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Huawei Launches New Devices at its Flagship Launch Event 2022



Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) featured a variety of HUAWEI’s cutting edge hardware products at the Huawei Flagship Launch Event 2022, including the HUAWEI WATCH GT3 Pro, HUAWEI P50, HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2, HUAWEI WATCH D, HUAWEI Band 7 and HUAWEI Mate Xs 2 that aim to further simplify daily lives of consumers. Along with its hardware products, Huawei also features its world-renowned Health App which has aided consumers all around the world lead a healthy lifestyle.

Huawei also announced that UAE residents to be one of the first to get hands-on majority the new flagship devices this month including HUAWEI WATCH GT3 Pro, HUAWEI P50 and HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2. Huawei Consumer Business Group always puts consumers at the centre of what it does. At the launch event, Richard Yu, CEO of the Consumer Business Group, highlighted Huawei’s continuous dedication to optimising user experience to fulfil its strategy and vision of an All-Scenario Seamless AI Life.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT3 Pro comes with a “moon phase collection” interface design, premium materials, an ultra-clear large screen and a range of watch faces to choose from. The latest Huawei’s latest flagship smartwatch makes it easy to support a healthy lifestyle, with Electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis, and HUAWEI TruSeen 5.0+ data monitoring technology, allowing for accurate heart health measurement and blood oxygen monitoring.

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Titanium Edition comes with a 14 days battery life and 7 days of battery life in intense usage scenarios, while the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Ceramic Edition comes with 7 days of battery life in typical scenarios and 4 days of battery life in heavy usage scenarios. Thanks to wireless fast charging, you can charge up the watch for a full-day day of use in just 10 minutes.

Users of the HUAWEI WATCH GT3 Pro have access to over 100 workout modes paired with an AI Running Coach and personal running planning feature based on an individual’s physical, running history and personal goals. They are also able to monitor their health with the Electrocardiogram (ECG) function. The HUAWEI WATCH GT3 Pro allows users to obtain accurately record ECG data in support of vascular health management, allowing users to actively prevent the risk of vascular diseases.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT3 Pro, available in Titanium and Ceramic editions will hit the shelves starting May 20th at Huawei Experience Stores, e-commerce and across select retailers in the UAE.

It comprises the powerful Main Camera Matrix and SuperZoom Matrix. The hardware is integrated with the HUAWEI XD Optics and HUAWEI XD Fusion Pro image engine, resulting in high-resolution images that are brighter and cleaner with more details. Huawei went the extra mile to glean a better understanding of colours. It created a comprehensive solution and tweaked over 2,000 colours in the full colour gamut. There is a new super colour filter system with True-Chroma Image Engine and Super HDR technology that provides comprehensive enhancements to details, colours and dynamic range. The HUAWEI P50 is outstanding in videography as it is in photography.

The True-Form Dual-Matrix Camera supports 4K video recording on both the front and rear, providing vivid clear footage from every angle. Moreover, the periscope zoom lens supports a maximum zoom range of up to 80 times. The HUAWEI P50 also supports a new generation of AIS Pro True-Steady Shot technology and is complemented by all-new OIS hardware to offer vastly improved stabilisation experiences.

It incorporates a stunning display with a single-punch hole camera. With the HDR display supporting the full P3 colour gamut, it can deliver an impressive visual experience for both video entertainment and gameplay alike. The HUAWEI P50 features a 6.5-inch display with a high refresh rate and 300 Hz touch sampling rate to provide fast response times. With an IP68 rating, you can be sure you will be protected from the elements when out and about.

Whether for gaming, recording, working or simply browsing the Internet, the HUAWEI P50 delivers excellent battery life with a large and long-lasting 4100mAh battery, which is supported by 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge. Furthermore, the trusted innovative, and secure AppGallery is available on the HUAWEI P50 where users can download a wide range of high-quality apps.

The newly launched HUAWEI P50 in Cocoa Gold and Golden Black will be available in the UAE starting May 20th at a price of AED 2799. The HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 connects style and functionality together with fashionable characteristics. The HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 is equipped with a 1,74-inch AMOLED HD HUAWEI FullView that displays 336PPI and 336 x 480 resolution to deliver an excellent visual experience and is accompanied by a screen-to-body ratio as high as 72.2%. The watch also features a new chessboard launcher design that provides users with an interactive experience and the Tap to Transfer feature.

HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 now comes with a speaker, in addition to the microphone. Calls can be pushed from users’ smartphone to their smartwatch via Bluetooth, so they can chat on the go, wherever they are. Users can answer and hang up calls with ease by tapping on the smartwatch’s button and add frequently used contacts in the HUAWEI Heath App. They can also play music directly on the smartwatch with offline music playback and manage music playback through mobile apps. Gain access to HUAWEI Assistant∙TODAY[8] on the smartwatch to quickly check the weather, flights, and other information. Despite the compact body, HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 manages to fit in a large battery. Under typical usage scenarios, the smartwatch can be used for 10 days, and 7 days under heavy usage scenarios.

