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HONOR Overtakes Huawei and Samsung in the Flagship Market in China



HONOR has been experiencing rapid growth in China, particularly following the launch of its latest flagship smartphone, the HONOR Magic5 Pro, in March. With a surge in sales and impressive features, there are expectations that HONOR will surpass its parent company, Huawei, and other leading smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, potentially becoming the industry leader. This indicates a promising future for the company and reinforces its position as a top player in the global technology market.

The HONOR Magic5 Pro has become significantly popular among HONOR’s recent releases, especially in its home country of China, where it has seen a significant surge in sales. The launch of the HONOR Magic5 Pro in China created a big buzz, with long queues outside retail stores and online platforms. The device quickly sold out, with many consumers waiting to place their orders online.

This comes as no surprise, given its innovative features. Chinese consumers have been particularly impressed with the smartphone’s exceptional camera capabilities, such as the newly introduced Millisecond Falcon Capture and the groundbreaking AI Motion Sensing Capture, in addition to its unparalleled display quality. With a powerful Triple Main Camera combination alongside the AI-powered upgraded HONOR Image Engine, the HONOR Magic5 Pro has achieved the #1 position in the DXOMARK Smartphone Camera Ranking.

In addition, the HONOR Magic5 Pro has achieved the top spot in the DXOMARK Smartphone Display ranking, thanks to its cutting-edge features. With a large 6.81-inch LTPO Quad-Curved Floating Display that incorporates Novel Display Luminance Enhancement Technology, the HONOR Magic5 Pro ensures an immersive viewing experience through browsing, gaming, or reading.

The company’s success in the premium market was not achieved overnight, and several factors have contributed to it. It is attributable to the hard work and effort that HONOR has invested in over the years. HONOR’s strong investment in Research and Development (R&D) keeps them ahead of competitors in terms of technological advancements and innovation.

Through bridging the divide between R&D and manufacturing, HONOR is able to unleash its manufacturing excellence and translate cutting-edge innovation into high-quality products for users.

The focus on R&D allows HONOR to introduce industry-leading features and functionalities in its smartphones including the revolutionary camera features “Millisecond Falcon Capture” and “AI Motion Sensing Capture” on HONOR Magic5 Pro and the Industry-first Super-light Gearless Hinge technology in HONOR Magic Vs.

HONOR devices having Google services and apps gives them an advantage over Huawei smartphones. HONOR, after being separated from Huawei, can use Google Mobile Services (GMS) which includes popular apps like Google Play Store, Google Maps, YouTube, and more, allowing users to enjoy a wide range of apps and services without restrictions.

HONOR users enjoy unrestricted access to Google Play Store for app downloads and installations, while Huawei users face limitations and need to rely on alternative app stores or third-party sources which can be less convenient and risky as it may expose their devices to potential security risks, such as malware, viruses, or other malicious software.

In 2021, HONOR debuted its first self-funded factory, the HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park. The Park handled certification of new product quality control, production of flagship devices, new craftsmanship and technology incubations, and building HONOR’s artificial intelligence manufacturing capacities.

With industry-leading innovations, quality control capabilities, and global supply chain partners, HONOR is confident that the new facility would support its goal of providing premium products and best-in-class user experiences to consumers. HONOR has introduced groundbreaking features in its number series smartphones, including the industry’s first Solo Cut Vlog Mode in HONOR 70 5G and the unique multi-video recording, making vlogging easier and more creative for users.

HONOR’s Ram Turbo technology introduction in the HONOR X series was a real game changer, and it revolutionized the user experience by shifting a portion of the ROM to the RAM for smoother multitasking, faster app loading, and improved performance, making users’ lives easier. HONOR also introduced the smartphone with the strongest screen “HONOR X9a”, which achieved huge success in the Middle East due to its powerful capabilities and extreme durability making it the champion in its category, with a strike in sales from day one of its launch.

Another key to success was shifting its approach from device-centricity to human-centricity, HONOR is putting a stronger emphasis than ever on serving user needs with meaningful, purpose-driven technology that offers solutions to real-world problems to improve day-to-day life. This was obviously shown at MWC, where HONOR unveiled Human-centric Innovation including the Best-in-class camera to capture inspiration effortlessly, the best-in-class display to ease eye fatigue from prolonged use, and the best-in-class battery life with a 5,100mAh battery for a full day’s use.

In a nutshell, HONOR’s aggressive growth in the Chinese market and its strong capabilities and pioneering vision have positioned the brand to potentially dominate the market. With the upcoming launch of the HONOR Magic5 Pro and HONOR Magic VS in the Middle East, HONOR is expected to take a significant market share in the region as well.

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Sony Intros ULT POWER SOUND Series of Speakers and Headphones



Sony Middle East and Africa has launched ULT POWER SOUND series – a new series of wireless speakers and headphones designed to make you feel like you have dived into the front row of the arena. Built for music lovers, it produces powerful deep sound designed to make your heart tremble. The new range consists of wireless speakers ULT TOWER 10, ULT FIELD 7, ULT FIELD 1, and wireless headphones ULT WEAR. All models in the series include the ULT button, providing signature sound quality by enhancing the music with one or two different sound modes.

Turn your home into party central with massive bass, 360° Party Sound, 360° Party Light and karaoke, thanks to a supplied wireless mic. You can even connect the speaker to your TV to boost the sound of the things you love to watch.

Liven up your day with punchy bass and expressive lighting wherever you go. The ULT FIELD 7 lets you take the party anywhere thanks to the waterproof and dustproof construction plus a long battery life means you can party for longer. You can even connect to a mic for karaoke on the go.

