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Huawei MateBook D 16 (2024) Review: A Powerhouse for Productivity and Entertainment



In the ever-evolving landscape of laptops, Huawei has consistently carved its niche by delivering powerful and sleek devices. The Huawei MateBook D 16 (2024) continues this trend, offering an enticing combination of performance, display quality, and design.

Design and Build Quality
Starting with the design, the MateBook D 16 is sleek and lightweight, making it a portable option for those who are always on the go. It sports an aluminium body, giving it a premium feel. The laptop measures 356.7mm wide by 248.7mm deep by 17mm thick and weighs 1.78kg. Despite its large 16-inch screen, it manages to maintain a compact form factor, thanks to its thin bezels and 90% screen-to-body ratio.

The keyboard is well-designed with a comfortable key travel, making it suitable for extended typing sessions. The large precision touchpad is responsive and complements the overall usability of the laptop. Additionally, Huawei has incorporated a fingerprint sensor into the power button, adding an extra layer of security while maintaining convenience.

The MateBook D 16 boasts a stunning 16-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1920-by-1200 pixels. The display offers a maximum brightness of 300 nits, which is adequate for most indoor environments. You also get a pixel density of 142ppi, support for 100% of sRGB colours, and a contrast ratio of 1200:1. The high resolution ensures crisp and vibrant visuals, making it ideal for both productivity and multimedia consumption.

The colour accuracy and wide viewing angles enhance the overall viewing experience, whether you’re editing photos or watching movies. Though the display is not a touchscreen, you get a viewing angle of 178° and a 16:10 aspect ratio, which is a welcome choice for productivity, offering more space for efficient multitasking.

In terms of processing power, the MateBook D 16 is available in four different variations. These include the 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900H processor, the 13th Gen Intel Core i5-13500H processor, the 13th Gen Intel Core i5-13420H processor, and the 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12450H processor. The variant we received for this review came with a 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900H processor.

You also get 16GB of RAM and 1TB of NVMe PCIe SSD storage. This combination of hardware ensures smooth performance, even when handling resource-intensive tasks such as video editing or graphic design. During our tests, we saw that the MateBook D 16 offered smooth multitasking and competent handling of demanding applications, including graphics-intensive tasks and gaming.

To test the real-world performance of the MateBook D 16, we ran PCMark 10 and Geekbench benchmarks. As you can see from the results below, the Huawei MateBook D 16 is a capable beast.

Geekbench CPU Test

Geekbench GPU Test

PCMark 10

Gaming on the MateBook D 16 is also a very good experience, thanks to the Intel Iris Xᵉ Graphics. While it may not compete with dedicated gaming laptops, it handles modern titles at respectable frame rates, providing a good gaming experience for users who enjoy occasional gaming sessions.

In terms of connectivity, the MateBook D 16 offers a decent selection of ports, including two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, and an HDMI port1. The USB-C port also supports data transfers, DisplayPort, and 90W power delivery, providing a convenient all-in-one solution.

The Huawei MateBook D 16 also comes packed with the company’s Metaline Antenna, which offers ultra-long-range connectivity. The laptop has also been awarded the SGS five-star Wi-Fi signal capability certification, as it significantly enhances file download speeds by an impressive 51%, according to Huawei. The signals it transmits can traverse and overcome obstacles, showcasing an exceptional connection distance of 270 meters.

Battery Life
The MateBook D 16 also offers an impressive battery life. The laptop’s 70Wh battery easily handles daily tasks, and the power-efficient Intel Core i9 processor contributes to energy savings. The combination of efficient hardware and Huawei’s optimisation results in all-day battery performance, making it an excellent choice for users on the go.

Inside the box, you will also find a 65W USB-C Power Adapter. This charger offers a fast charging capability, which further enhances the MateBook D 16’s practicality. With just a short charging session, users can top up the battery significantly, providing additional flexibility for those times when a power outlet is not readily available.

Software and User Experience
The Huawei MateBook D 16 runs on Windows 11, providing a familiar and user-friendly interface for most users. Huawei’s PC Manager software adds a layer of customisation and optimisation, allowing you to fine-tune performance settings and manage system resources efficiently.

