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HUAWEI’s New WiFi Mesh 7 Offers Fantastic Performance



With rising trends of flexible, remote, and mobile working, homes have become the workplaces. Working from home saves people commuting time and helps people focus better on their tasks as there are no others around them to distract. However, what if your home internet is not stable enough? How can we stay productive at home? Well, switching to a powerful WiFi router is one of the simplest ways to upgrade your home wireless network, the foundation of the modern workplace. If you consider improving your WiFi network and productivity while working from home, the new HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 is the right choice. Its WiFi 6 Plus feature will practically double the network speeds with compatible devices, can cover the entire area of your house, provides stable and reliable connections, and protects your network from intruders and malware.

Unbelievable Network Speeds
With support for WiFi 6+, HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 provides fast and stable WiFi signals. It features tri-band support and eight total transmission rates up to 6600Mbps, which is industry-leading. Once your files are ready, just drop them in the upload box and hit the button. The rest will be taken care of by HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7. This eases your pain, especially when you are rushing for assignment deadlines.

Browsing webpages, watching high-res online videos, or even playing intensive games during breaks, a fast and stable WiFi network makes your life much easier and lets you achieve more. Even when transferring large files, the HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 has your back. It supports the latest 4K QAM and 4×4 MIMO technology for 20% higher performance throughput. You can send and receive any number of files without worrying that the network will become slow.

Coverage: Say Goodbye to Signal Blind Spots
When walking from one room to another or from the first floor to the second floor if you live in a large house, WiFi signals tend to become weak across a few walls from the WiFi router. Sometimes, your devices may get disconnected from the WiFi network altogether. That’s because the router fails to provide wide enough coverage. To address that, the 2-pack router, HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7, includes eight separate signal amplifiers to provide wider coverage.

When working from home, you don’t just sit at the same place for the whole day. You may move around in the house with your devices. That means you need WiFi coverage that reaches farther and extends to multiple floors and penetrates multiple walls. It won’t be a problem for the HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 as it easily provides network coverage for an area of up to 6,000 square ft, eliminating all the signal blind spots in your home.

Performance: Smooth and Seamless Switching
A strong WiFi network is irreplaceable for today’s modern workplace, including a home office. Network congestion is the last thing you want when you are in the middle of a client call or trying to download important files. To boost productivity at work, you’ll need a powerful router that backs you up. Of course, there are many mesh routers available on the market. However, the HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 stands out with HarmonyOS Mesh+, which takes WiFi network performance to the next level.

Here’s the thing – traditional mesh routers are signal-band routers. They only provide one path for signal transmitting between routers, and what’s worse, they don’t always manage to deliver a high-speed network at full throttle. That’s why HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 supports tri-band networks to make sure the network performance stays strong while you work. Compared with single-band networking, it combines 5GHz-High Band, 5GHz-Low Band and 2.4GHz to enable a 17% bigger throughput. A bigger throughput means it lets you enjoy a more powerful WiFi network even when the amount of data transmission is intense. Even if everyone in the house is working from home or watching online videos, or playing games, HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 will deliver a powerful WiFi network that you can rely on.

What’s more, the overall roaming switch latency is as low as 50ms thanks to the Super Seamless Roaming feature by HarmonyOS Mesh+. When using your mobile devices and walking around your home, you can enjoy uninterrupted video streaming or online content editing without worrying about network disconnection. The HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 priorities the fastest and most stable 4×4 channels for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Another exclusive feature that HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 offers is the Load Balancing. When you are having online training or working on various tasks, the router intelligently assigns the connected devices and data to different network channels based on the congestion level. Even when the network is overburdened, all data can be transmitted quickly, and the connection remains stable.

Powerful performance aside, the HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 lets you easily connect smartphones to the WiFi network with a simple tap. The secret lies in the One-Touch Connect feature. You don’t have to share the WiFi password with your guests for them to connect. Instead, they can tap their NFC-enabled smartphone on the HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 and connect to the guest WiFi.

