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Review: ROG Azoth Wireless Gaming Keyboard



ASUS’ Republic of Gamers has a reputation for producing high-quality gaming products, including gaming gear, peripherals, PCs, laptops, and smartphones. Their latest offering, the Azoth Wireless Gaming Keyboard, is no exception. This keyboard is loaded with features and connectivity options and takes it a step further by offering a fully customisable experience.

Every key on the keyboard is hot-swappable and the board itself is designed to provide the best tactile experience for gamers. Additionally, the ROG Azoth comes with a DIY Switch Lube kit to ensure consistent performance. The Azoth aims to satisfy both gamers and keyboard customizers by providing a comprehensive package.

The build quality of the ROG Azoth keyboard is impressive. Its three-layer system ensures a comfortable and responsive typing experience that surpasses many keyboards I have tested in the past. The addition of small silicone gaskets provides extra cushioning, which greatly enhances the feel and comfort of keystrokes. This unique feature sets it apart from other mechanical keyboards I have used, and it truly provides a one-of-a-kind typing experience.

The ROG Azoth keyboard features an aluminum top frame, but unlike enthusiast models in the market, aluminum is not present throughout the body. The keyboard has a solid weight to it, but it is not as heavy as many gaming enthusiasts keyboards out there, due to its plastic bottom.

However, the use of plastic serves a purpose in this design. One of the standout features of the Azoth is its support for 2.4GHz low-latency wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, in addition to a wired connection. It is rare to find a keyboard of this caliber that supports wireless connectivity, mainly because it is difficult to transmit a wireless signal through aluminum. To address this issue, Asus ROG compromised by using plastic in the design, and it proves to be a wise decision.

The Azoth also comes packed with a 2-inch OLED display that can be customised to display information about system operations, control multimedia functions, and manage certain keyboard functions. It comes with a small knob and button controller that makes it quite practical to use. It essentially creates a shortcut menu for some basic functions, saving the hassle of loading up the Armory Crate software.

The ROG Azoth is equipped with ROG’s SpeedNova 2.4GHz RF and the latest Bluetooth technology, providing seamless wireless connectivity. In addition, the keyboard comes with a braided USB-C to USB-A cable that can be used for charging and as a third mode of connection. Connecting wirelessly is a straightforward process on both Mac and PC.

The keyboard only looks and feels great, but it also provides an exceptionally smooth typing experience. Its 75% profile makes it ideal for setups with limited surface area. The Azoth offers a DIY experience that’s accessible to even the most inexperienced users.

With the provided tools, swapping out keys is a breeze, allowing you to easily switch between an NX brown tactile typing experience to an NX Red (linear) or NX Blue (clicky) experience on the fly. Although it may seem intimidating at first to remove keys from the board, the design of the cavity that houses each individual key makes it easy to slide keys in and out of their slot, and a satisfying clicking sound confirms that the key is in place.

The NX Brown Keys come pre-lubed to ensure a smooth typing experience, but ROG also provides a cleaning and lubing kit to help maintain the keys in pristine working condition. This system is designed specifically for those who are new to the DIY keyboard experience, and it works great, offering gamers a new level of customization for their keys and board.

The Azoth’s battery life is impressive, even with the power-hungry OLED screen. When I started using the keyboard straight out of the box, it had around 50% of the battery life remaining. Despite daily use for a week, I only had to charge it once, and as I write this review, I still have enough juice left on the keyboard.

Asus ROG has truly outdone itself with the release of the ROG Azoth. It is one of the best gaming keyboards they’ve ever produced and the best enthusiast keyboard I’ve seen from a well-established brand in recent times.

Price: $250

ROG Azoth Wireless Gaming Keyboard $250
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The Azoth also comes packed with a 2-inch OLED display that can be customised to display information about system operations, control multimedia functions, and manage certain keyboard functions. It comes with a small knob and button controller that makes it quite practical to use.