The inclusion of Huawei Share continues to bridge the gap between Huawei smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With a simple tap, users can transfer files seamlessly between devices, enhancing the overall ecosystem experience. The integration of Huawei’s Multi-Screen Collaboration also allows users to mirror their smartphone’s screen on the MateBook D 16, creating a cohesive and interconnected digital environment.

The MateBook D 16 also features several other notable features. It comes with a fingerprint sensor for secure and convenient login1. The laptop also has a webcam positioned above the screen, which is a welcome change from the awkward positioning seen in some previous models.

The Huawei MateBook D 16 (2024) is a solid choice for creative professionals. It offers a good balance of performance, design, and features, making it a versatile laptop that can handle a variety of tasks. Whether you’re a professional seeking a reliable workhorse for demanding tasks or a multimedia enthusiast looking for an immersive viewing experience, the MateBook D 16 offers a compelling package. Its long battery life, fast-charging capabilities, and seamless integration with Huawei’s ecosystem further elevate its appeal. In a landscape where performance and aesthetics converge, the Huawei MateBook D 16 proves itself as a formidable contender.

Price: AED 2799 onwards

Huawei MateBook D 16 (2024) AED 2799 onwards
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In terms of processing power, the MateBook D 16 is available in four different variations. These include the 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900H processor, the 13th Gen Intel Core i5-13500H processor, the 13th Gen Intel Core i5-13420H processor, and the 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12450H processor.

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Reolink Launches a 16MP Camera and Dual-Lens Security Camera Lineup at CES 2024



Reolink has unveiled a new dual-lens camera lineup at CES 2024. The company showed off a 16 million-pixel security camera, Duo 3 PoE, and more cutting-edge security products and technologies, redefining the future of home and business surveillance. “Devoted to creating the finest security products for consumers and business owners, Reolink is harnessing the latest technology to make homes and offices more secure and comfortable,” says Fabrice Klohoun, Marketing Manager at Reolink. “We invite conference attendees to join us at CES to witness the latest advances in security solutions, including the 16MP images captured by our devices and additional capabilities of Reolink’s product offerings.”

Reolink Duo 3 PoE 16MP Camera
Reolink’s newest addition to its flagship dual-lens lineup, the Duo 3 PoE, innovatively merges two high-resolution lenses into a real-life vision with an enormous 16 million pixels. Users can capture more vivid details than ever before, including wanted or unwanted visitors, license plates,  delivered packages and much more. Boasting an advanced dual-image stitching algorithm, the Reolink Duo 3 PoE camera creates a 180° panoramic view with minimum distortion. Users will experience peace of mind when it comes to property surveillance without missing a single detail.

The most innovative feature of the Duo 3 PoE camera is the built-in Motion Track. By overlaying multiple tracks and positions of people, vehicles, or animals over a certain period into a single picture, users can monitor footage within seconds. This feature removes hurdles like video buffering delays and having to watch multiple footage playback to confirm activity.

Reolink TrackMix Series and Argus Track
Reolink’s hybrid lens TrackMix series provides wide-angle images and target-focused close-ups simultaneously. Together with the auto-tracking function, the TrackMix camera lineup delivers the smoothest surveillance experience for tracking a moving target.

Reolink brings this hybrid dual-lens security technology to a consumer-grade security camera, known as the Reolink Argus Track. This sleek camera incorporates all of the must-have features on the TrackMix cameras: 4K colour images day and night, dual-view display – one for overall and the other for close-up, and 6x hybrid zoom. In addition, it is solar-powered with a 6W solar panel.

Reolink ColorX Series
Reolink is expanding its innovative ColorX true colour night vision technology into more lineups: 4K camera series, Wi-Fi camera series, and PTZ camera series.

Integrating an F1.0 super aperture, an advanced 1/1.8” sensor and HDR function, the new ColorX cameras CX810, CX410W, E1 Outdoor CX capture ultra clear and colourful visuals in extreme darkness, improving nighttime surveillance performance as daylight ones.

Whole-Home Security
High-performing security systems should be full-range and centralized. At CES, Reolink showcased three surveillance solutions for homes and businesses, ranging from wire-free battery solutions and fast Wi-Fi 6 plug-in solutions to solid PoE systems.