The new HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 will be available in the UAE starting May 27th at a price of AED 599.

HUAWEI Mate Xs 2
Introducing the HUAWEI Mate Xs 2, HUAWEI’s brand-new flagship foldable smartphone. With a weight of only 255g[9] and a thickness of only 5.4mm[10], the phone features the first 3D Fibreglass Design to achieve a fusion of aesthetic colours and textures. To achieve an ultra-flat surface that is minimalistic and natural, the phone uses the Falcon Wing Design. Through that, the movement of the hinge and screen is precisely synchronised via the fixed-length linkage control. For the phone’s screen, the use of HUAWEI’s self-developed innovative industry-first composite screen to absorb all shock and buffer makes the HUAWEI Mate Xs 2 ultra-reliable.

To further enhance user quality, the HUAWEI Mate Xs 2 is equipped with HUAWEI flagship products such as a 7.8-inch True-Chroma foldable display to deliver high-resolution content, Silicon-Based Anode battery for higher density and larger capacity, 66W[11] HUAWEI SuperCharge that allows a 90% charge within 30minutes, and an Anti-Reflective Nano Optical layer to help reduce glare. And to top that all off, the HUAWI Mate Xs 2 incorporates innovative interactions with multitasking capabilities and Floating Window Swipe Gestures to provide a seamless control while operating the multi-window.

HUAWEI Health App
HUAWEI Health App covers all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness. Users can enjoy a wide range of features of the HUAWEI Health App to stay fit for both physical and mental health. With HUAWEI Health+, Huawei is introducing a new premium paid subscription service for users who are looking for more advanced health & fitness features.

Creating a regiment to stay health is not easy but with the help of the HUAWEI Health App+’s Stay Fit Plan, users can create workouts and eating plans with automatic reminders for individuals base on their personal training days, exercise goals and favourite foods. Use the Nutritional Analysis to input nutrition data for each meal and calculation highly accurate calorie counts that can help users meet their goals.

Lastly, to help with breathing, HUAWEI’s Breathing Training allows users to create and develop their own breathing exercise routine which encourages consistency and ensures that the practice fits into the user’s daily life. The HUAWEI Health+ will be firstly released in Germany and Italy. HUAWEI continues to strive enable users to lead healthy lifestyles with new innovations. With new and unique hardware and functions allowing users to track and motivate themselves as they embark on the journey to finding their best self.

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App Launched to Provide Virtual Support Services for Survivors of Domestic Violence Across the Middle East



Shamsaha, a women’s focused non-profit organization, has launched a mobile application that will make crisis advocacy services available to women across the Middle East region for the very first time. Shamsaha focuses on women’s empowerment and protection programs, including providing 24/7 free and confidential support services in English and Arabic for survivors of domestic violence.

The new mobile app will ensure that these services will be available to women across the region by connecting them directly with Shamsaha’s trained and certified volunteers based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Through the app, women will be able to receive emotional and informational support along with referral programs for legal and therapy services. The app will also provide resources and survivor support tools, along with information about Shamsaha’s fundraising activities and trainings.

The mobile application will also act as the driver of Shamsaha’s regional expansion project, which aims to export its unique crisis advocacy program across the Arabian Gulf region. The first phase of the expansion project has commenced with the launch of virtual support services via the mobile app. This will be followed by the second phase, which is to establish in-person support services in collaboration with partners in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman.

Shamsaha’s expansion project and the development of its mobile application is being funded by the L’Oréal Fund for Women, which was launched by the L’Oréal Groupe in 2020 to support and empower highly vulnerable women around the world. On the occasion, Shamsaha founder and executive director Mary-Justine Todd said, “We are extremely excited to begin this new chapter in Shamsaha’s growth. When I first founded Shamsaha as a non-profit in Bahrain, I hoped to support as many survivors of abuse as possible and now our certified and culturally sensitive support services will be available for women across the Middle East.”

Shamsaha’s mobile application was also developed with support from the US Embassy in Bahrain and the British Embassy in Bahrain. Shamsaha advisory president Munira Al Shaikh added, “A great deal of hard work, commitment and support has gone into developing our mobile application. We want to thank everyone who dedicated their efforts to making this launch a success, including our most valued partners. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the community in Bahrain and the wider Arabian Gulf for welcoming this unique program and for furthering women’s empowerment and protection activities.”