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AnkerWork Launches M650 Wireless Microphone



AnkerWork, a developer of unique audio and video solutions that support creators and enhance the hybrid workplace, has announced the AnkerWork M650, an ultra-compact wireless microphone that delivers extraordinary audio quality, would be available starting today for pre-order. The AnkerWork M650 was designed to be used by both mobile creators as well as those that use action cameras, mirrorless or DSLR cameras.

“The DNA of the AnkerWork brand is focused on bringing professional audio and video quality to the masses,” said Frank Zhu, AnkerWork General Manager. “The AnkerWork M650 will be our first ultra-compact, wireless microphone to launch globally and we are confident this stylish and powerful solution will spark people to create fresh content and share new perspectives.”

The AnkerWork M650 features VoiceShield noise reduction technology as well as TrueLink wireless technology with the LC3Plus transmission codec to ensure the audience can hear the content creator’s voice with optimised volume and clarity over longer distances.

VoiceShield accurately eliminates external noise, precisely identifies the content creator’s voice, and offers three levels of noise reduction (strong, weak, or normal which turns it off). TrueLink enables the microphone to pick up sound from more than 650 feet away (line-of-sight) with no drop-off in signal strength or quality via the 2.4 GHz connection between the transceiver and receiver.

Additionally, as a backup, the M650 allows users to record a local copy of the audio in the transceiver with 4GB of built-in EMMC storage, for up to 7 hours of recordings in the event that there is wireless interference between the transceiver and receiver. Once the transceivers are placed back into the case and it is connected to a computer, this local audio file can be downloaded from the app and inserted into a video in post-production as needed.

The AnkerWork M650 offers users the ability to output digital audio from the transceiver to a computer at 24-bit/48 kHz using the included USB-C to USB-C cable or to a digital camera using the included 3.5mm audio cable. However, for mobile phone users, audio can also be transferred directly using the included USB-C and Lightning adapters stored in the charging case.

The transceivers, can be set to output a stereo signal, with each unit only recording on one side of the audio track (Left or Right), and allowing each voice to be edited independently and then merged in post-production. Alternatively, and by default, the audio of one or both units can be output as a single, mono audio recording combined into one track.

The AnkerMake M650’s all-in-one design is easy to use, store, charge, and pair automatically. The AnkerWork M650 is designed to connect to smartphones, cameras, tablets, and computers. Included in the charging case, the M650 includes both Lightning and USB-C adapters with twist-locking connections for seamless smartphone integration and instant audio capture on the go. Additionally, for those creators that prefer a more minimal integration, both transceivers in the M650 allow for a 3rd party lavalier microphone to be added.

Featuring a high-resolution LCD touch screen, from input/output settings to other various operations, the AnkerWork M650 offers users convenient access to adjust all audio settings in real time with one-touch control. Thanks to the dual-function magnetic back clip, content creators can wear the AnkerMake M650 while performing most activities without worrying about it falling off. Also included in the package is a furry wind cover to help prevent wind noise from being picked up. For convenience, the M650 transceivers can be muted locally using a side-mounted button with a red LED indicator. However, for single-person creators, this can be done remotely from the receiver as well.

Using the AnkerWork app, available for both Windows and MacOS, creators can customize the sound, recording, and settings even more. This includes a five-band EQ, low-pass filter (75 / 150 Hz / Off), customizable backlight duration, and Safe Mode which will record a backup audio track at -6dB gain to ensure users have a usable recording in case of a sudden loud noise causing clipping. This feature can also be enabled directly from the interface on the receiver.

The charging case keeps the microphone powered up and ready to use whenever creative inspiration strikes. The built-in battery keeps the AnkerMake M650 running for up to 15 hours. The pocket-sized AnkerWork M650 comes with a set of 3 replaceable covers in a variety of colors to match content creators’ outfits and styles. Made from precision aluminum alloy with IMD technology to prevent fingerprints and offer creators an attractive addition to their audio arsenals.

The AnkerWork M650 will be available for purchase on March 14 on and The AnkerWork M650 is expected to sell for $249.99.