All Reolink security camera system solutions embrace a spectrum of advanced features, including 24/7 monitoring, AI-assisted smart detection, instant motion alerts, and more.

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Monster Middle East to Showcase its Innovative Product Portfolio at Channel Summit 2024



Monster Middle East (MME), a full-service, transcontinental regional platform, has announced that it is participating in Channel Summit 2024, which will be held from January 19 to 21, 2024, in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


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A post shared by Gadget Voize (@gadgetvoize)

The company, which has been at the forefront of the consumer electronics industry since 2001, caters to the Middle East, Africa, CIS, and the Indian Subcontinent.

MME offers a wide range of devices under categories such as videography, lifestyle, gaming and toys, multimedia, tech protection, Edutech, wearables, mobility, and so on. Brands represented by the company include GoPro, Cricut, Therabody, My Arcade, Monster Cable & Audio, Gel Blaster, Veritable, Aarke, Larq, Speck, Incase & Incase Design by Microsoft, Minix, Rocketbook, OneAdaptr, and Arcade1Up.

“Over the years, MME has built a reputation as an industry leader, diligently meeting the needs of customers, suppliers, and end-users. The company’s success is underpinned by exclusive partnerships with many of the world’s leading brands in audio, video, mobile, computing, and emerging technology categories,” said Jehangir Khan, Regional Director for Middle East, Africa, CIS and Indian Sub-Continent, at Monster Middle East.

MME boasts a team of over 32 dedicated employees and operates four bonded distribution centres in the Jebel Ali Free Zone and one duty-paid centre in Dubai.

“Our participation at Channel Summit will be centre around reconnecting with current and new partners and highlighting new lines for the upcoming season,” concluded Khan.

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Lenovo to Launch New AI PCs and Far Edge Computing Products at MWC 2024



At MWC (26th – 29th February, Barcelona, Spain), Lenovo (Booth #3N30) will unveil its latest portfolio of AI devices and infrastructure solutions to date, as well as showcase two new device concepts that challenge the traditional PC and smartphone form factors. At CES, Lenovo launched its first AI PCs, bringing the technology into its ThinkBook, ThinkPad, Yoga, Legion, and ThinkCentre PC portfolio. With the company’s vision of “AI for All” at MWC, Lenovo will unveil several new AI PCs and edge computing solutions, bringing the technology more into the mainstream for 2024/2025. The company expects the trend of hybrid AI to fuel the demand for both AI PCs and AI smartphones and drive another industry refreshment cycle.

Purpose-built to support AI, Lenovo’s AI PCs are designed and engineered to perform tasks such as reasoning, problem-solving, and learning. More importantly, they create a user-machine bond, bringing tailored experiences amplified by AI. With stronger computing power and larger storage, large language models (LLMs) can easily run on the device rather than in the cloud. Over time, these models adapt to the user’s preferences and habits, enhancing their assistance as time goes on, resulting in a more personalized experience while safeguarding privacy.

In addition, Lenovo plans to unveil several next-generation infrastructure solutions for telecom that help businesses harness vast bodies of data at the far edge for transformative AI applications at scale, while reducing the energy consumption of cloud services. As the telecom industry evolves to connect to today’s digital economy, Lenovo’s Edge AI computing solutions are forging new AI capabilities across city streets throughout Barcelona and Madrid, like using video analytics and computer vision to identify smoke and fire, improve emergency response times and support public safety.

At its Tech World event in October 2023, Lenovo unveiled its hybrid AI for All vision and showcased how it is unleashing the power of AI to drive intelligent transformation in every aspect of people’s lives and in every industry and its commitment to investing $1 billion investment in AI innovation. Also, at MWC, Lenovo will show two new concept products for the first time at a public event. Motorola’s adaptive display concept, a world-first product which uses an FHD+ pOLED display that can be bent and shaped into different forms depending on users’ needs, and also another world-first proof of concept and eye-catching innovative laptop form factor that pushes the boundaries of engineering, design, and user experience from the Intelligent Devices Group and Lenovo Research teams.

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