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Video: Here’s How to Install Google Apps on Your Huawei Device



Huawei phones offer amazing cameras, solid performance, and unique designs. Huawei’s AppGallery is one of the largest app marketplaces and it offers all the latest apps, games, and more for your devices. Now, it’s got a great trick up its sleeve – you can now install Google apps straight from the AppGallery onto any Huawei device! It’s quite straightforward and is better than most of the previous workarounds.

Check out the video below to find out how:

How to install Google apps from AppGallery
All you have to do is go to AppGallery and search for the app that you want and install them on your phone like you normally do. Almost all the popular Google apps, including Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Drive, are available for download.

Once installed, all these apps will appear on your phone’s home screen and function like any other app. You can even sign into your Google account on them. That means you can access the saved locations on the map and the videos you added to the Watch Later playlist on YouTube.

As these are proper apps and not web shortcuts. The issues users were facing while using the web shortcuts, such as YouTube videos not playing in full screen, are also a thing of the past. All these are possible thanks to a third-party app called GBox, which also works on other Android smartphones.

Non-Google apps that use Google services for some of their features will also work without hiccups using this method. Microsoft Teams, which used to experience reliability issues before, can now run smoothly. The results are just as promising for apps such as Uber that use in-app maps.

Moreover, you will be able to install these apps from AppGallery, and they will run smoothly. This method works on all the recent Huawei smartphones, including the Mate50 Pro, nova 10 Series, and P50 Series.

With the release of the Mate50 Pro, many users looking to upgrade their smartphones found themselves enticed by the phone’s features but were unable to make up their minds because of the lack of Google services. Now that almost any Google apps can be used on Huawei phones, the age-old problem can finally be put to rest.

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PUBG Mobile and Polaris Partner to Bring Two New Side-by-Side Vehicles In-Game



PUBG Mobile has partnered with Polaris to introduce two powerful new in-game off-road vehicles to the battleground. This first-ever collaboration puts players in the driver’s seat of the Polaris RZR, delivering vehicles equipped with unrivaled performance to conquer any type of off-road terrain.

Watch the PUBG MOBILE x Polaris trailer below:

Starting today, players will have access to the Polaris RZR Pro R 4, the industry’s most advanced and high-performing side-by-side (SxS), providing drivers with revolutionary power and exceptional handling. For those that prefer a turbocharged engine, the Polaris RZR Turbo R 4 is an incredibly responsive, remarkably agile, and ruggedly strong machine featuring an active suspension system for maximum control.

“Polaris has been engineering best-in-class off-road vehicles for more than 65 years – and we’re not slowing down now,” said Holly Spaeth, Vice President Corporate Branding and Partnerships, Polaris. “Whether sand, snow, dirt or now the virtual world of PUBG MOBILE, our machines provide the ultimate combination of style and performance. We are excited to introduce our vehicles to new audiences and can’t wait to see how players use the Polaris RZR in-game models to dominate the competition on the battleground!”

In addition to the release of the Polaris RZR Pro R 4 and RZR Turbo R 4, a limited edition in-game exclusive Polaris-inspired Buggy is also unlockable. This all-terrain machine – available in Blue Strike and Desert Blast – blends durability, strength, and speed. Perfect for gliding over the sand in Nusa or racing across the lush grass in Livik, the Polaris-inspired Buggy has been meticulously designed to handle every adventure.

“It’s extremely important for us to work with partners that bring value and utility to PUBG MOBILE players,” said Anthony Crouts, Senior Director of Marketing for PUBG MOBILE. “Polaris’ range of innovative off-road vehicles bring the thrill and adrenaline rush that PUBG MOBILE players want while on the battleground.”

The PUBG MOBILE x Polaris collaboration is available now and will run through February 14 to players worldwide.

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Video: Robodog Joins Museum of the Future’s Growing Robot Community



Museum of the Future introduces a four-legged robotic canine as the latest member of the museum’s growing family of advanced robots.

The agile robodog, which has 3D vision and moves using 17 joints, will join Ameca, the museum’s AI-powered humanoid, along with Bob the robot barista and the museum’s flying robots, among several others.

The museum’s visitors will be able to interact and play with the new robotic pet. Robodog is an advanced robot that uses machine learning and navigates the terrain with unprecedented mobility for a robot. It will roam the museum lobby greeting and interacting with all those visiting.

Majed Al Mansoori, Deputy Executive Director at the Museum of the Future said, “We are excited to welcome the latest addition to our family of intelligent robots. With Ameca, the robodog, and others, the Museum of the Future enables visitors to meet some of the most cutting-edge and advanced robots and AI systems currently on the market. We welcome visitors to come and meet our interactive robots and learn about the technologies that are shaping our future today and tomorrow.”

The robodog was designed by US tech firm Boston Dynamics. It uses 360° perception to map terrain and avoid obstacles and can balance on uneven surfaces. The robodog’s base platform provides advanced mobility and perception to navigate stairs, gravel, and rough terrain while collecting 2D and 3D information with on board-sensors.

The Museum of the Future is home to a collection of the most advanced technologies and robots in the world which includes but is not limited to Ameca, the AI-powered humanoid robot, Bob, the robot barista, a robotic flying penguin, and a flying jellyfish, among many others. The Museum of the Future is inviting people on social media to name the robodog. Individuals can suggest names via the museum’s social media handles: including Twitter, Instagram handles.

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Flash Party Launches with “Stardust Warriors” Update, Party Royale and a New Fighter



Flash Party, which has its official launch just around the corner and there’s plenty to enjoy in this Smash Bros. style brawler. After a successful bout in Early Access, players will be treated to a new hero and battle royale modes in Flash Party’s “Stardust Warriors” 1.0 update launching January 10.

As the first major update for Flash Party, “Stardust Warriors” overhauls combat, giving each of the 20+ heroes four distinct fighting styles, with the addition of new moves. All of these changes have been based on feedback from early-access Lab Mode players, putting the community at the centre of the action.

Flash Party also welcomes a new hero — or heroes — Cookie and Can! Get a closer look at the two of them in action in a new gameplay trailer. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Cookie. Players will recognise this feline fighter from S-17’s sneak peek video. Cookie joins the roster with Can, a combat mech forged by S-17’s creator.

In addition to having the unique Enhanced Grab and Throw, Cookie and Can’s horizontal skills can cover most of the range in front of them, and any other angle they choose. As a vehicle for Cookie, Can is also equipped with a devastating charge gun. Charging it generates more power and damage and it can be fully recharged four times with incredible results.

Perfect for medium to long-distance playstyles, Cookie and Can have excellent survivability and powerful attacks making them a force to be reckoned with in the arena. In addition to the new heroes comes Party Royale — a new mode that received high praise in early-stage Lab Mode. With new modes that include up to 10-player single-player battles as well as a massive-map battle mode, Party Royale brings classic battle royale gameplay to Flash Party.

Players will be randomly dropped into a dangerous jungle with a gradually shrinking zone that will leave only one fighter standing. Players can increase their strength by hunting for chests or defeating other players to obtain dropped items and buffs. They can also hide in bushes or use various springboards to leap across the map, taking their enemies by surprise in the process.

Flash Party has attracted the attention of platform fighting enthusiasts around the world as the newest heavyweight contender in the genre and there are only a few days left before Flash Party officially launches on Steam and Google Play. Players can click the link below to go to the page to add the game to the wishlist or pre-register in advance on Steam or Google Play.

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