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Review: ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition Gaming Mouse and ROG Hone Ace Mousepad



Asus started off 2023 with a bang by launching several new devices including the impressive ROG Azoth keyboard, which we reviewed earlier this month. The company also announced the new Asus ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition mouse and mousepad – so let’s have a look at these in this review.

Upon removing the mouse from the packaging you will be surprised at how lightweight the mouse is. Weighing a mere 54 grams, the ambidextrous mouse is equipped with a nylon shell and an optical sensor capable of 36,000 DPI.

With ROG Micro Switches, it has a lifespan of 70 million clicks and is equipped with Bluetooth and 2.4GHz RF wireless modes as well as a storage compartment for its dongle. Additionally, the mouse features five buttons and comes at a price point of AED 513.

Meanwhile, the Hone Ace mousepad, which boasts a surface that repels water, oil, and dust, measures 508-by-420 mm. Its design prioritises an optimal amount of friction to ensure precise controls and features a rubber base to minimize slippage.

With ruler markings included, gamers using Aim Lab’s software for accuracy training may find it particularly useful. The mouse pad is priced at AED 110.

Developed by Statespace and launched in 2018, Aim Lab has attracted around 20 million players to date. The base software can be downloaded for free from either Steam or the official website. Aim Lab has proven to be a valuable tool for players seeking to refine their skills in first and third-person shooters.

Not only does it analyse performance to aid in improving aim, but it also focuses on identifying weak points and preferences. In addition, it provides game-specific training profiles, such as those for Valorant and Roblox.

Apart from the side-mounted blue buttons, you also get a scroll wheel which is accented by the LED lighting beneath it. In terms of the buttons, the regular clickers offer a satisfying tactile sensation, and the scroll wheel performs well.

The mouse also features two buttons on its underside, one to connect the Harpe to your PC via Bluetooth, wired connection, or wireless USB-A receiver, and the other to switch the DPI. Having said all of that, the real highlight of Harpe is its DPI. At 36,000 DPI, it offers a high level of precision, something esports players will appreciate.

The Harpe’s remarkable precision is enhanced by Nvidia Reflex. If you connect the mouse to a compatible monitor, the latency is significantly reduced. Nvidia’s internal tests show that the Harpe, when used with Reflex, is the fastest esports model available, ensuring that your in-game clicks register almost instantly.

While most players may not notice these differences, esports players and competitive gamers require every advantage possible, especially when substantial amounts of money are at stake. Without Reflex, the mouse is still exceptionally fast, but this extra feature elevates it to the top tier of performance.

The Asus ROG Harpe Ace is a serious contender in the realm of gaming peripherals. Its blend of performance optimiser, cutting-edge specifications, and lightweight build make it an impressive piece of equipment.

We discovered that the mouse was not only accurate and satisfying to use for gaming but also for regular day-to-day tasks. Furthermore, it is surprisingly lightweight, despite packing a significant amount of technology.

It is rare to find a gaming mouse that is both lightweight and durable without honeycomb holes or a thin shell. However, Asus has managed to incorporate a battery that lasts up to 90 hours and provides both Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.

The Asus ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab edition excels in many aspects. The mouse’s construction and design are clearly well-thought-out. One of the things that stand out is the customisation via Aim Lab. If you’re tired of the usual gaming mice or seek something that can assist you in optimising your settings for improved gameplay, the ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition Gaming Mouse is the way to go.

Price: AED 513 (ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition Gaming Mouse) and AED 110 (ROG Hone Ace Mousepad)

ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition Gaming Mouse and ROG Hone Ace Mousepad AED 513 (Mouse), AED 110 (Mousepad)
  • Final Rating


The real highlight of the Harpe is its DPI. At 36,000 DPI, it offers a high level of precision, something esports players will appreciate.

