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Review of the Ducky One 3 Mini Classic RGB Keyboard in the UAE



If you are on the market looking for a keyboard, there are many brand names that come to mind – but, “Ducky” might not be one of those. However, this keyboard brand has long been a favourite among keyboard enthusiasts due to its meticulous attention to detail and commitment to performance and tactile experience. As the popularity of custom mechanical keyboards rises, there’s a notable increase in demand for features typically found in enthusiast keyboards to be integrated into mass-produced ones.

Fancy switches and LCD screens are no longer enough to stand out in the keyboard market. To excel, manufacturers must offer sought-after features such as high-quality stabilisers, durable (preferably PBT) keycaps, and even hot-swap PCBs, which are becoming increasingly demanded by users. This keyboard also introduces QUACK Mechanics, a series of improvements that earned its name in a lighthearted manner.

This upgrade is focused on elevating the sound and tactile experience by incorporating doubleshot keycaps and sound-dampening materials within the case. Inside the box, you get the Ducky One 3 Mini keyboard along with some accessories that include the braided USB-C cable in two parts, two customised keycaps, stickers, a keycap puller, and warranty info.

Upon getting my hands on the Ducky One 3 Mini, I was amazed by its robust build and unbelievably rigid chassis. Unlike many other keyboards with acclaim, this one stands out for its lack of flex, a common drawback in other models. As a 60% keyboard, its compact size contributes to its enhanced rigidity, making it feel like a keyboard designed for durability and resilience. The design team at Ducky truly crafted a keyboard ready for any challenge.

Since this is a 60% form factor keyboard, it only retains the essential keys and sheds all the extras. It leaves out the function row, number pad, arrow keys, navigation buttons, and media keys. The result is a keyboard that occupies the absolute minimum space while providing all the standard numbers, letters, and punctuation keys you need.

Despite the absence of certain keys, functionality remains intact with the Ducky One 3 Mini. Through the use of the Fn button and key combinations, all missing buttons, except for the number pad, become accessible as secondary commands. Remarkably, this compact keyboard manages to offer even more functionality than many full-size keyboards out there.

To power up the keyboard, a simple connection through the USB-C cable in its upper left corner is all it takes. The RGB lighting on this keyboard boasts a distinctive colour scheme, offering vibrant colours and captivating effects. However, it’s worth noting that only standard onboard effects are available.

Since the Ducky One 3 Mini keyboard lacks accompanying software, all adjustments for RGB effects and macro recording must be made directly on the board. Ultimately, whether this is seen as a benefit or a drawback depends on personal preferences. Some may appreciate the self-contained design, while others might prefer peripherals with dedicated software for easier control over RGB lighting and macro recording, tailored to their individual tastes.

By using the shortcuts, you can conveniently toggle between various RGB cycles. Here are the available modes:

  1. Wave Mode (Default) – FN + Alt + T
  2. Color Cycle – FN + Alt + T
  3. Rain Drop – FN + Alt + T
  4. Ripple – FN + Alt + T
  5. Rainbow Reactive – FN + Alt + T
  6. Reactive – FN + Alt + T
  7. Halo – FN + Alt + T
  8. Breath – FN + Alt + T
  9. 100% Full Backlit – FN + Alt + T
  10. Radar – FN + Alt + T
  11. Backlit Off – FN + Alt + T

With these shortcuts, you can effortlessly switch between the different lighting modes to suit your preference. The Ducky board comes equipped with PBT keycaps, a signature feature in most Ducky keyboards. These keycaps are known for their exceptional durability, far superior to the thin ABS keycaps commonly found on other keyboards. Unlike ABS keycaps, PBT keycaps retain their original appearance for longer, as they resist becoming glossy over time.

The keycaps’ inscriptions and colours display sharp and sophisticated details, while their subtly textured surface ensures a secure grip. To further enhance their resilience, the keycaps boast a frosted finish, making them resistant to fingerprints and stains. This frosted texture strikes a perfect balance, offering enough grip for comfortable typing even for those with sweaty palms, without feeling coarse or unpleasant.