The launch of the mobile application is in line with Shamsaha’s commitment towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 5 (Gender Equality) and its target to eliminate all forms of violence against women. Global statistics show that in 1 in 3 women will face some form of violence in their lifetime. This makes Shamsaha’s support services for women, via its new mobile application, essential because Shamsaha operates a number of prevention and response programs in the Middle East region.

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AppGallery Onboards 7Nights



AppGallery has successfully onboarded 7Nights, as part of Huawei Mobile Services’ (HMS) efforts to foster homegrown lifestyle applications. The partnership grants AppGallery users access to a growing online community to explore the latest lifestyle offerings. This collaboration with 7Nights will add to the growing repertoire of lifestyle-based applications for AppGallery users in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

Lu Geng, Vice President of the Middle East and Africa, Huawei Global Partnerships & Eco-Development, said: “At Huawei, introducing new applications for multiple verticals and customer touch points always lays at the forefront of our business strategy. Through our ongoing partnerships, we aim to diversify AppGallery’s portfolio by including a variety of local and regional apps that empower and enhance users’ everyday life.”

Commenting on the partnership, Joseph Khoury, CEO of 7Nights said: “We are pleased to be partnering with Huawei, and we certainly believe that this collaboration will leverage our reach among the audience in the Middle East via the official AppGallery platform. Our app users have shown great affinity to the Huawei ecosystem of products, and we believe this partnership will bolster our product offerings, helping us reach new consumer markets. 7Nights application will transform users’ social lives with incredible dining offers, ladies’ nights, gents’ events and exclusive discounts.’’

AppGallery is a platform that grants users access to apps across many categories, including games, content, and services. The marketplace has over 580 million monthly users and is available in more than 170 countries, and has over 5.4 million registered developers worldwide.

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TikTok to Launch New Screentime Management Tool



In the coming weeks, TikTok will launch two new practical tools as a part of its digital wellbeing mission to make it easier for its growing community of users to manage the time they spend on the entertainment platform in a single sitting and enable regular screen time breaks, thereby remaining in full control of their TikTok experience.

According to Global Media Insight, the average daily time spent on the internet in the UAE is 7 hours and 24 minutes per person, which is why a new screen time dashboard will give TikTok’s creative community data about how much time they are spending on the platform, with summaries on the daily time they’re spending using the platform, the number of times they opened the app, and a breakdown of daytime and night-time usage available at all times. Users can also opt for weekly notifications to review their dashboard and monitor the time spent in a single sitting.

These prompts will remind TikTok users to take a break after a certain amount of uninterrupted screen time, which they can set as per their choice and convenience. TikTok will also introduce weekly digital well-being prompts for younger members of the community. When users aged between 13 and 17 spends more than 100 minutes on the app in a single day, he or she will get a reminder from TikTok of using the screen time limit tool the next time they open the app.

The new features are in line with TikTok’s goal to promote a safe and positive experience for all its users and ensure that the entertainment platform is equipped to offer the best possible viewing choices for the TikTok community. The entertainment platform is focused on delivering digital experiences that bring joy, entertainment, and enrichment to our community. Part of this includes ensuring that the community have a positive relationship with their devices and allowing them to be more in control of their experiences. This is why TikTok is taking a number of steps today to help support our community’s digital well being as they create, including the new screen time management feature that allows users restrict the uninterrupted time that can be spent on the app.

TikTok is supporting the rollout of the new screen time management tools and encouraging its community in thinking about their digital habits by publishing a new guide, titled “How can I reflect on my digital well-being with my family and friends?” on the platform’s Safety Centre. The guide encourages the TikTok community to reflect more holistically about how they spend their time online – whether on TikTok or elsewhere – and how it makes them feel as they set the boundaries that best suit them.

The tools are part of TikTok’s continuous efforts to nurture its growing diverse global community and develop new tools and initiatives that support an environment where its users can create a customised experience, express themselves and have joy. Commenting on the well-being updates, Dr. Hamed AlNeyadi, the Director Executive Government Relations of IAT/ACTVET and member of TikTok MENA Safety Advisory Council, said “It’s essential that TikTok provides tools to control our time on the platform, this will increase the productivity time for the user and improve their physical and mental health. By providing options for parents to manage and control screentime for their children on TikTok, it helps to promote healthy use and proactively assists the user to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Sharing her insights on parenting and online activity, Dr. Lamar Kanafani, MA LMFT Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Supervisor said, “It’s already widely known what the negative mental and physical effects are of screen-time-overuse. So, in my eyes, the first step to helping your kids find the right balance is to get yourselves better disciplined with screen time as well, model it, and put in the initial and ongoing effort to engage physically with your kids. The quality of your relationship with them is key.

Launching within the coming weeks, the new features will be found in the Privacy and Settings, under the section Digital Wellbeing.

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