Security: Protect Your Network From Risks
Security is becoming more and more critical with every passing day. Your router is like a gatekeeper that makes sure you can work in a safe and reliable environment. If your home network is attacked, you can’t imagine how terrible it could be. That’s why the HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 comes with a handful of security features to protect your home network.

With internet access failure detection, the network coverage heat map, a connected device list, and troubleshooting tools, the HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 have everything under control. You can rest assured that you will have a fast, stable, and secure wireless connection when working from home. Moreover, the exclusive features, such as visualised smart diagnosis through the HUAWEI AI Life app, offer you an unmatched user experience.

Price and Availability
The HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7 is available from December 16th starting at AED 1999, and the HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 3 starting at AED 1199 on Huawei e-store, Huawei Experience Stores, and Select Retailers across the UAE. The UAE consumers will receive HUAWEI Freelace with HUAWEI Mesh 7 purchase, and HUAWEI Smart Scale 3 with every HUAWEI Mesh 3 purchase.

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HUAWEI nova 12i Redefines Mid-Range: Premium Features, Affordable Price



Premium features don’t have to come at a premium price. If you’re looking for a smartphone that delivers amazing performance and features without breaking the bank, a mid-ranger can be a great choice. Mid-range smartphones have come a long way, and the HUAWEI nova 12i is a prime example.

The nova series has long been a darling amongst trend-conscious users, and with the nova 12i, it’s easy to see why. This sleek powerhouse retains the series’ signature generous battery, storage, and display while delivering exciting upgrades. The star of the show? A dazzling 108MP High-Res Camera that elevates mobile photography to new levels. At its core, the HUAWEI nova 12i caters to the always-on lifestyle of young movers and shakers. Whether you’re a social media enthusiast, a photography buff, or simply need a reliable daily driver, this phone has you covered.

Capture Stunning Detail: 108MP High-Res Photography
The HUAWEI nova 12i offers a truly advanced 108MP High-Res Photography experience with its ultra-high definition 108MP main camera. This powerful camera system features a large F1.9 aperture, a 1/1.67-inch sensor, and nine-in-one pixel fusion technology, ensuring exceptional light sensitivity and versatile shots in any scenario. The Super Star Orbit Ring encircles the camera module like a celestial spotlight, adding a touch of glamour and making this phone a true standout.

Even in challenging conditions like backlit HDR or low light situations, the nine-in-one pixel fusion technology ensures exceptional brightness without sacrificing detail. Night shots, in particular, benefit from improved highlight suppression and greater clarity, preventing issues like overexposure from streetlights or car headlights.

With the HUAWEI nova 12i, you can capture picture-perfect photographs effortlessly. Whether shooting portraits, landscapes, or detailed close-ups, the camera’s superior resolution and light sensitivity ensure breathtaking results in any lighting condition. The Snapshot feature also delivers instantaneous shutter response, allowing you to capture fleeting moments of action and emotion with crystal-clear precision.

Powered by HUAWEI’s patented RAW Domain Algorithm, the camera optimizes brightness, clarity, and dynamic range to deliver vivid colours and balanced exposure. The result is stunningly natural, true-to-life images that capture every detail.

Stay Powered with 40W SuperCharge Turbo
Never worry about a dying battery again with the HUAWEI nova 12i’s powerful 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo. This allows you to rapidly charge the battery from empty to 62% in just 30 minutes, providing a full day’s worth of usage. Whether you’re travelling, being productive on the go, or simply having a hectic day ahead, the 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo ensures you’ll never be slowed down by a drained battery.

Even with high-power consumption activities, like gaming, video streaming, or running multiple apps simultaneously, fast charging eliminates any battery anxiety. So, you can confidently take on your day without worrying about finding an outlet or carrying a bulky power bank.