Not only do these keycaps excel in durability and appearance, but they are also designed to handle fast and constant keystrokes without losing their clean, fresh look. Observing the keyboard’s base, you’ll find dual flip-out feet on both sides, each offering different degrees of elevation. This thoughtful design allows users to adjust the typing angle to their preference. Whether you prefer a flat typing surface or different angles, the Ducky keyboard provides ample options to cater to your comfort.

The Ducky One 3 Mini Classic RGB Keyboard proved to be an absolute delight for both typing and gaming, thanks to its winning combination of PBT keycaps, sturdy build quality, and incredibly soft typing feel. To truly appreciate its remarkable qualities, one must experience the pleasingly soft and light keystrokes firsthand. While typing, the keyboard emits a satisfying sound that is enjoyable yet unintrusive for others during online communication or streaming sessions.

Ideal for gamers and typists seeking portability without sacrificing functionality, the Ducky One 3 Mini Classic RGB Keyboard boasts lubricated stabilisers, noise-dampening foam, a hot-swappable PCB, and PBT keycaps, all contributing to its exceptional performance. Whether you’re navigating the virtual battlefield or typing up documents, this keyboard excels in providing an unmatched experience.

Price: AED 589

Ducky One 3 Mini Classic RGB Keyboard AED 589
  • Final Rating


Since this is a 60% form factor keyboard, it only retains the essential keys and sheds all the extras. It leaves out the function row, number pad, arrow keys, navigation buttons, and media keys. The result is a keyboard that occupies the absolute minimum space while providing all the standard numbers, letters, and punctuation keys you need.

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Razer Launches Fortnite PC Peripherals Collection



Razer has announced the launch of the new Razer | Fortnite collection – the official Fortnite licensed PC gaming peripherals. In a deal brokered by IMG, the Razer | Fortnite collection includes four of Razer’s PC gaming peripherals inspired by Fortnite’s iconic Battle Bus and Supply Llama. Each product also comes with an in-game cosmetic which can be claimed using a redemption card found inside the box.

Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro – Fortnite Edition
Shoot your shot and hit the mark with a wireless, ultra-lightweight ergonomic mouse that feels incredibly comfortable to hold. Click heads and crank 90s at will with the response that is trusted by the pros. The Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro – Fortnite Edition also comes with the Cliffhanger in-game Pickaxe.

Razer BlackWidow V4 X – Fortnite Edition
Turbo build like a boss with an advanced RGB mechanical keyboard featuring 6 macro keys. Do it all without skipping a beat thanks to smooth, silent switches. The Razer BlackWidow V4 X – Fortnite Edition also comes with the Demon Skull in-game Pickaxe.

Razer Kraken V3 X – Fortnite Edition
Your Jam Tracks differently with beefy sound and greater immersion in a lightweight, ultra-comfy RGB headset. The Razer Kraken V3 X also boasts a crystal-clear mic for seamless communication with your squad. The Razer Kraken V3 X – Fortnite Edition also comes with the Raptor in-game Glider.

Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma – Fortnite Edition:
Make your setup lit with a large, soft gaming mouse mat featuring unique LED edge lighting powered by Razer Chroma RGB. Track opponents flawlessly thanks to a surface optimized for speed and precision. The Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma – Fortnite Edition also comes with the Dauntless Dragon in-game Glider.

The pricing of these devices is as follows:

  • Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro – Fortnite Edition $169.99
  • Razer BlackWidow V4 X – Fortnite Edition $169.99
  • Razer Kraken V3 X – Fortnite Edition $99.99
  • Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma – Fortnite Edition $99.99
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Soundcore by Anker H30i Wireless Headphones Review: A Bass-Boosted Budget Buddy



Soundcore by Anker’s new H30i Wireless Headphones is a new addition to the company’s already established range of audio products. The H30i sports a familiar on-ear design. Available in black and light ivory, the aesthetics are clean and minimalist. The build quality feels surprisingly sturdy for the price point of AED 130.

An adjustable headband with metal reinforcements ensures a comfortable fit for most head sizes. Soft, leatherette earcups provide decent passive noise isolation. At a feather-light 183 grams, the H30i disappears on your head during extended listening sessions. The earcups swivel flat for easy storage in the included pouch, making them a travel-friendly companion.

