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Video Review of the POCO F4 GT in the UAE



POCO’s new F4 GT is a gaming smartphone that packs in top-notch specs at a pocket-friendly price. The F4 GT is a beautiful-looking smartphone that has been built using premium material. On the front of the device, you get a 6.67-inch FHD+ 120Hz OLED panel that brings in a good balance of resolution, refresh rate, and battery life.

The phone offers a choice between either 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rate, which can be chosen from the Settings menu. Or you can just leave it on Auto for the device to dynamically change it based on the content being consumed.

On the left edge of the device, you get the volume rockers, a microphone, and the dual SIM slot. On the right edge, you get the power button that also doubles up as a fingerprint scanner. You also get a couple of shoulder magnetic pop-up triggers, which are aimed at gamers, since these can be used as gaming controllers. POCO has included a pair of sliding buttons that can be used to pop the triggers out and retract them.

On the top edge, you get the IR blaster, another microphone, and the speaker grille. On the bottom edge, is where you will find the USB Type-C port, a microphone, and the speaker grille. The POCO F4 GT comes with a quad-speaker setup and support for Dolby Atmos. The phone runs on the Android 12 operating system with MIUI 13.0.2 running on top of it.

Inside the box, you get the POCO F4 GT, a clear case, a SIM ejector tool, a Type-C to 3.5mm audio jack adapter, a 120W hyper charger, and the L-shaped USB Type-C cable, designed with gamers in mind. Under the hood, the phone is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, coupled with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage space. The POCO F4 GT also supports virtual memory extension by 3GB for a smoother gaming experience. The POCO F4 GT is cooled using the LiquidCool Technology 3.0.

The phone is available in three different colours – Stealth Black, Knight Silver, and Cyber Yellow. The one we received for this review is the Knight Silver variant. The phone measures just 8.5mm in thickness and weighs around 210-gms. The phone’s overall form factor is pretty nice and feels nice in the hands. The phone is also protected by a glass on the back and Gorilla Glass Victus on the display.

On the front, just above the display, you get a 20MP camera offering an aperture of f/2.4. On the rear, you get a triple camera setup. Now, this includes a 64MP wide-angle main camera with an aperture of f/1.9, an 8MP ultrawide camera with an aperture of f/2.2, and a 2MP macro lens with an aperture of f/2.4.

The POCO F4 GT comes with a 4700mAh battery, which in our tests offered a battery life of almost a day before it needed recharging. However, thanks to the 120W hyper charger bundled inside the box, the POCO F4 GT can be fully charged in about 18 minutes, which is insane!

Thanks to its strong internals, we saw brisk performance while launching apps, using the camera, and multitasking. This means you won’t have any issues performing daily smartphone tasks. Gaming performance was very fluid, too was very snappy too, as games such as Dead Trigger 2, Genshin Impact, and so on, delivered a very smooth experience. The popup triggers were really useful during the gaming sessions. You can also map these triggers to on-screen virtual buttons through the Game Turbo side menu, for PUBG, emulators, and other games.

The cameras also performed really well. Images and videos shot under good lighting conditions turned out pretty well. Even under low light conditions, the POCO F4 GT held its ground.

You get loads of modes, including clone mode, steady video mode (cropping in from the main camera), long exposure suite, dual video option, movie effects mode, and a vlog mode. All of these modes are in there, keeping content creators in mind.

For a price of AED 2499, the POCO F4GT offers a great gaming smartphone at an attractive price point. You get a flagship chipset, excellent internal specs, retractable shoulder triggers for gaming, and brilliant 120W hyper charging. The POCO F4 GT thus comes across as highly recommended.

Price: AED 2499

Buy the POCO F4 GT now:

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Thanks to its strong internals, we saw brisk performance while launching apps, using the camera, and multitasking. This means you won’t have any issues performing daily smartphone tasks. Gaming performance was very fluid and snappy, as games such as Dead Trigger 2, Genshin Impact, and so on, delivered a very smooth experience. The popup triggers were really useful during the gaming sessions.

