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Video Review: eufy WetVac W31 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner



Wet dry vacuum cleaners are all the craze today. Traditional vacuum cleaners are so passé when you consider these wet dry vacuum cleaners that can not only sweep but also mop your floor at the same time, without much hassle. eufy, which is a part of Anker Innovations is the latest entrant in the wet dry vacuum cleaner market. And the company sent us its first device, the eufy WetVac W31 for a test drive. How did it perform? Well, check out the video below, and read the review to find out!

The WetVac W31 comes packed neatly in a box with everything you will need to get started with it. Now this includes the main body of the W31, the handlebar, the floor cleaning solution, the cleaning tool, and the charging base. Installing these pieces together is quite easy. Insert the handlebar into the main body of the W31 and you will hear a click to let you know that the installation was successful.

Next, charge the W31 – in order to do that, place the charging base against a wall. Put the main body of the W31 into the charging station, making sure you align the charging port. The LED display on the W31 would then light up to let you know that the device is charging.

In order to start using the W31, remove the water tank and fill the water tank with clean water and two bottle caps of the floor cleaning solution. Now, reinstall the tank by sliding it into place, ensuring it is secured in position. Now place the W31 on the floor, gently step on the foot pedal and push the handlebar backwards.

For a comfortable experience, keep the main body of the device at a 35-40 degree angle to the ground. Press the power button on the handlebar to operate the device and start moving forward to clean the floor.

If the floor has a harder stain stuck to it, you would need to pass over it multiple times, and use the water spray button under the handlebar to clean it entirely. The WetVac W31 also works on carpets – so that’s an added bonus. And when the vacuum cleaner is in an upright position, the W31 will enter into standby mode. After 2 minutes of standby mode, it will automatically shut down to conserve battery.

One of the stand-out features of the eufy WetVac W31 is its ability to self-clean. In order to do that, press the self-cleaning button when the W31 is charging. The device will then start self-cleaning and drying the rolling brush automatically. However, before using the self-cleaning feature, make sure the clean water level is over 50%, the battery level is over 30%, the dirty water tank is installed, and the roller brush cover is closed.

Maintaining the W31 is also quite simple. To clean the roller brush, first, remove the brush guard. To remove the roller brush, pinch the small bracket on the left side and lift it up. Use the cleaning tool to remove any debris and hair from the roller brush. Next, insert the right side of the roller brush into the connector and then secure the left side in place. And then, reinstall the brush cover.

Cleaning the house using the eufy WetVac W31 is effortless. The device is quite lightweight when compared with similar class vacuum cleaners out there on the market. During this review, I cleaned an entire 2 bedroom apartment and I was still left with about 49% of battery which is brilliant. Once your cleaning is done, you need to empty out and clean the dirty water tank which is quite straightforward.

If the dirty water tank requires emptying in between a cleaning session, the W31 will alert you. At the end of my cleaning marathon, the W31 was able to pull in every bit of cat hair, belonging to our cat Oreo.

And once you are done cleaning the dirty water tank, it’s time to recharge the W31. Plug in the charging station and slide the W31 in, making sure the charging points are in contact. Once you switch on the device, it will tell you that it is charging and it’s time for self-cleaning. Just press the self-cleaning button under the handlebar and the device starts self-cleaning the roller and drying it.

You might wonder if such a feature-packed wet dry vacuum cleaner would cost you an arm and a leg. Well, not exactly. The eufy WetVac W31 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is now available at a price of AED 1999. For this price, eufy also throws in its RoboVac 25C Max for free. Now, that’s an offer you cannot resist.

Overall, the eufy WetVac W31 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner was a charm to use. It works as advertised and it keeps your house clean with minimal effort. And eufy hits the sweet spot in terms of pricing. The eufy WetVac W31 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner thus walks away with the Gadget Voize Editors’ Choice award for being feature-rich and pocket-friendly.

Price: AED 1999 (with free RoboVac 25C Max)

eufy WetVac W31 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner AED 1999
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If the floor has a harder stain stuck to it, you would need to pass over it multiple times, and use the water spray button under the handlebar to clean it entirely. The WetVac W31 also works on carpets – so that’s an added bonus. And when the vacuum cleaner is in an upright position, the W31 will enter into standby mode. After 2 minutes of standby mode, it will automatically shut down to conserve battery.

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