Sound Quality
The H30i prioritises bass. Bass lovers will find themselves grinning from ear to ear. Anker’s signature BassUp technology delivers powerful, punchy lows that thump satisfyingly on genres like hip-hop and EDM. However, this emphasis on bass can sometimes overwhelm the mids and highs. Instruments such as guitars and vocals can sound slightly muffled.

The saving grace is the Soundcore app. This app unlocks the H30i’s true potential. It offers a variety of EQ presets, including a custom option, allowing you to tailor the sound signature to your preference. The “Electronic” preset, for example, does a good job of boosting clarity in the highs without sacrificing too much bass. Overall, while the H30i might not be an audiophile’s dream come true, it delivers a fun and engaging listening experience, especially for bass enthusiasts.

Battery Life and Connectivity
The H30i shines in the battery department. Anker boasts a staggering 70 hours of playback on a single charge, which is phenomenal for wireless headphones at this price point. During testing, we achieved close to that figure, making these headphones ideal for long journeys or all-day listening sessions. Even heavy users will likely only need to charge them once a week.

The H30i utilises Bluetooth 5.3, offering a stable connection with minimal lag. Multipoint connection allows you to seamlessly switch between two devices, making it convenient for juggling work calls and personal music listening.

Call Quality and Features
Call quality on the H30i is pretty good, too. Your voice will be audible on the other end, but background noise might be a bit more prominent than with some pricier headphones. Integrated controls on the earcup allow for volume adjustment, playback control, and answering calls. These controls are fairly intuitive and easy to use.

The H30i also offers a gaming mode that prioritises low latency for a more synchronised audio experience. While the difference might be subtle, it’s a welcome addition for casual gamers. Unfortunately, the H30i lacks active noise cancellation (ANC), a feature commonly found in higher-end models. However, it isn’t a biggie considering the relatively low entry point.

At its price point of AED 130, the Soundcore H30i offers exceptional value for money. The combination of phenomenal battery life, comfortable design, and powerful bass response makes it a compelling choice for budget-conscious listeners who prioritise powerful low-end. The ability to customise the sound signature through the app adds further value.

Price: AED 130

Soundcore by Anker H30i Wireless Headphones AED 130
  • Final Rating


The H30i utilises Bluetooth 5.3, offering a stable connection with minimal lag. Multipoint connection allows you to seamlessly switch between two devices, making it convenient for juggling work calls and personal music listening.

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Logitech Launches Signature Slim Keyboard in the Middle East



Logitech has announced the Middle East launch of its new Signature Slim K950 Wireless Keyboard designed to simplify the experience across personal and work computers throughout the region. For people with a single workspace for both professional and personal tasks, the Signature Slim products are beautifully designed solutions that look good in the home or office. With more features than typical entry-level keyboards and time-saving software customization, this keyboard creates a seamless, magical experience to manage work and life at the desk.

“We created the Signature Slim keyboard as the perfect companion to the Signature mouse we introduced two years ago to help the many people who juggle work, life and everything in between,” said Art O’Gnimh, general manager of the Core Personal Workspace Solutions business at Logitech. “Signature Slim helps you stay in control of professional and personal worlds, connecting effortlessly to both your home and work computers.”

The Signature Slim K950 brings familiar responsive laptop-like typing to the desk in a slim design. Optimize your desk time and daily tasks with Logi Options+ App, the software that will enhance your experience with the Signature Slim Keyboard. Transition easily between work and leisure with shortcuts such a volume control, play/pause and mute/unmute or use Smart Actions, which gives you the power to skip repetitive actions by automating multiple tasks with a single keystroke, to start or end your day in one touch. The Signature Slim K950 is now available for purchase at leading in-store and online retailers across the region.

Signature Slim K950 keyboards are designed in line with Logitech’s goal to create product experiences that improve people’s lives. This means considering environmental and social impacts as part of every design decision. Both products are certified carbon neutral, just like the rest of Logitech products, and the paper packaging comes from FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources. The plastic parts in Signature Slim K950 include certified post-consumer recycled plastic to give a second life to end-of-use plastic from old consumer electronics.

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