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Sony Launches the WH-CH720N Over-Ear and WH-CH520 On-Ear Wireless Headphones



Sony has announced two new headphones – the WH-CH720N and the WH-CH520 – giving music lovers the option of on-ear or over-ear wireless headphones packed with Sony’s critically acclaimed audio technology. The over-ear WH-CH720N wireless headphones incorpoarate Dual Noise Sensor technology and Sony’s Integrated Processor V1 chip to provide noise cancelling. In addition, a lightweight design and up to 35 hours[ When connecting via Bluetooth, battery life is up to 35 hours for music playback usage when DSEE is turned off and codec is AAC, up to 35 hours for communication time usage.

The on-ear WH-CH520 wireless headphones provide up to 50 hours of battery life with all-day comfort and enhanced call performance to meet the demands of your day. Plus choose from four colours – black, blue, white and beige – to match your style. Both models also feature Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) to produce high-quality sound exactly as the artist intended as well as a Multipoint connection for easy connectivity between devices.

The over-ear WH-CH720N headphones deliver Sony’s advanced noise cancelling performance thanks to the Integrated Processor V1 chip and Dual Noise Sensor technology, so you can enjoy more music and less background noise. The Integrated Processor V1 helps eliminate external sound, with a low processing delay to make the noise cancelling more effective than ever. The WH-CH720N also features two microphones in each earcup which, coupled with Dual Noise Sensor technology, captures ambient sound. This lets you block outside noise everywhere you go, so the only thing you hear is your music.

The over-ear headphones are ergonomically designed to be comfortable for even longer periods. At just 192g, the WH-CH720N are Sony’s lightest overhead wireless headphones with noise cancelling. Comfortable synthetic leather and urethane materials combine with optimum ear pad structure and dimensions for exceptional wearability. With up to 35 hours of battery life with noise cancelling on, you’ll have enough power to keep listening all day and into the night.

The WH-CH520 have also been carefully designed with everyday use in mind. You can stay powered up for days with up to 50 hours of battery life. So you can listen to your favourite music without worrying about running out of charge. Plus the on-ear headphones feature an adjustable headband with padding, soft earpads and a lightweight design so you can find the perfect fit and stay comfortable for longer.

Enjoy natural vocals, crystal clear sound and balanced tuning on both the WH-CH720N and WH-CH520 Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE), producing a high-quality sound exactly as the artist intended. When the original music is compressed, it loses the high-frequency elements that add details and richness to a track. Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine faithfully restores these to produce high-quality sound that’s closer to the original recording.

The Integrated Processor V1 included within the WH-CH720N also produces an authentic listening experience by reproducing the detail in your music with minimal distortion. The sound tuning is intentionally designed to be well-balanced from low to high frequencies with natural and clear vocals. Whether you’re listening to electrifying pop or bassy rap, the WH-CH720N and WH-CH520 allow you to tailor your sound using the Equaliser in the Sony | Headphones Connect app. You can choose from a variety of settings to match sound quality with the music genre you’re listening to or even create and save your own settings.

Improved technology features on the WH-CH720N mean you can enjoy even better call quality. Beamforming microphones with Precise Voice Pickup technology are smartly positioned to pick up your voice more clearly and accurately in a range of environments. A newly developed Wind Noise Reduction Structure around the microphones reduce background noise for you, keeping conversations and music clear and uninterrupted.

The WH-CH520 also provides easy hands-free calling and great call quality. Simply answer calls with one click of the buttons on the earcup so there’s no need to take your phone out of your pocket. Built-in high-quality microphones and noise suppression processing mean the WH-CH520 collects sound and reduces ambient noise during calls so you can make clear calls even in noisy environments.

Both the WH-CH720N and WH-CH520 feature a Multipoint connection, easy button operation and can be controlled with your voice. Since the connection is easy with Swift Pair and Fast pair, these headphones are ideal for everyday use.

Sony has designed these headphones with the environment in mind. There’s no plastic in the WH-CH720N and WH-CH520 packaging, which is designed based on low toxicity design principles and towards Sony’s “Road to Zero” environmental plan. Both headphones also use recycled plastic materials. The WH-CH720N and WH-CH520 will be available in the Middle East and Africa in March 2023.

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