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Review: Linksys Atlas Pro 6 Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 System (3-Pack)



Linksys is a brand that has been known for top-notch networking products for years. The company was also the innovator of the mesh Wi-Fi system in early 2017. A few weeks ago, the company sent us the Linksys Atlas Pro 6 for a test drive, and we were so impressed by the overall performance, that we handed it the Gadget Voize Editors’ Choice award.

The Linksys Atlas Pro 6 is powered by the company’s own Velop Intelligent Mesh system. The variant we received was a 3-pack system – and each node is a dual-band WiFi 6 router that simultaneously delivers much-needed uninterrupted bandwidth for streaming, gaming, and even video calls to more than 30 devices with coverage up to 2,700 square feet per node.

That means, the 3-pack system we received can technically provide connectivity to over 90 devices and can offer coverage for an area of 4-5+ bedrooms – now, that’s huge!

The Linksys Atlas Pro 6 is designed to be an affordable alternative to the Velop AX4200 Mesh System, even though the top speed it can offer 5.4Gbps, compared with the 4.2Gbps of the Velop. There is a major difference between the two, though – while the Atlas Pro 6 uses a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 system, the Velop uses a tri-band Wi-Fi 6 system.

Each of the Atlas Pro nodes comes packed with a 2.4GHz radio rated at 600Mbits/sec and a 5GHz radio, which is capable of sending and transmitting data at up to 5.4Gbps. It also uses the 160MHz channel width, which allows the maximum amount of data to be transferred at once.

In terms of design, the nodes of the Linksys Atlas Pro 6 are a bit similar to the original Velop. The I/O ports are now at the rear of the nodes – these include three gigabit LAN ports and an “Internet” port, which can be used as a fourth LAN connector for the second and third nodes in the 3-pack variant.

There is also a single LED up top – now this glows purple when setup is required, blue when everything’s fine, and red when there’s a problem. On the bottom of each of the nodes, you get the WPS and reset buttons, and an on/off switch. All in all, the devices offer a minimalist design that will go well with any decor.

Inside the box, you get the three nodes, three power adaptors, a LAN cable, a documentation CD and the quick start guide. Setting up the devices is a walk in the park. Download the Linksys app from your favourite app store, and follow the onscreen instructions.

First, you will need to connect one of the nodes to a power outlet and then use the LAN cable to connect the node to your router. Next, switch on the device and follow the onscreen instructions to create a Wi-Fi network and complete the setup process.

Once everything is completed properly, the LED indicator on the top of the node should glow in blue. The app further allows you to connect additional nodes to the mesh network you just created. With the app, you will also be able to decide on the best place to place the node all over your house.

The Linksys smartphone app does a brilliant job of detecting and configuring the Atlas Pro 6 system. Inside the app, you also get Parental Control settings – this can be used to set access schedules for individual devices. In addition, you can also block specific devices from accessing specific websites.

Once you connect to the web interface of the admin panel of the nodes, you will also be able to configure your DHCP settings, set up port forwarding and MAC filtering, and nominate up to three devices for traffic prioritisation. It also offers a built-in channel chooser, which scans the airwaves to find the clearest radio frequencies for your network. In addition, you also get remote access capabilities to check on your network, when you are not home.

In order to test the performance of the Linksys Atlas Pro 6, I placed one node in the living room, one in the first bedroom, and one in the second bedroom, of our 2BHK apartment. We have a wide range of devices connected to our home network, including two NAS devices, both of which are placed in the second bedroom, which also doubles up as my home office. Usually, the connection in the second bedroom, with our existing setup is a bit erratic and we use extenders to extend the connectivity.

To test out the performance, I started copying a mix of files that included Word files, spreadsheets, videos, audios, zipped files, and so on. While the files were being copied to my laptop from the NAS, I started moving around the house to check whether there was a drop in the speed or in the connection. I am happy to report that the connectivity was very strong with no drops whatsoever. I was able to experience consistent connectivity and speeds, which is what users want today.

