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Backbone Launches One Series Controllers in the Middle East



BACKBONE, a leading provider of gaming accessories, is proud to announce the launch of the BACKBONE One Series – in the Middle Eastern market. Inspired by the current wireless controllers, the BACKBONE One Series offers users an enhanced gaming experience on iPhone devices with tactile controls.

The BACKBONE One Series is designed to give gamers the flexibility to continue or switch their gaming experience while on the move. With its collapsible and compact design, the BACKBONE One Series offers unparalleled convenience, allowing players to plug their mobile device into the device and get back into the gaming experience. The device is also compatible with the BACKBONE App, which allows users to launch the chosen game from their gaming console or device.

PlayStation gamers are in for a treat with the newly released BACKBONE One iPhone PlayStation Edition, which is compatible with both PlayStation 4 and 5 console editions, XBOX, and Steam. The device comes in PS5 white with PlayStation glyphs to match and is exclusively compatible with iPhone devices for gameplay with PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam. The BACKBONE One Standard Edition is available in two versions that are compatible with iPhone devices for gameplay with Xbox and Steam.

Aside from its black color, the Standard Edition comes with a 1-month trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and ABXY face buttons. The PlayStation Edition does not include the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial. The BACKBONE One Series is available for purchase from leading retail locations in the GCC, including, Xcite,, Virgin Megastores, Jarir, Extra, and Geekay.

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MSI Claws its Way into Portable Gaming with World’s First Core Ultra Handheld



Gaming giant MSI has made a bold leap forward with the introduction of the Claw, the world’s first handheld gaming device powered by Intel’s potent Core Ultra processors. This innovative device promises unparalleled portable gaming thanks to its cutting-edge technology, ergonomic design, and powerful performance features.

The Claw boasts an unprecedented combination of Intel Core Ultra processors and ARC graphics with up to 8 Xe cores. This translates to smooth gameplay for even demanding AAA titles, enhanced by the advanced XeSS technology for crisp visuals at 1080p resolution.

MSI’s renowned Cooler Boost Hyperflow technology keeps the Claw cool during intense gaming sessions, ensuring sustained performance. Additionally, the class-leading 53Wh battery offers a solid 2 hours of playtime on a full charge, allowing gamers to enjoy extended sessions without worry.

The Claw caters to a wide range of gamers. It supports both Windows and Android titles through the MSI APP Player, giving players access to a vast library of games. Ergonomics is a key focus for the Claw. Its comfortable, handheld form factor fits snugly in various hand sizes and features a stunning 7-inch Full HD touchscreen display with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate for a captivating gaming experience.

The Claw represents a significant leap in portable gaming, offering serious gamers a powerful alternative to traditional consoles and less robust handheld devices. Specific details on pricing and availability are yet to be revealed, but the Claw undoubtedly marks a turning point in the world of mobile gaming.

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GameSir Launches Nova Series of Gaming Controllers



GameSir has announced the official worldwide release of its newest controller series – the highly anticipated Nova Series featuring the GameSir Nova and GameSir Nova Lite. Two next-generation devices with cutting-edge capabilities and a raft of key features, the GameSir Nova and Nova Lite promise to empower users during gameplay and take gaming exploits to the next level.

Billed as ‘the ultimate multi-platform gaming controller’, the GameSir Nova offers unrestricted gaming experiences with its cross-platform adaptability. Compatible with Android, Switch, Steam, PC, and iOS devices, this fabulous controller enables users to conquer their games with style, precision, and incredible performance. The GameSir Hall Effect anti-drift sticks are engineered for increased consistency and smoothness during gameplay with specially optimized algorithms, stylish RGB circles come with personalized lighting effects for unique gaming experiences, and tri-mode connectivity makes for unparalleled hassle-free flexibility with three connectivity options (Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, and Wired).

Additionally, the GameSir Nova supports Switch, Dinput, Xinput, Arcade, and MFi as a truly versatile controller, holding the keys to ultimate gaming experiences with less latency, motion control, programmable macro back buttons, and dual actuators for strong and subtle vibrations. The controller is also available in retro white and neon teal. Much like its fellow Nova Series device, the GameSir Nova Lite promises to deliver next-level gaming experiences – empowering users throughout gameplay conquests. Exactly like the GameSir Nova, this innovation comes with the same multi-platform compatibility, GameSir Hall Effect anti-drift sticks for maximized performance, and tri-mode connectivity with Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, and Wired.

Another standout component is the turbo function for faster response. The Nova Lite features a 20Hz Turbo function with customizable buttons, meaning gamers have a convenient way to enhance immersive gameplay. Additionally, greater control is assured thanks to the multi-function M button that enables users to seamlessly adjust such as vibration intensity, switch modes, stick’s dead zone and interchange key values in various settings. Gamers also have the option to choose between two colours – Stellar White or Space Purple – with the device catering to every gaming requirement at a super-affordable price.

Commenting on the global launch, Betta Core, CEO, GameSir, said, “After many months of behind-the-scenes planning and preparation, we’re thrilled to officially release the Nova Series across international markets. A series sure to be embraced and enjoyed by gaming enthusiasts far and wide, we’re particularly excited because the GameSir Nova and Nova Lite perfectly complement our vision to empower every individual during gameplay and expand the boundary of joy. With the Nova Series now available, we can’t wait to see the reaction and reception from the worldwide gaming community. For sure, these innovations will meet every expectation.”

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CORSAIR Launches New HS35 v2 Gaming Headsets



CORSAIR has announced the release of its HS35 v2 series gaming headsets, including the HS35 v2 and HS35 SURROUND v2 models. These headsets are designed to enhance the audio experience across various gaming platforms due to their universal 3.5mm connectivity, making them compatible with PCs, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

The HS35 v2 series features custom-tuned 50mm neodymium drivers that deliver a broad and dynamic range of sound, enhancing the auditory detail within games. Additionally, the HS35 SURROUND v2 model includes a USB receiver that activates Dolby Audio 7.1 surround sound on PC and Mac, providing a more immersive audio environment. This feature is particularly beneficial in competitive games, allowing players to accurately discern the direction of enemy movements and audio cues.

Designed for comfort during extended gaming sessions, the HS35 v2 headsets feature an adjustable suspended headband to alleviate head pressure, and soft fabric ear pads to keep ears cool and comfortable. The headsets also come equipped with on-ear controls for easy volume adjustment and muting, as well as a flexible omnidirectional microphone for clear communication.

Available in three colours—classic black, muted red, and deep blue—the HS35 v2 series can be purchased from the CORSAIR webstore and select retailers. They are immediately available in North America and will be available in Europe and other regions worldwide on April 30. CORSAIR offers a two-year warranty for both models, supported by its global customer service and technical support network.

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