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Logitech Powers Up its Video Collab Devices Through the Latest CollabOS 1.6 and Firmware Updates



Logitech is powering up its video collaboration (VC) devices through the latest CollabOS 1.6 and firmware updates, bringing helpful enhancements like expanded mic and camera support, camera speed controls, Local Network Access (LAN) configuration, and auto-rotate features to facilitate the hybrid meeting experience. The updates will make hybrid meetings easier to deploy, manage, and join.

CollabOS is the unifying operating system which runs on select Logitech video collaboration devices. With CollabOS, these devices work seamlessly together, continuously improve, and are easier than ever to deploy and manage and help deliver high-quality, equitable meeting experiences for everyone.

The UAE is accelerating its digital transformation efforts, and according to Loubna Imenchal, Head of Video Collaboration at Logitech AMECA, organizations using Logitech solutions will notice that the CollabOS 1.6 update adds more collaborative value to their in-person, hybrid and virtual meetings. “This update will make it easier to deploy new features and create a more seamless atmosphere to leverage one-click content sharing and collaboration,” Imenchal added.

Ensuring equitability in hybrid meetings is important in today’s business environment and this means that every participant should feel and be equally seen and equally heard no matter if they are in the office or working at home. Having a responsive and adaptable video is a crucial fixture in today’s meeting rooms, and Logitech’s CollabOS 1.6 update helps achieve this through expanded Mic Pod support, external camera support, and adjustable camera speed controls:

  • Expanded Mic Pod support: With the latest CollabOS 1.6 update, Logitech’s all-in-one VC solution ‘Rally Bar’ can now support up to four Rally Mic Pods extending the mic range and modular microphones which suppress background noise. The Rally Bar Mini, which is ideal for small and medium-sized rooms, now supports up to three Mic Pods. Mic Pods allow people farther from the camera to contribute to the conversation more easily and be heard by remote participants and bring mute controls within reach.
  • External camera support: Zoom Rooms powered by Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, now allows users to connect a Rally Camera or MeetUp as an external camera. This allows users the flexibility to switch between the built-in Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini cameras or these external cameras, thus providing users with unfettered in-room views. RoomMate, Logitech’s computing appliance that turns any space into a video conferencing room, now allows users to connect up to 2 external cameras.
  • RightSight 2 camera speed controls: RightSight2 introduced auto-framing technology that simultaneously presents both a close-up view of the individual speaker and a view of the entire meeting room during video calls. Now, IT admins can also adjust how quickly RightSight 2 pans and zooms between speakers, both in Speaker View and in Group View. This setting allows you to speed up or slow down camera transitions as different people begin or finish talking.

Logitech’s CollabOS 1.6 update helps simplify IT operations, easing some of the headaches associated with supporting teams as they return to the office, such as being able to configure meeting room devices through LAN, and auto-rotation functionality for Tap:

  • Simple LAN configuration: Meeting room devices can be easily configured right out of the box with LAN, which provides access to device settings through a web browser using a computer connected to the same network agency. Previously only available as a beta feature for Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, LAN is now available for all CollabOS devices including RoomMate, Tap Scheduler, and Tap IP, significantly simplifying the setup and deployment of video conferencing cameras and devices.
  • Auto-rotate for Tap: Upon updating the Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, and RoomMate, the Logitech Tap screen can be set to automatically rotate to the correct orientation, whether used on a table, riser mount or mounted on a wall. This ensures that the screen is always in the right orientation to be read by users.

The new CollabOS1.6 update is available globally through the Logitech Sync Portal. Logitech video collaboration devices can also be updated with the Microsoft Teams admin center and Zoom Device Management as the updates become available.

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2K Reveals Details of the Jordan Challenge Mode Coming to NBA 2K23



2K today unveiled new details and features of the Jordan Challenge mode coming to NBA 2K23. The game mode features 15 playable moments from Michael Jordan’s career that let players relive his legacy from the early days as a college sensation, to his game-winning shot in the 1998 NBA Finals.

“The Jordan Challenge is an immersive experience, unlike anything NBA 2K fans, have seen, completely rebuilding the challenges from 2K11 and adding five new moments,” said Erick Boenisch, VP of NBA Development at Visual Concepts. “Our team took everything into consideration when constructing this game mode; the arenas, the players, the uniforms, the broadcast, and the play style of the era have been accounted for in an effort to give fans a truly authentic and unique playable Jordan experience.”