Our household has two NAS devices, a smart TV, four laptops, three tablets, four smartphones, a wireless doorbell and security system, a printer, a gaming console, a desktop PC, and a few IoT devices such as smart assistants, robotic vacuum cleaner, smart bulbs, a smart air fryer and so on. Considering such a setup, you would require a very stable home wireless network in order for it to endure connectivity and bandwidth requests.

The Linksys Atlas Pro 6 held its ground when it came to sheer performance. If your household has lots of devices competing with each other for connectivity and bandwidth, the Linksys Atlas Pro 6 is for you. The Linksys Atlas Pro 6 thus walks away with the Gadget Voize Editors’ Choice award!

Price: AED 1699 (3-pack variant)

Linksys Atlas Pro 6: Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 System (3-Pack) AED 1699
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The Linksys Atlas Pro 6 is powered by the company’s own Velop Intelligent Mesh system. The variant we received was a 3-pack system – and each node is a dual-band WiFi 6 router that simultaneously delivers much-needed uninterrupted bandwidth for streaming, gaming, and even video calls to more than 30 devices with coverage up to 2,700 square feet per node.

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Sony Announces New Compact Beamforming Shotgun Microphone ECM-B10



Sony Middle East & Africa introduced a new beamforming shotgun microphone, the ECM-B10. This new microphone features Sony’s industry-leading sharp directivity and digital signal processing, known as the ECM-B1M, in a remarkably compact form factor. The ECM-B10 applies digital signal processing to the sound collected by four high-performance microphone capsules using beamforming technology. This allows the user to customise how the audio is recorded by enhancing the microphone’s sensitivity from different directions.

The microphone offers three types of directivity in a single product, allowing the user to easily switch between super-directional, unidirectional, and omnidirectional. When using super-directivity, the microphone collects sound from a narrow field in front and suppresses sound from other directions. The super directivity setting is a great option for interviews, selfies, and other situations where the range of sound collection is limited to a narrow extent at the front.

The ECM-B10 also offers unidirectional sensitivity that suppresses sound from behind while collecting sound from a wide field in front. This option is perfect for recording conversations between several people. For additional flexibility, the user can also select omnidirectional sensitivity, which picks up sound equally from all directions and is ideal for recording environmental sounds.

The ECM-B10 offers crystal clear sound collection with effective noise suppression. Using digital signal processing within the microphone itself, the ECM-B10 effectively reduces noise for clearer sound collection and creates a more efficient post-production workflow since less audio edits are required. The ECM-B10 pairs with cameras that are equipped with a MI (Multi Interface) Shoe, either analogue or for best results; with cameras with a digital audio interface to transmit audio directly as a digital signal to deliver high-quality sound recording without degradation.

In addition, the microphone’s shock and vibration suppressing design effectively suppresses low-frequency vibration noise, while its cable-less design eliminates noise transmitted via cables. The supplied wind screen minimises environmental noises, making it easy to capture crisp audio even when shooting outside. For additional versatility, the ECM-B10 also includes the following audio settings:

  • ATT (attenuator) switch (0/10/20 dB).
  • FILTER switch (noise cut / low cut / off)
  • AUDIO LEVEL dial with AUTO/MAN (manual) switch

The microphone’s compact body provides flexibility and mobility, even when using gimbals and grips. By connecting the ECM-B10 to a camera via the MI Shoe, users can also experience greater shooting flexibility without any cables to interfere with the side flip out screen, and replacement of batteries. Power is supplied directly from the camera to the microphone, so you can continue shooting without worrying about the microphone battery running out.

For detailed setting operation, a comprehensive range of audio settings are available on the back of the microphone. This lets the user check the setting status at a glance, preventing any settings set by accident and provides peace of mind. For added durability, the ECM-B10’s design is resistant to dust and moisture, which allows for worry-free outdoor shooting when combined with a similarly dust and moisture resistant body and lens. 

The new ECM-B10 will be available in the UAE from July 2022.

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HONOR Magic4 Pro Goes on Sale in the UAE



HONOR recently announced the launch of HONOR Magic4 Pro 5G with the “Best Camera of Flagship Phone 2022” in the UAE. The latest device by HONOR is now available at an exciting offer for consumers. The revolutionary HONOR Magic4 Pro 5G boasts cutting-edge technology to deliver new breakthroughs in smartphone design, display, photography, videography, performance, and privacy and is supported by Google Mobile Services. We reviewed the HONOR Magic4 Pro recently.