Massive Storage and All-Day Battery Life
You never have to worry about running out of space or battery life with the HUAWEI nova 12i. it offers a massive 256GB of onboard storage, allowing you to keep all your favourite photos, videos, music, games, and important files right on your device without having to constantly delete precious memories to make room.

Complementing the generous storage is an equally impressive 5000mAh battery packed into a slim, lightweight design. This battery can power you through an entire day of heavy usage, ensuring you can work, play, and create without constantly searching for a charger.

But the HUAWEI nova 12i doesn’t stop there. It also features advanced AI Battery Saving Technology that intelligently optimizes energy use by identifying and disabling non-essential background apps. This smart power management system adapts to your usage patterns, ensuring you get the most out of every charge and extending the already impressive battery life even further.

EMUI 14: Revolutionising User Experience
The nova 12 Series is the first smartphone to launch the new EMUI 14. It steps up security, personalisation and efficiency, giving users a vastly superior and fuss-free interface and fun customisations to engage with. EMUI 14 brings exciting features like Live View, providing real-time glimpses of app activity right from your lock screen, and customizable Lock Screen Themes that let you express your unique style. EMUI 14 takes privacy seriously, putting users in complete control of app permissions and access to their data. The simplified interface makes managing these settings easier than ever, with intuitive toggle buttons for quick adjustments.

Immersive Visuals Without Compromise
The HUAWEI nova 12i boasts a large 6.7-inch AOD (Always-On Display) with remarkably slim bezels, maximizing screen-to-body ratio for immersive viewing. It also features Smooth Dimming Control, a flicker-free adaptive brightness solution that uses ambient light sensors to reduce eye strain, particularly in low-light environments.

The HUAWEI nova 12i is a winning combination of impressive photography capabilities, eye-catching design, and convenient user-focused features. For those seeking a smartphone that effortlessly blends function, self-expression, and style, this is a phone that’s hard to beat.

The HUAWEI nova 12 Series is available for pre-order starting from March 29th till April 2nd. The Huawei nova 12s is priced at AED 1,599 and comes in black, white, and blue colours. Pre-orders come with gifts worth AED 469, which includes the HUAWEI FreeBuds 5i, a General-Energetic Work Gift Package, Viu 6-month subscription, and 3 months of HUAWEI Care+ service. On the other hand, the Huawei nova 12 SE is priced at AED 1,199 in black and green colours, while the HUAEWEI nova 12i is priced at AED 949 and also comes in black and green colours. Pre-orders for both devices come with gifts worth AED 379, which include the HUAWEI FreeBuds SE 2, a General-Energetic Work Gift Package, Viu 6-month subscription, and 3 months of Huawei Care Plus service.

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MWC 2024: Huawei Redefines Smart Wearables with Revolutionary Health-Tech Integration



As the curtains rise on MWC 2024, Huawei CBG unveils its strategic vision, underpinned by a fusion of high-end sophistication, fashion-forward aesthetics, and unparalleled technological prowess. In today’s fast-paced world, where health consciousness is on the rise, the intersection of technology and wellness has become a focal point for consumers worldwide.

Among the frontrunners in this space is Huawei, with its smart wearables segment emerging as a pivotal driver of global business growth. With a pursuit of innovation and commitment to addressing consumer needs, Huawei has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the smart wearable industry.

Unraveling Huawei’s Smart Wearables Journey
Huawei’s smart wearables have transcended geographical boundaries, with the Middle East and Africa being a particularly high-potential market. According to Counterpoint Research, Huawei witnessed a staggering 56% year-on-year increase in smartwatch shipments in Q3 2023, solidifying its position as a key player globally. With a market share of 14% and a third ranking globally, Huawei’s ascent in the high-end smartwatch segment has been remarkable.

Huawei’s foray into the smart wearable arena traces back over a decade, marked by continuous evolution and pioneering advancements. Central to its success has been the development of TruSeen vital sign monitoring technology, a testament to Huawei’s dedication to health-centric innovation. Over eight years, this technology has undergone five generations of upgrades, catapulting Huawei into the upper echelons of the smart wearable industry.