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TEAMGROUP Launches the MP44Q M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD



Team Group has launched TEAMGROUP MP44Q M.2 PCIe 4.0 Solid State Drive, featuring the latest 3D QLC NAND technology, combining cutting-edge technology with the trend of demanding high storage capacity to meet daily system and file storage needs. TEAMGROUP MP44Q M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD utilises the latest 3D QLC NAND, offering capacities of up to 4TB. With the PCIe Gen4 x4 interface and SLC Caching technology, it achieves maximum sequential read and write speeds of up to 7,400 MB/s and 6,500 MB/s, respectively.

The MP44Q SSD operates with low power consumption, catering to all document processing and storage applications, significantly enhancing work efficiency. Paired with TEAMGROUP’s exclusively patented graphene heat dissipation sticker, whose thickness is less than 1 mm, eliminating the potential for mechanical interference in any assembly, coupled with the native heat sink of the motherboard, such an arrangement effectively addresses the heat generated by high performance, extending the SSD’s lifespan.

Additionally, it supports TEAMGROUP’s exclusively patented SSD intelligent monitoring software, S.M.A.R.T., allowing for quick and easy configuration and testing, effortlessly monitoring the quality and performance of the SSD. The product also provides the latest QLC high-speed Gen4 x4 SSD to cater to various storage needs for both life and work.

The packaging of TEAMGROUP MP44Q M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD adopts recyclable packaging materials and has passed RoHS, REACH, and other environmental protection certifications with the effort of contributing to sustainable living. The product comes with a comprehensive 5-year warranty, ensuring consumer confidence in product quality. It is expected to be available globally starting in early May 2024.

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Nothing Intros Ear and Ear (a) Powered by ChatGPT



Nothing has revamped its audio product line with two new wireless earbuds: Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a).


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The company also announced groundbreaking ChatGPT integration for its earbuds and smartphones, marking an industry first.

The new earbuds represent a culmination of three years of design and engineering, catering to both audiophiles and everyday listeners.

“Ear” prioritizes audio quality, while “Ear (a)” is designed for daily use.

Features of the Nothing Ear:

  • Enhanced Sound: Custom 11mm drivers and a refined dual-chamber design deliver richer audio with crisper highs and clearer sound.
  • High-Resolution Audio: Supports LHDC 5.0 and LDAC codecs for high-fidelity Bluetooth streaming.
  • Advanced Equalizer: Offers extensive customization options through the Nothing X app, including pre-sets and personalized profiles based on hearing tests.
  • Industry-Leading Noise Cancellation: Features Nothing’s most effective ANC yet, with Smart ANC auto-adjusting for optimal noise reduction (up to 45 dB).
  • Extended Playtime: Up to 40.5 hours of battery life with the charging case, with fast charging capabilities.
  • Improved Call Clarity: Advanced Clear Voice Technology and wind reduction design for clear calls.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Dual Connection allows switching between devices, while Low Lag Mode reduces audio delay for gaming.

Features of the Nothing Ear (a):

  • Eye-Catching Design: Features Nothing’s signature transparency with a playful bubble design and a vibrant yellow color option.
  • Noise Cancellation on Demand: Offers ANC with Smart and Adaptive modes for personalized noise reduction (up to 45 dB).
  • Powerful Sound: Delivers deeper bass thanks to its new driver and dual-chamber design.
  • Hi-Resolution Audio Certified: Supports LDAC codec for high-quality Bluetooth streaming.
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 42.5 hours of playtime with the charging case, with fast charging capabilities.
  • Dual Connection and Low Lag Mode: Provides seamless connectivity and reduced audio lag for a smooth user experience.

Nothing is pushing boundaries by integrating ChatGPT with its earbuds and Nothing OS. This allows users with the latest Nothing OS and ChatGPT to access AI capabilities directly from their earbuds and smartphones through pinch-to-speak functionality.

Further integration within Nothing OS is promised, including screenshot sharing and Nothing-styled widgets. Nothing Ear will be priced at AED 549, while Nothing Ear (a) will be available for AED 379. Pre-orders in the UAE start on April 22nd.