The Jordan Challenge introduces iconic NBA moments and in-game innovations, including:

  • Experience a breathtaking recreation of a bygone era, from the 1982 NCAA National Championship to the 1998 NBA Finals. Each challenge features a pre-game interview with a luminary who was a part of what made every game special;
  • A complete presentational package including an intricately designed video filter system that recreates the television experience of these games as they were originally broadcast during the 1980s and 1990s, showcasing the look, feel and sound that take players back to the original game;
  • Key gameplay changes to fit the era, such as a heavier focus on the post and mid-range game and reworking the transition game for the 1980s feel, including tighter transition lanes and more players cutting to the basket with a numbers advantage, as opposed to the spotting up for three you see in today’s NBA;
  • More physicality modelled on the floor and in the paint, along with new signature style upgrades for classic greats like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, featuring all-new jump shot, layup and dunk packages;
  • Hand-checking and hard-hitting body-ups for a different feel to the one-on-one battles with accurately represented regulations that mirror the 1990s basketball era, like the Detroit Pistons “Bad Boys” with their famous “Jordan Rules” and more.

NBA 2K23 is currently scheduled for release on September 9 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms.

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Nakheel Mall Announces Immersive VR-Powered Escape Room Experience



Nakheel Mall is set to offer visitors an unparalleled entertainment experience, complementing its portfolio of retail, dining and leisure attractions with the launch of GAME OVER Escape Rooms and Board Game Café. Spanning across 11,000 square feet, the unique entertainment zone features 12 escape rooms, 11 meta-escape rooms where VR headsets make the escape experience more immersive and a board game café with more than 50+ titles for board-game fans to explore.

Through curating entertainment experiences aimed at bringing people together – families, friends and colleagues, for special occasions, team building or just a fun day out – the GAME OVER Escape Rooms and Board Game Café offer visitors the chance to enjoy a range of rich experiences at Palm Jumeirah’s leading luxury shopping destination.

Designed by professional animators and creators of dramatic alternative universes for film, the experiences are aimed at families, adventure seekers and horror fiends and combine cutting-edge technology, riddles and puzzles, whilst staying true to the original themes and storylines. The diverse genres offered place players in unique and realistic situations, from the famous Alf Laylah Wa-Laylah-inspired 1001 Nights Room, to a trip down the rabbit hole in an Alice in Wonderland Room.

Agatha Christie fans can enjoy the mystery of the Orient Express Room and the Money Heist Room will get fans’ adrenaline pumping. Competitive board gamers can explore new titles or enjoy the familiar challenge of well-loved board games in the café’s impressive collection, where they can purchase games to add to their collections.

The latest addition to Nakheel Mall’s entertainment experiences is the 40th outpost for this well-loved concept, which is enjoyed by fans in Rome, Liverpool, Amsterdam, Jeddah and a further 35 cities around the world. It joins attractions including Vox Cinemas with signature GOLD, 4DX and THEATRE experiences, family entertainment venues such as Trampo Extreme and Fabyland and a children’s playroom, Bricobilandia.

Nakheel Mall offers visitors a full day-to-night experience, from shopping with your friends to dining with family at Depachika Food Hall, to entertaining the children in Fabyland, through to dinner dates at Michelin Star awarded Trésind Studio or a night at the movies at Vox cinemas. Located on the second floor of Nakheel Mall, GAME OVER Escape Rooms and Board Game Café welcomes players over the age of eight years, in groups of up to seven for escape room experiences. Prices start at AED140 per person.

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Ford Launches 2023 Bronco Heritage Limited Edition



Bronco brand is taking trail riders to their off-road roots with the introduction of the 2023 Bronco Heritage Limited edition. The special-edition model will be available in the iconic Bronco four-door. Ford will build just 1,966 units of each Heritage Limited Edition model to commemorate the year the original Bronco debuted.

“Bronco captivated America in the mid-’60s with its rugged style and uncompromising off-road agility, a legacy that is still prevalent today,” said Mark Grueber, Bronco marketing manager. “With these new Heritage Limited edition, we’re paying respect to Bronco’s roots with nods to some of the signature design cues from the first-generation vehicle, while continuing to build the Bronco Brand with more special editions that our customers want.”

Bronco Heritage model is highlighted by a two-tone paint job that includes signature Oxford White accents including the modular hardtop roof. A unique Oxford White grille features Race Red “FORD” lettering, while gloss black-painted 17-inch heritage wheels with classic “dog dish” centers, plus an Oxford White-painted lip for more retro flare and a bodyside stripe dial up the throwback looks.

The 1960s-era-inspired squared fenders with Sasquatch-width fender flares provide a visual callback and cover the nearly two-inch wider track. A powder-coated steel-capable front bumper with built-in recovery points and integrated fog lamps is standard. The Heritage Limited Edition model offer the increased capability of Badlands series equipment and features, including a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine with up to 330 horsepower and 415 lb.-ft. torque mated to the 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission. It is also differentiated with features that include metal “Bronco” script fender badging, leather-trimmed/vinyl plaid seats with white and Race Red accent stitching and unique Heritage Limited console badging.

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