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Riley Scooters Ventures to Participate at Channel Summit MENA



Riley Scooters is poised to make a substantial impact at this year’s Channel Summit MENA. Recognized for their innovative folding electric scooters, Riley is aligning their participation with a strategic initiative to broaden their reach into the MENA region. The Channel Summit MENA serves as a platform for Riley Scooters to pursue retail listings and establish strong partnerships with local distributors, aligning with their objective to solidify their presence in the MENA market.

Riley Scooters is a leader in the field of electric mobility solutions. Their product line focuses on folding electric scooters, designed for urban commuting and leisure activities. The RS Series, renowned for its powerful motors, remarkable range, and detachable batteries, embodies their commitment to quality and innovation. Riley Scooters’ focus on folding electric scooters situates them at the center of current consumer electronics trends. The forthcoming years are expected to witness a rise in demand for such convenient and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Hayden Riley, Riley Group MD, said, “Participating in the Channel Summit is a strategic step for Riley Scooters. It will help us gain insight into the MENA market’s size, regulations, and consumer preferences. This is crucial for tailoring our products and services to meet the unique demands of the region.” Riley Scooters places high importance on networking, viewing the Channel Summit as a vital opportunity to connect with key players in new territories. They are keen on establishing partnerships in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, among others.

Riley added that the MENA region presents unique challenges, such as rapidly evolving consumer needs and high expectations for warranty services. “We are addressing these by establishing warranty centres and localising our offerings. With a vision geared towards premium products, Riley Scooters is preparing to meet the evolving demands of the MEA consumer electronics market by continuing to produce top-quality, innovative products.”

Riley Scooters’ involvement in the Channel Summit MENA represents a crucial move towards their growth in the region. By capitalizing on the summit’s networking opportunities and insights, they are well-positioned to create a significant imprint in the MENA region’s electric mobility sector.

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