The HONOR Magic4 Pro 5G pre-order rollout phase from 14th to 23rd of June was a huge success across the UAE, with all available units sold. This is a testament to the continued demand for HONOR products in the UAE market and HONOR’s expertise in developing cutting-edge technologies.

Consumers can buy the latest HONOR Magic4 Pro at a price of AED 3999 starting from 23rd June via HONOR Online Store, Sharaf DG, Jumbo, Emax, Carrefour, and other retail stores and get exclusive gifts worth AED 1156, including HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro, HONOR Magic4 Pro PU cover, 6 Months Screen Protection and 12 Months Extended Warranty. The offer comes as a part of the Eid promotion which also includes amazing offers on the HONOR X Series. From 23rd June, consumers can buy HONOR X8 for AED 799 instead of AED 899. HONOR X7 (4GB +128GB version) will be also included in the Eid promotion at a special price of AED 599 instead of AED 649.

Offering cinematic-level footage, the HONOR Magic4 Series features the HONOR Magic-Log Movie Master and AI Film Effects. With this, the HONOR Magic4 Series delivers the industry-first 10-bit Log 4K video recording in 60fps (frame per second), beating another industry benchmark.

The HONOR Magic4 Pro pushes industry benchmarks with a powerful Triple Camera combination featuring a 50MP Wide Camera that packs a 1/1.56-inch colour sensor, a 50MP 122o Ultra-Wide Camera, and a 64MP Periscope Telephoto Camera, all powered by best-in-class Ultra-Fusion Computational Photography which enables the device to produce high-definition images in stunning clarity. The lens supports up to 100x digital zoom as well as optical and electronic image stabilization, to clearly capture distant scenes.

Offering a groundbreaking new solution to sound-leaking, a common smartphone frustration for many, the HONOR Magic4 Pro debuts an all-new Privacy Calling feature supported by AI and powered by Directional Sound Technology, preventing sound leakage for more private phone calls. The HONOR Magic4 Pro is powered by an ultra-large 4600mAh battery featuring HONOR’s most powerful SuperCharge combination to deliver an ultra-long battery life and all-day connectivity. With 100W Wired HONOR SuperCharge, the HONOR Magic4 Pro juices up to a 100% charge in just 30 minutes.

Keeping consumer convenience as the top priority, HONOR strives to provide industry-leading, fast, and reliable Service & Repair solutions that offer numerous benefits for the users to meet all their needs. HONOR continues to push the boundaries of customer service experience, delivering a human-centric approach that surpasses customer expectations and empowers users to elevate their lives through technology.

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POCO Launches the F4 and X4 GT in the UAE



POCO has launched the POCO F4 and POCO X4 GT in the UAE. Powered by the Snapdragon 870 flagship processor, POCO F4 brings to the table the brand’s highest frequency prime core yet. POCO X4 GT is an affordable performance speedster optimized for efficient and smooth performance in all aspects of gaming and entertainment. POCO X4 GT is equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 8100 chipset, giving users best-in-class power efficiency while reaching new heights in processor performance.

“POCO’s flagship products have always required best-in-class performance on all fronts, and as we present POCO F4 and POCO X4 GT, we’re confident that we’ve achieved just that. We are excited to venture forward with the Snapdragon 870 and MediaTek Dimensity 8100 chipsets,” said Angus Ng, Head of Product Marketing at POCO Global. “Meeting the highest standards for top-quality entertainment while maintaining competitive affordability, is the approach that embodies the POCO experience.”

POCO F4 is equipped with the Snapdragon 870 flagship chipset and features a 7nm processor with 5G support. The device has POCO’s highest frequency prime core running at 3.2GHz. POCO F4’s processing power offers shortened app loading times, supporting high graphic games and a smooth scrolling experience on web pages and apps. High-level performance is sustained with its 3,112mm² super big vapor chamber by upgrading to LiquidCool Technology 2.0. POCO F4’s flagship-level LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 ROM enable faster data access and are great for multitasking between demanding applications.

