and carries next-generation advanced active and passive safety technology from Volvo Cars as part of its DNA. This includes the latest innovation – interior radar sensors that can detect sub-millimetre movements in the interior of the car, to help protect against accidentally leaving children or pets inside. This is also linked to the climate control system to avoid heat stroke or hypothermia. Further collaborations with industry-leading safety technology partners like Zenseact, Luminar and Smart Eye, provide Polestar 3 with cutting-edge ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) technology that integrates seamlessly thanks to the centralised computing power.

The infotainment system is powered by a next-generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platform from Qualcomm Technologies, providing an immersive in-vehicle experience. The infotainment interface is powered by Android Automotive OS and features Google built-in, an evolution of the ground-breaking system first introduced in Polestar 2. Materials used inside Polestar 3 have been selected for their sustainability credentials while raising premium aesthetics and luxury tactility. These include bio-attributed MicroTech, animal welfare-certified leather from Bridge of Weir, and fully traceable wool upholsteries.

Standard equipment includes air suspension, a panoramic glass roof, all-LED lighting, retractable door handles, and 21-inch alloy wheels. Optional packs, such as the Pilot Pack with LiDAR from Luminar and the Performance Pack, offer additional capabilities and performance enhancements. A significant aspect of the Polestar brand in the UAE is the powerful aftersales support network dedicated to electric and hybrid vehicles developed by Al-Futtaim Electric Mobility Company. Recognising that the maintenance of green mobility vehicles needs a new kind of expertise, the company offers dedicated training on e-mobility technologies at their IMI-certified training academy.

The Polestar 3 Long-range Dual motor is now available for order, with a starting price of AED 360,000. 

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Tesla Initiates Recall of Over 1.6 Million Cars in China Due to Steering Software Concerns



China’s regulatory authority has announced that Tesla is recalling more than 1.6 million vehicles in the country, encompassing models S, X, 3, and Y, along with 7,538 imported vehicles, citing concerns with steering software and door-locking systems. The necessary fixes will be implemented through remote software updates, eliminating the need for vehicle owners to visit dealerships or garages.

This action follows Tesla’s recall of two million cars in the United States less than a month ago, attributed to autopilot software issues. In May of the previous year, the Chinese regulator, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), had already raised alarms about potential acceleration and braking system problems in over a million vehicles. Subsequently, Tesla identified issues with assisted driving functions and door-locking systems.

SAMR characterizes the forthcoming software update as a recall, despite its remote execution. The over-the-air update will address concerns with the autosteer function, aiming to mitigate collision risks associated with the misuse of the level two combined assisted driving function, as explained by SAMR.

In addition to the broader recall, Tesla will also deploy a software upgrade for 7,538 Models S and X cars to resolve the problem of doors potentially unlocking during crashes.

This development marks another setback for Tesla in China, as the local manufacturer BYD surpassed Tesla in electric car sales worldwide during the last quarter of 2023. Notably, Tesla faced a similar situation in 2022, recalling nearly 128,000 cars in China due to a rear motor inverter defect.

Tesla holds a significant market share in China, a nation actively promoting electric and hybrid vehicle adoption through subsidies, to have a majority of clean energy-powered cars by 2035. The company operates a major manufacturing plant in Shanghai, its first international “gigafactory,” which delivered 947,000 vehicles in 2023, according to state news agency Xinhua.

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Volvo Launches the Electric EX30



Al-Futtaim Trading Enterprises, known for its premium and eco-friendly Volvo models, is making waves with the launch of the Volvo EX30, aiming to boost EV adoption in the UAE. This strategic move aligns with the sustainability focus of the historic COP28 event in the UAE, where the mission is to transition towards zero-emission vehicles. The EX30, Volvo’s first small premium SUV, is now open for bookings, expanding their growing all-electric lineup to four models. As a key element in Volvo Cars’ electrification strategy, the EX30 launch follows closely on the heels of the Al-Futtaim Group’s designation as the Strategic E-Mobility Partner of COP28, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability and leadership in diverse economic sectors in the UAE.

Oscar Rivoli, Managing Director at Al-Futtaim’s Trading Enterprises, said: “We are proud to announce the launch of the Volvo EX30 with Al-Futtaim Group being named COP28’s Strategic E-Mobility Partner. The newest addition to Volvo’s fully electric fleet, the Volvo EX30 is a compact SUV with a purpose-driven mission and a mighty green impact, delivering everything customers want from a Volvo alongside the smallest CO2 footprint of any Volvo car to date. Like any Volvo, it’s an outstanding product which is safe and designed around people and their needs, while reinforcing Al-Futtaim’s Group commitment to sustainability and the market’s unwavering demand for the fast-growing EV segment.”

The new fully electric Volvo EX30, despite its compact size, delivers the signature Volvo safety and innovation. Designed to boast the smallest CO2 footprint among Volvo cars, it enhances safety, convenience, and enjoyment with cutting-edge technology and Scandinavian design. The EX30 encapsulates Volvo’s design ethos in a smaller package, featuring a balanced exterior with a long wheelbase, large wheels, and equal overhangs. Its distinctly electric look includes a confident face, closed shield, and a digital rendition of the iconic Thor’s Hammer headlights.

The new EX30 offers two battery options: a 51 kWh LFP pack and a 69 kWh NMC variant, providing a maximum range of 298 miles. For city driving or shorter distances, the Core grade with a single-motor LFP battery is cost-effective. The EX30 Plus grade, featuring an NMC extended-range battery, offers a range of up to 480 km. For performance enthusiasts, the Ultra Performance variant pairs the NMC battery with a second e-motor, making it Volvo’s fastest-accelerating car. Charging is rapid, with the Twin Motor variant capable of 153 kW DC charging, allowing 10-80% charge in just over 25 minutes, customizable through the car’s display and app.

The EX30, with the lowest carbon footprint in Volvo’s history, exemplifies Volvo Cars’ commitment to sustainability. With meticulous attention to emissions reduction in production, lifecycle, and material use, the EX30’s total carbon footprint of over 200,000 km driving is under 30 tonnes. Safety is paramount, featuring a special bike safety feature to prevent ‘dooring’ accidents and state-of-the-art restraint technology.

The EX30 enhances the driver’s experience with cutting-edge tech, Scandinavian interior design, and a contextual single-screen User Interface with Google integration on a 12.3” display. It introduces the new generation Park Pilot Assist for effortless parking. Collaborations with Google, Apple, Qualcomm, and HaleyTek software joint venture underline Volvo’s commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience.

The EX30 comes in four grades: Core, Plus, Ultra Performance, and Ultra Performance LE, starting at AED 149,900. Available for booking, it offers five exterior colours such as Crystal White Metallic, Onyx Black Metallic, Vapour Grey, Moss Yellow, and Cloud Blue. Interior options, inspired by Scandinavian nature, include Indigo, Pine, Breeze, and Mist.

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