Fueling Huawei’s innovation engine is its unwavering investment in research and development. In 2023, Huawei unveiled its largest Health Lab outside China, situated in Helsinki, Finland. This state-of-the-art facility serves as a hub for cutting-edge research in smart wearables, bolstering Huawei’s mission to deliver science-based health features to users worldwide. Collaborations with esteemed institutions and experts underscore Huawei’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of health-focused technology.

At the heart of Huawei’s smart wearables ecosystem lies a commitment to comprehensive health management. The Huawei Health app boasts a user base exceeding 450 million, offering a suite of features designed to enhance users’ well-being. From sleep management to mental health monitoring, Huawei’s smart wearables are equipped with advanced functionalities aimed at promoting proactive health management among consumers.

The Huawei Difference: Bridging Innovation and Wellness
Huawei’s dedication to health innovation extends beyond conventional boundaries. By prioritizing technical challenges such as sleep, blood pressure, and mental health management, Huawei is poised to redefine the landscape of health-focused wearables. The TruSeen 5.5+ technology, with its enhanced monitoring capabilities, exemplifies Huawei’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to global consumers.

What sets Huawei apart is its holistic approach to innovation, seamlessly integrating technology with wellness. The HUAWEI WATCH D, with its groundbreaking blood pressure measurement capabilities, exemplifies Huawei’s commitment to merging cutting-edge hardware with user-centric software. Recognized by global institutions and organizations, the HUAWEI WATCH D has garnered accolades for its precision and reliability, setting a new standard in health-focused wearables.

Beyond health monitoring, Huawei is pioneering advancements in smart fitness. From engaging courses developed in collaboration with fitness experts to pro-level workouts tailored to diverse user needs, Huawei is democratizing fitness and inspiring millions to lead healthier lifestyles. The integration of TruSport technology, supporting over 100 workout modes, underscores Huawei’s dedication to making fitness accessible to all.

Charting the Course Ahead
As Huawei embarks on its journey into 2024, the focus remains steadfast on addressing the evolving needs of consumers. By prioritizing health-centric innovation and forging strategic partnerships, Huawei is poised to redefine the future of smart wearables. With an unwavering commitment to empowering users with comprehensive health management solutions, Huawei continues to lead the charge in the intersection of technology and wellness.

In a rapidly evolving landscape where health takes centre stage, Huawei’s smart wearables stand at the vanguard of innovation, embodying a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and wellness-focused design. As Huawei continues to push the boundaries of possibility, the future of smart wearables shines brighter than ever before.

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Here Are the Best Gaming Laptops from ROG for 2024 in the UAE



Explore the cutting-edge technology from ROG gaming laptops for gamers and creators, powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPUs are the driving force behind the world’s speediest laptops for gaming enthusiasts and content creators. This features the best gaming laptops for gamers and creators by ASUS ROG. Constructed with the highly efficient NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, these ASUS ROG laptops are equipped with the RTX 40 Series, which boasts specialized AI Tensor Cores, paving the way for innovative AI experiences that are beyond the reach of a typical laptop.

With these ASUS ROG laptops, you can experience a significant performance boost with DLSS 3 and immerse yourself in realistic virtual environments with comprehensive ray tracing. Additionally, the Max-Q suite of technologies fine-tunes system performance, power, battery life, and acoustics for optimal efficiency.

Here then are the 2024 best gaming laptops now available in the ASUS official eshop in the UAE!

2024 ROG Strix SCAR 18 (G834)

The ROG Strix has been upgraded with the latest CPUs and ROG Nebula HDR Displays. The Strix SCAR 18 now features Mini LED displays with over 2,000 dimming zones for exceptional HDR performance. This year sees the debut of the first 18-inch ROG Nebula HDR Display.