POCO F4 is the thinnest model to date in the POCO lineup. The device boasts a 6.67″ E4 AMOLED screen and an ultra-tiny 2.76mm DotDisplay, one of the smallest in the industry. The flagship-level display features a 120Hz refresh rate and a 360Hz touch sampling rate for lower response latency. With a screen peak brightness of 1,300 nits, POCO F4 ensures every moment is displayed at its ideal value for detail and contrast. Dual speakers, verified with Dolby Atmos, add to the immersive experience by delivering dynamic and crystal-clear sound. Its immersive user experience and high-performance functionality make it the most cost-effective device in terms of offering across-the-board strength in the flagship segment.

POCO F4’s triple rear camera setup features the first-ever addition of optical image stabilization (OIS) on the device’s 64MP main camera. This delivers clear and sharp photos even in low light, for near-perfect digital replicas of the moments that are captured. Accompanying the 64MP main camera is an 8MP ultra-wide camera and a 2MP macro camera. Together, this triple array captures even the finest details. POCO F4’s 4K-equipped camera setup comes with tons of fun and convenient features, including Panoramic Selfie Mode, Night Mode, AI Skyscaping 4.0 and AI Erase 2.0.

POCO F4 comes with a 4,500mAh (typ) battery and a 67W turbo charging, taking only 38 minutes to fully charge. With 100% battery power, it offers up to 10 hours of gaming, 21 hours of video playback and 119 hours of music playback. The device utilizes Middle Middle Tab (MMT) technology, a method of fast charging that circuits electric currents into two split directions for improved charging speed and stability, sustaining the highest level of performance over long periods of time.

POCO X4 GT carries the MediaTek Dimensity 8100 chipset and advanced TSMC 5nm processor, giving users fast performance while maintaining low power consumption and avoiding overheating. POCO X4 GT offers flagship-level LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 ROM, making this device one of POCO’s fastest for RAM and storage, and extremely adept in supporting high-frame-rate gaming. The LiquidCool Technology 2.0 cooling system can keep the SoC cool and maintain smooth performance, allowing users to push the device to the limit.

Available for the first time on a POCO device is POCO X4 GT’s innovative 20.5:9 LCD display ratio, making the device comfortable to grip and easy to hold. Offer one of the best LCDs on the market, it comes with POCO’s first LCD True Display. The display color temperature adjustment is contingent upon external environmental light conditions, allowing comfortable viewing. To provide a comfortable viewing experience, POCO X4 GT enables hardware-level harmful blue light reduction by up to 30%. POCO X4 GT brings one billion colors and supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut for sharper contrast and richer detail on-screen.

POCO X4 GT charges its 5,080mAh (typ) high-density battery quickly and safely with 67W turbo charging, powering up to 100% charge in just 46 minutes. In a 6-min wash-up, it can be charged up to 25%, and after a 30-min workout it will juice you up to 85%. Aided by Middle Middle Tab (MMT) technology, it enables you to game for more than 90 minutes with just 10 minutes of charging.

Sporting a versatile triple rear camera setup and Dolby Atmos stereo speakers, POCO X4 GT doubles as a 4K camera with convenient and cool features that help users reach their creative potential. Featuring a 64MP main camera, a 8MP ultra-wide camera, and a 2MP macro camera, to capture every detail, near or far. And for high-quality selfies, the 16MP front camera has users well-covered. Coming with 19 stellar vlog templates pre-installed, as well as the Drafts function, users will be able to film and edit quality content from the get-go.

True to their nature offering devices with some of the best technology on the market, POCO adds one more service to both POCO F4 and POCO X4 GT. Users can enjoy the premium after-sales service, which offers a one-time free screen repair service during the first 6 months after purchase. POCO F4 comes in three stunning colours such as Night Black, Moonlight Silver, and Nebula Green. Available in one variant: 8GB+256GB. It is available from 25 June 2022, with prices starting from AED 1,499 from official e-commerce channels, Noon and Amazon. POCO X4 GT will be coming soon and will be available in three colours such as Silver, Black, and Blue. This model will have two variants: 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB, with prices starting from AED 1249.

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