Bring your favourite tunes anywhere with enhanced bass built into a compact package with the ULT FIELD 1. Complete with a multi-way strap for ease of use, take your waterproof, dustproof and even shockproof speaker anywhere for longer, thanks to a long battery life.

With exceptional bass and improved Noise Cancelling, Sony’s new ULT WEAR headphones let you bring your favourite festival or club feel with you, everywhere you go.

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Marshall MA21 Electric Scooter Review: Convenience on Two Wheels



The Marshall MA21 electric scooter carves a niche in the electric scooter market with its focus on portability and ease of use. In this review, let’s deep dive into the MA21’s features, performance, and overall value proposition to help you decide if it’s the right electric scooter for your needs.

First Impressions
Right out of the box, the MA21 strikes you with its compact size. Weighing in at just over 8kg, it’s incredibly lightweight, thanks to its aluminium frame. This makes carrying it on public transport, storing it under your desk, or throwing it in the trunk of your car a breeze. Folding the scooter is a one-step process, making it even more convenient for on-the-go situations.

The MA21 is equipped with a 24V/200W motor, which is suitable for flat terrains and gentle inclines up to 15 degrees. The MA21 can also support a maximum load of 90 kg. While it won’t win any speed races, it offers a comfortable cruising speed of 23km/hr, perfect for zipping around town or navigating a college campus.

The MA21 also offers a range of 12-15km, when fully charged. And it takes around 3 hours to charge the electric scooter from 0% to 100%. However, strong winds or steeper inclines can affect performance.

Ride Quality
Despite the solid 6-inch wheels, the MA21 offers a surprisingly smooth ride. The spring suspension in the front helps absorb bumps and cracks on paved surfaces. However, it’s important to manage your expectations – for rougher terrain, a scooter with pneumatic tires would be a better choice.

Safety Features
The MA21 comes equipped with a basic set of safety features. The front wheel features an electronic brake, while the rear wheel has a mechanical foot brake. These brakes provide adequate stopping power for the scooter’s speed. Headlights and a taillight ensure visibility in low-light conditions.

The Marshall MA21 might not be the most feature-rich electric scooter on the market, but it excels in portability and ease of use. It’s a perfect choice for riders who prioritise a lightweight, convenient, and affordable way to navigate short distances in urban environments.

If you require a scooter for longer distances, or rough terrains, or crave additional features such as a display, you might want to consider alternatives that better suit your needs. However, if you’re looking for a no-frills, convenient, and fun way to get around for short commutes, leisure rides, or navigating a college campus, the Marshall MA21 is a strong contender.

Price: AED 1199

Marshall MA21 Electric Scooter AED 1199
  • Final Rating


The MA21 is equipped with a 24V/200W motor, which is suitable for flat terrains and gentle inclines up to 15 degrees. The MA21 can also support a maximum load of 90 kgs. While it won’t win any speed races, it offers a comfortable cruising speed of 23km/hr, perfect for zipping around town or navigating a college campus.

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Razer Launches Blade 18 Gaming Laptop



Razer has launched the Razer Blade 18 (2024) for gamers and creators. Featuring the world’s first 18” 4K 200Hz display with up to UHD+ (3840×2400) resolution, 3.0ms response time, and DCI-P3 100% colour gamut; Calman Verified and factory-calibrated, this Blade 18 offers gamers and creators ultra-high-definition visuals at breakneck refresh rates for an unmatched viewing experience.

The Blade 18 also packs in Thunderbolt 5 technology that allows users to connect multiple high-resolution gaming displays, high-speed storage, and all-in-one docks, through Bandwidth Boost, up to 120 Gbps, three times more bandwidth than the current leading connection protocol. The Blade 18 is powered by Intel Core 14th Gen i9-14900HX processor, which comes with 24 Cores and the ability to unlock overclocking through Razer Synapse.

You also get up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Graphics, unlocking up to 175 W Full TGP (Total Graphics Power), and leveraging NVIDIA’s AI-powered DLSS 3 to deliver faster framerates and real-time ray tracing. GeForce RTX technologies are supported in more than 500 popular games and applications, including blockbuster games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Alan Wake 2. NVIDIA RTX Laptop GPUs are packed with specialized AI Tensor Cores enabling unmatched AI performance in creative apps, ultra-efficient productivity, blistering fast gaming, and more.

The Blade 18 accompanies an 18-inch QHD+ 300Hz Mini-LED Alternate Display Option: For even higher-refresh-rate gaming and up to 1K nits peak brightness, this all-new display option provides a stunning alternative that maintains sharpness in gameplay, creative work, or play, wherever one may be. It features QHD+ (2560×1600) resolution, 2K dimming zones with a new toggle on/off feature, and all the colour accuracy that is a hallmark of the newest Blades, including DCI-P3 100% colour gamut and Calman Verification and calibration at the factory.

The Blade 18’s advanced cooling system, featuring the thinnest exhaust fins in its class, maximizes graphics power and maintains desktop-class performance in a thin design. The vapour chamber technology features a 3-fan system, and Razer’s biggest chamber ever, to quickly and efficiently dissipate heat, ensuring optimal performance even under intense gaming or 3D rendering sessions. Equipped with a 5MP webcam, a THX spatial audio 6-speaker array, upgradeable components, a comprehensive port selection, and the latest Wi-Fi 7 connectivity, the Blade 18 ensures constant connection and immersion, whether for gaming, streaming, or online calls. It even includes a GaN charger (Up to 330W) which is up to 60% smaller than comparable silicon-based solutions.

The Razer Blade 18 (2024) is now available for a price of $3099.99.

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