The 2024 Strix SCAR 18 is equipped with enhanced Mini LED panels that boast over 2,000 discrete dimming zones and a peak brightness of 1,100 nits. This makes HDR content and games look better than ever. The increased density, combined with the ROG Nebula HDR Engine, reduces blooming and haloing even in challenging scenes, resulting in incredibly vibrant HDR performance for the Strix SCAR 18.

While the ROG Nebula HDR panels exclusive to the Strix SCAR line are truly remarkable, all the displays in the 2024 Strix family are visually impressive. Each model features a 2.5K 240Hz refresh rate panel with a grey-to-grey response time of less than 3ms, providing gamers with an outstanding visual experience.

For added immersion, these panels have an extra tall 16:10 aspect ratio and cover 100% of the DCI-P3 colour space. Regardless of the Strix machine a gamer chooses, they will be treated to a panel that makes their games and content more vibrant and immersive than ever.

The pricing of the 2024 ROG Strix SCAR 18 starts from AED 17999 and goes up to AED 24999. The highest spec 2024 ROG Strix SCAR 18 is as below:

  • 14th Gen Intel Core i9-14900HX Processor
  • 64GB DDR5-5600
  • 1TB + 1TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 Performace SSD (RAID 0)
  • 18” QHD+ (2560 x 1600) 16:10 240hz ROG Nebula HDR Display (MiniLED)
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 GPU 12GB
  • ROG Intelligent Cooling technology
  • MUX Switch and NVIDIA Advanced Optimus

BUY NOW: 2024 ROG Strix SCAR 18 (G834)

ROG Strix G16 2024 (G614)

The ROG Strix G16 2024 (G614) is a high-performance gaming laptop that offers a range of impressive features. It is powered by the 14th Gen Intel Core i9-14900HX Processor, providing efficient AI processing. The laptop comes with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060/4080 Laptop GPU, delivering exceptional graphics performance. The graphics are also powered by NVIDIA DLSS 3, ultra-efficient Ada Lovelace arch, and full ray tracing.

The Strix G16 features a dazzling 16-inch, up to a QHD 240Hz Nebula Display with a 16:10 aspect ratio, 240Hz/3ms, and 100% DCI-P3 colour coverage. This laptop is designed for gamers and creators who demand top-tier performance, stunning visuals, and efficient cooling in their devices.

The pricing of the ROG Strix G16 2024 starts from AED 7999 and goes up to AED 14999. The highest spec of the laptop is listed below:

  • Powered by NVIDIA DLSS 3, ultra-efficient Ada Lovelace arch, and full ray tracing.
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 GPU 12GB
  • Windows 11 Home
  • 14th Gen Intel Core i9-14900HX Processor
  • 16-inch, QHD+ 16:10 (2560 x 1600, WQXGA), Refresh Rate: 240hz
  • 1TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD

BUY NOW: ROG Strix G16 2024 (G614)

ASUS TUF Gaming A15 (2023) (FA507)

The ASUS TUF Gaming A15 is equipped with AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series processor, a fast 144hz display, and a USB 4.0 Type-C port. It also boasts up to a GeForce RTX 4060 and a long-lasting 90Wh battery.

The price of the ASUS TUF Gaming A15 (2023) starts from AED 4199. The highest spec of the laptop is listed below:

  • Powered by NVIDIA DLSS 3, ultra-efficient Ada Lovelace arch, and full ray tracing.
  • AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS Mobile Processor
  • 16GB 4800Mhz DDR5 RAM
  • 512GB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD
  • 6” FHD (1920 x 1080) 16:9 144hz
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 GPU 8GB
  • Military-grade certified durability

BUY NOW: ASUS TUF Gaming A15 (2023) (FA507)

In the ever-evolving world of laptops, finding the perfect combination of performance and affordability can be a daunting task. Look no further; the ASUS TUF Gaming A15 is your go-to option if you’re in search of a high-performance laptop without breaking the bank. Or you can also explore the refurbished laptop options on the ASUS eShop today!

Best Gaming Laptops Selection from ROG for 2024 in UAE:

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