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Shure Launches the new MV7+ Microphone



Shure has launched its new hybrid XLR/USB dynamic microphone with the launch of the MV7+ Podcast Microphone. The MV7+ is aimed at those seeking to capture broadcast-quality audio in even the most challenging of spaces. With Shure’s cutting-edge Voice Isolation Technology, the focus lies on the user’s voice, avoiding annoying background noises and ensuring outstanding audio for every recording and streaming session.

It also includes a new, innovative onboard Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine which powers a suite of advanced features, like an improved Auto Level Mode, a Digital Popper Stopper for enhanced plosive control, Real-time Denoiser, and Adjustable Reverb. Thanks to its unique full-touch LED live meter display and numerous customization options, the MV7+ sets a new standard in sound quality and personalization while diving into a vibrant world of colour.

To elevate the user experience to the next level, the MV7+ podcast microphone integrates with the free, new MOTIV Mix Desktop app, Shure’s latest MOTIV software interface. MOTIV Mix provides users with the ability to configure all aspects of the MV7+. The software also offers multi-track recording and routing to support users with greater control of their live streaming and recordings. With MV7+ and MOTIV Mix, it’s easier than ever to sound authentic, freeing up creators to let their imagination shine brightly.

“Modern content creators and streamers are constantly searching for new ways to customize their set-up and sound to set themselves above the pack,” said Sean Sullivan, Associate Director of Global Product Management at Shure. “The MV7+ is our answer to this challenge. It builds off the legacy of the MV7 and delivers broadcast-quality audio in any setting while empowering creators with intuitive customization and control. Through our latest DSP innovations and the new MOTIV Mix desktop app integration, the MV7+ is set to redefine excellence in audio recording for every session.”

New Features and Benefits:

  1. Multi-Color LED Touch Panel: Elevate the audio experience with a customizable LED touch panel. Choose from over 16.8 million colours to visualize your sound levels or engage an ambient pulse effect. A simple tap anywhere on the LED Panel Live Meter instantly mutes the microphone, ensuring privacy and control.
  2. Real-time Denoiser: Leverage the advanced DSP technology of the MV7+ to eliminate background noise. It works in harmony with the microphone’s Voice Isolation to deliver pristine sound, even in less-than-ideal recording environments.
  3. Digital Popper Stopper: Remove harsh plosive sounds to avoid acoustic distractions and a cumbersome physical pop filter on camera.
  4. Improved Auto Level Mode: Intelligent audio adjustment adapts the microphone gain based on the distance, volume, and room dynamics, providing perfectly balanced sound automatically.
  5. Onboard Reverb: Choose from three types of onboard reverb settings–Plate, Hall, Studio—and set intensity levels to add desired depth and richness to recordings.
  6. Hybrid XLR and USB-C outputs: The MV7+ integrates into any setup as it provides hybrid USB-C and XLR output and connects seamlessly with your laptop or phone (iOS and Android), offering unparalleled flexibility and ease of use.

Shure has also announced the new MOTIV Mix software for the MV7+ microphone. This platform allows users to customize the LED panel, access up to five multi-track recording and routing channels, and fine-tune settings like sound signature, gain, and more. A Beta version of the new software will be available to experience with the MV7+ at launch, helping users reduce the number of apps needed to streamline their workflows. Key features of MOTIV Mix include:

  • Multi-channel Mixer: Control multiple channels of audio to record, monitor or use your mixed audio for your live stream.
  • Soundcheck: Check your mic’s gain setting and optimize it with the help of Soundcheck.
  • A redefined Monitor Mix Slider: Mix mic output and system audio playback levels individually.
  • Full access: to advanced DSP features of your MV7+ Podcast Microphone.

MOTIV Mix will soon be compatible with other legacy MOTIV products such as the MV7 and the MVX2U, serving as a building block for forthcoming software innovations and premium features. The MV7+ Podcast Microphone comes in two colours (black and white). The black MV7+ is available now at Shure’s official partners and Amazon. This summer, the white version will be available along with a special bundle, the MV7+ Podcast kit, that includes the microphone in black and a Gator mic stand. Each purchase comes with a 3m USB-C to USB-C cable, a printed quick start guide, and a MOTIV MIX Art Card with download instructions. Other accessories such as a 15-inch USB-C to lightning cable and a replacement foam windscreen are available for purchase individually.

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